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"Move America Forward"; then Back Ten Steps
What was accomplished?...
[Eric Hogue] 8/29/05

Now that the nation has experienced the "Battle of the Moms" in Crawford, Texas, what have the organizers of Move America Forward (California Congressional hopeful Howard Kaloogian) accomplished with this high priced media caravan?

What did they accomplish, other than boosting Cindy Sheehan's media attention when her saga was growing old and cold. The folks at Move'on and "Sheehan Tent and Awning" should send Move America Forward a donation check...nothing better than 'un-efforted' attention from the press. Just get the name spelled right.

Has MAF produced a desired result for the military, for the citizens of this country, or have the founders of MAF created another attention grabbing 'stunt' for their web site and future political campaigns?

What argument has MAF funded with this latest stunt?

Eric Hogue - Contributor

Eric Hogue is a talk radio host at Sacramento station KTKZ and is the principal behind the blog Hogue Blog. [go to Hogue index]

What ideological core value has MAF offered America? That a majority of Americans are for the war against terrorism, and a little under half of the citizens are not? Didn't we know this already? 

Over the weekend, I heard numerous anchors recite the same tag line after returning from a 'live report' from Crawford, Texas. The studio anchor, or 'anchorette', would simple say, "Emotions are running high on both sides". And they are right.

This latest stunt has done nothing but create emotions. There is no intelligent debate or dialogue between these newly found 'warring icons of motherhood'. In many ways, the advantage actually lands to Sheehan's side of the dusty Crawford road, due to the fact that liberals are all about emotions, whereas conservatives rest inside of the non-emotional, intellectual neighborhood.

What are we doing, acting like the youth of a generation behind us? Conservatives are not about 'mobocricy', we represent a form of government and process.

What MAF has produced is more attention for their fund raising web site, their endorsed politicians like Howard Kaloogian and their "inner-sanctum of cliquish media relationships". MAF has done nothing to help the cause in this war on terrorism, unless you consider their personal ratings, their endorsed politician's name recognition inside of focus groups, and the media personalities that tag along with them like parasites eating off of an emotional patriotic bandwagon.

If this benefits the war on terrorism, someone needs to explain it to me, I'm dumbfounded.

Now it is over, and just like the previous Move America Forward 'protest rallies' that featured the Steven Pearcy effigy and 'neighborhood vigil', and then the protest rally outside of the Attorney General's Office when the newly recognized icon of protest art (thanks again MAF) Steven Pearcy's 'T'ank You Mr. Bush' insanity was displayed in the top cops building downtown, Move America Forward will leave Crawford, Texas behind.

The MAF organizers will return home as they arrived, in a jet plane, while the rest of the lowly caravan will ride through the dust back to California's resting place. When they get home, MAF will receive pats on the back and quickly turn their attention to the next rally, protest, caravan or drill to attach their logo and web site.

All the while, a rejuvenated Cindy Sheehan dashes off to Washington DC to continue her newly found purpose in life, aided by the emotions of well intended conservatives, who were whipped into an emotional frenzy by the organizers of Move America Foreword.

But not all is lost...In the end, MAF will have accomplished one thing, exchanging Cindy Sheehan's and Steven Pearcy's 15-minutes of fame, for 15 months of worship by the MSM and the anti-Bush, anti-war liberals of today's culture.

Thanks again, Move America Forward...two steps forward, and then ten steps back. tRO

copyright 2005 Eric Hogue






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