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Eric Hogue- Contributor

Eric Hogue is a talk radio host at Sacramento station KTKZ and s the principal behind the blog Hogue Blog. [go to Hoge index]

Arnold’s Main Event
Next Tuesday night is going to be big...
[Eric Hogue] 8/20/04

Yes, the October 7th Recall Election that placed Arnold Schwarzenegger as the 38th Governor of California is a historical event, but the ‘cascade of events’ that surround Governor Davis’ departure and the rise of ‘Arnold’s Army’ are still impacting political history. And come Tuesday night in New York City it could possibly impact the Presidential Election for the Republicans.

Upon the announcement that the ‘free’ networks are not covering the Monday night agenda moderate Republican speakers Mayor Rudi Giuliani and US Senator John McCain will be left to the cable news channels. So, Tuesday’s main event will be the convention’s non-ticket ‘main event’, featuring the “Governator of California”, Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Despite all of Arnold’s great work here in Sacramento, (and the 67% approval ratings for his job and trust factor so far), the current national impression of Schwarzenegger is one of a political ‘lightweight’…just an actor turned politician. Get ready for the nation to be surprised!

Remember the Inaugural address? Schwarzenegger can be a ‘heavyweight’ - a great speaker who can deliver convincingly on deep and meaningful subjects. He may not do it often, but when he wants to, he can deliver and deliver he will.

Behind his slow accent is a ‘Reagan ability’ to eat the golden moment. Large crowds fuel him, cameras relax him and an arena packed with thousands of people will force him into his best political speech to date...and this presentation involves his endorsement of George W. Bush for President.

On July 18, in Ontario, California, Governor Schwarzenegger used the SNL coined phrase, “Girlie Man” to reference the Democrats obstruction over dealing on the budget offered from the Arnold’s corner office. Using the phrase offered Schwarzenegger national attention and exposed the liberal Democrats as a group of thin-skinned whiners who quickly settled the budget impasse to escape the glare of Arnold’s publicity.

Governor Schwarzenegger also provided cover for himself. In using the phrase “Girlie Man,” Schwarzenegger lead the politically elite crowd down a road of lower expectations, a brilliant trap that will ensnare them come Wednesday morning.

“Girlie Man” was nothing more than leveraged strategy. On Friday, July 16th, Communications Director Rob Stutzman visited my radio show and jokingly used the same term. This was no coincidence folks. The phrase was obviously talked about behind closed doors the week leading up to the governor’s budget tour and the governor pulled it out in Ontario and offered “Girlie Man,” not once – but three times to the crowd’s delight. He knew what he was doing, surging the system once again to his advantage.

The remnants of the “Girlie Man” speech have afforded Schwarzenegger some wiggle-room for the national audience. By offering the phrase, Arnold gained massive national exposure before the convention, exposure that re-established him as a very likable Hollywood celebrity that speaks the mind of the politically disengaged.

The independent, removed voters of the country laughed at his verbal toss and found affinity with his immigrant to celebrity status once again. Thus, the ‘tune in factor’ for his speech at the RNC Show will be HUGE, with the country wanting to see and hear Arnold’s latest adventure and rhetorical volley or “Girlie Man” creation.

The professionals say, “the election is a split between the 45-percenters and the 45-percenters, leaving the election to the 10-percent middle”. The great middle, the least engaged, the less politically astute, the easily swayed segment of the population will determine the winner come November in a close election. The kinds of people who normally don’t follow elections – or conventions for that matter – will the audience come Tuesday night in New York. They will be tuning in to watch Schwarzenegger, to hear what he has due to a case of curiosity…and they will be blown away!

If they are looking for an excuse to back President Bush, they will have it with the Arnold Schwarzenegger speech and ultimate endorsement. The ratings will be huge and Arnold will resonate in the Big Apple.

The remnants of the recall… from a February 4th morning in Sacramento with The People’s Advocate’s Ted Costa, a small talk radio station (1380 KTKZ) and 385 people to a California Republican finding a ‘rebirth’ by going for the win behind the muscle of Arnold Schwarzenegger. The recall’s cascade of events now impacts the Oval Office.

Let this be a lesson to you, wining is everything when it comes to party politics. The lesson that the California Republican Party has sampled will now be offered to the Conservatives inside of the National Republican Party as well. This is about a country at war…and it is about winning!

Go for it Arnold…lead the middle to victory, victory over terrorism and victory for President George W. Bush. CRO

copyright 2004 Eric Hogue






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