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Julia Gorin

by Julia Gorin


Wounded Warrior
Please Help Those
Who Protect Us

Burt Prelutsky

The Secret of Their

by Burt Prelutsky

Conservatives Are From Mars, Liberals Are From San Francisco
by Burt Prelutsky

America Alone
by Mark Steyn

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Hugh Hewitt - Principal Contributor

Mr. Hewitt is a senior member of theOneRepublic and CaliforniaRepublic.org editorial board.

theOneRepublic and CaliforniaRepublic.org Principal Contributor Hugh Hewitt is an author, television commentator and syndicated talk-show host of the Salem Radio Network's Hugh Hewitt Show, heard in over 40 markets around the country. He blogs regularly at HughHewitt.com and he frequently contributes opinion pieces to the Weekly Standard.

If It's
Not Close,
They Can't Cheat

by Hugh Hewitt

In, But Not Of
by Hugh Hewitt

The Embarrassed Beliver
by Hugh Hewitt

Searching for God in America
by Hugh Hewitt


Mike Huckabee's Low Blow
by Hugh Hewitt 12/17/07

Hillary Clinton (D.-MoveOn.org) Is A Radical
by Hugh Hewitt 10/5/07

Dining With Mahmoud
There Is No Spoon Long Enough

by Hugh Hewitt 10/1/07

Columbia's Disgrace
by Hugh Hewitt 9/24/07

Domenici Walks Away 
Democrats Get A Pick-up In '08
by Hugh Hewitt 7/6/07

Dear Governor
You can't win without conservatives...

[Hugh Hewitt] 11/10/05

Tancredo's Crusade and Its Costs
The Congressman's not so helpful bombing Mecca ideas...

[Hugh Hewitt] 7/27/05

Blogging v. Pressing
Remarks at the L.A. Press Club…

[Hugh Hewitt] 4/28/05

Flogging Blog
Explaining the blog effect to the media…

[Hugh Hewitt] 1/27/05

New Rules For Losers
Gerrymandering's not fair when liberals are the victim…
[Hugh Hewitt] 1/14/05

Somebody Tell Republicans The Debate's Started
The battle for Social Security…
[Hugh Hewitt] 1/10/05

Why The Old Media Isn't Trusted
Can you spell "bias"…
[Hugh Hewitt] 12/30/04

The Year Of The Blogs
Old media in catch-up mode…
[Hugh Hewitt] 12/23/04

Triathletes In Cyberspace
Pundit in repose…

[Hugh Hewitt] 12/16/04

Do The Math
Opinions in cyberspace...
[Hugh Hewitt] 12/9/04

Targeting Target For Some Questions
Retailer kicks out Salvation Army...
[Hugh Hewitt] 12/7/04

Changing of the Guard
Replacing Safire...
[Hugh Hewitt] 11/18/04

Hold on to Specter
Conservatives should consider the consequences...
[Hugh Hewitt] 11/11/04

First Time Tragedy
Second time farce...
[Hugh Hewitt] 11/4/04

Moment of Decision
The President's pulling away...
[Hugh Hewitt] 10/28/04

Bush is Looking Good!
The President's pulling away...
[Hugh Hewitt] 10/21/04

The 'Sands of Iwo Jima'
Does Kerry understand war?...
[Hugh Hewitt] 10/14/04

Cheney Creamed Edwards
The pretender gets slapped down...
[Hugh Hewitt] 10/7/04

End Game
A tight race all around...
[Hugh Hewitt] 9/30/04

Meta-meme: The forgery is John Kerry
John Kerry is the forgery...
[Hugh Hewitt] 9/22/04

Wrong Directions
Old media lurches to save Kerry...

[Hugh Hewitt] 9/9/04

Branded By The Left
Taken by stolen honor...

[Hugh Hewitt] 9/2/04

The Collapse Of America's Media Elite
...and the rise of the blogs...

[Hugh Hewitt] 8/26/04

Kerry's Kurtz Chronicles Continue
The horror...the horror...
[Hugh Hewitt] 8/19/04

Kerry's SWIFT Meltdown
And where's the big time media?...

[Hugh Hewitt] 8/12/04

The Bourne Candidate
Talking a tough game, but...

[Hugh Hewitt] 8/5/04

Notes From A Deranged Convention
Blinded by political hate...
[Hugh Hewitt] 7/29/04

Covering Up Berger's Cover-Up
Dems in misdirection...
[Hugh Hewitt] 7/28/04

How To Stop Democrats From Cheating
The rise of the blogs...

[Hugh Hewitt] 7/15/04

John Edwards: Sen. Lightweight
Running mate of "the man from nowhere"...

[Hugh Hewitt] 7/8/04

Michael Moore: The Dems' David Duke
The movie gives propagandists a bad name

[Hugh Hewitt] 6/30/04

Those Unbelievable Poll Numbers!
A political agenda in the media…

[Hugh Hewitt] 6/24/04

Bad News For John Kerry
Good news doesn't help the candidate…

[Hugh Hewitt] 6/17/04

Democrats Spinning In Circles
Trying to minimize greatness

[Hugh Hewitt] 6/10/04

Indicted By His Own Windy Speech
Editor-in-Chief of agenda journalism at the LA Times

[Hugh Hewitt] 5/19/04

Thinking Iike An Islamist Propagandist
A senator's guide to understanding how grandstanding kills Americans

[Hugh Hewitt] 5/12/04

How Is The War Really Going?
Remember the lessons from a year ago…
[Hugh Hewitt] 5/5/04

The Torricelli Option
Will Dems dump Kerry?

[Hugh Hewitt] 4/28/04

Gorelick Must Go
Commission of cronyism and arrogance…

[Hugh Hewitt] 4/21/04

Spin vs. Security
Shall the liberals on the 9-11 commission return us to the comfort of denial?...
[Hugh Hewitt] 4/14/04

John Kerry's Catechism of Convenience
Making up a moral center as he goes along...
[Hugh Hewitt] 4/7/04

Silence Won't Work Any Longer
Catholic leaders must condemn Kerry
[Hugh Hewitt] 3/31/04

Waiting for Al Franken
Maybe the liberal radio network will work... nah...
[Hugh Hewitt] 3/24/04

John Kerry And His Harvey the Rabbit Leaders
The candidate says he hears international whispers of support...
[Hugh Hewitt] 3/17/04

'Scary John Kerry'
Lying to Americans?...
[Hugh Hewitt] 3/10/04

Lawlessness and Civil Disobedience
San Francisco ignores the will of the people...
[Hugh Hewitt] 3/3/04

Is NBC conspiring to help Kerry hide his past?
Who said there was anything like liberal media bias...
[Hugh Hewitt] 2/27/04

A Week Of Foolish Choices
Whitewashing John Kerry...
[Hugh Hewitt] 2/19/04

Win the War, Lead the World
A wartime President...
[Hugh Hewitt] 2/11/04

Terry McAuliffe: The Manchurian Chairman?
The Clinton's enforcer is burying the Democratic Party. Don't stop now...
[Hugh Hewitt] 2/4/04

'The Passion of the Christ'
An inspired work of art for the generations...
[Hugh Hewitt] 1/29/04

But Rob Reiner Said He Would Win!
Oh, no, Howard, don't blow it now...we need you...
[Hugh Hewitt] 1/21/04

Peddling Lunacy
The Angry Doctor is racing for the edge...
[Hugh Hewitt] 1/14/04

Minimizing the Holocaust
Weasling at MoveOn.org...
[Hugh Hewitt] 1/7/04

Howard's Bad Press
The mad doctor is taking it from all sides...
[Hugh Hewitt] 12/31/03

Contagious Madness
The Dean Dongs are "spinning" out of control...
[Hugh Hewitt] 12/24/03

Dean Goes Over The Cliff
The candidate definitively proves he is not fit to be president...
[Hugh Hewitt] 12/17/03

The Dean Campaign
A "movement" in its own mind...
[Hugh Hewitt] 12/10/03

Great Christmas Presents
Literary gift giving for conservatives...
[Hugh Hewitt] 12/3/03

Those Who Protect Us
How can we ever thank them enough?
[Hugh Hewitt] 11/26/03

Trashing Reagan
The Hollywood Left's arrogance and ignorance...
[Hugh Hewitt] 11/05/03

How 'Habitat Protection' Causes Killer Infernos
Liberal fuel for the burning hills...
[Hugh Hewitt] 10/29/03

Memo to the Editor of the Los Angeles Times
Going down with Gray...
[Hugh Hewitt] 10/8/03

Reasons to Vote for McClintock
A vote for Tom is a vote for...
[Hugh Hewitt] 10/1/03

Debate: To Arnold
He had something to prove and he did...
[Hugh Hewitt] 09/25/03

California Recall: One Issue, and One Issue Only
Debate the corruption of the spending lobby...
[Hugh Hewitt] 09/24/03

More Media Crackup
Revenge of the Bee: Weintraub muzzled... Don't mess with Cruz...
[Hugh Hewitt] 09/22/03

Supreme Clean Up Act?
If the full 9th doesn't do the job, SCOTUS will...
[Hugh Hewitt] 09/19/03

Die-Hards and the Damage Done
What will the real costs of the McClintock candidacy be?
[Hugh Hewitt] 09/17/03

Puke Politics
Smearing, lying...it's an election and the Progressive agenda must be preserved...
[Hugh Hewitt] 09/10/03

An Oration over the Career of Tom McClintock
With apologies to the Bard...
[Hugh Hewitt] 09/03/03

Media Recall Crackup ...
The rise of the blogs...
[Hugh Hewitt] 09/01/03

Dear Tom McClintock supporter ...
Arnold may not be ideal, but first you have to win.
[Hugh Hewitt] 8/21/03

This Conservative Is Voting For Arnold
[Hugh Hewitt] 8/13/03

The Circus Has Come To Town
For $3,500 you too can run for Governor
[Hugh Hewitt] 7/25/03

A Progressive "Gaffe" for Fiscal Crisis
Open mike reveals scare tactics to gain more taxes
[Hugh Hewitt] 7/22/03

Demise of Los Angeles Times?
Does anybody really care?
[Hugh Hewitt] 7/16/03

Slanting News At The LA Times?
Say it ain’t so…
[Hugh Hewitt] 7/15/03

Booting Davis
The unGovernor appears doomed.

More Hackery
The Los Angeles Times puts a Progressive spin on the Car Tax

Gray's Attack Hack
Interviewing Bob Mulholland on the radio

L.A. Times Fighting Liberal Bias?

Two Worlds

Disney Remembers a Different 'Alamo'

Cheers for Nickleby and Dickens
Clear speaking on good vs. evil.


Get Your Pencils Out Orange County

Save These Names
Five to remember come Irvine election time.

Welcome to Gray's state

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