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Ray Haynes

Mr. Haynes is an Assembly member representing Riverside and Temecula. He serves on the Appropriations and Budget Committees. [go to Assembly Member Haynes website at California Assembly]

Farewell To My Friends
by Ray Haynes [politician] 11/14/06

Fight For Freedom
by Ray Haynes [politician] 11/7/06

The Real Evil In California Election
by Ray Haynes [politician] 10/30/06

The Greatest Generation?
by Ray Haynes [politician] 10/24/06 

Freedom First
by Ray Haynes [politician] 10/17/06 

Scaredy Cats
by Ray Haynes [politician] 10/9/06

When Governments Whine
by Ray Haynes [politician] 9/19/06 

Freedom Fades, Part II
by Ray Haynes [politician] 9/11/06 

Freedom Fades in California
by Ray Haynes
[politician] 9/6/06

Steamy California Channel
by Ray Haynes
[politician] 8/29/06

Pandering With the Best
by Ray Haynes
[politician] 8/21/06

The More Things Change…
by Ray Haynes
[politician] 8/15/06

Robin Hood or the Sheriff of Nottingham?
by Ray Haynes
[politician] 7/24/06

Bilingual Blues
by Ray Haynes
[politician] 7/17/06

Why You Should Care About Property Rights
by Ray Haynes
[politician] 7/10/06

Rules? What Rules?
by Ray Haynes
[politician] 7/5/06

Will They Ever Learn, Part II
by Ray Haynes
[politician] 6/26/06

Will They Ever Learn?
by Ray Haynes
[politician] 6/19/06

Quill Pens, Guns, Ink and Bullets
by Ray Haynes
[politician] 6/12/06

32 Studies And 13 Commissions
by Ray Haynes
[politician] 6/5/06

Why I Boycotted President Fox
by Ray Haynes
[politician] 5/30/06

California’s Kelo Therapy
by Ray Haynes
[politician] 5/22/06

Why Our Schools Don’t Work
by Ray Haynes
[Assemblyman] 5/15/06

It’s All About The Documents
by Ray Haynes
[Assemblyman] 5/9/06

The Real Price Gougers
by Ray Haynes
[Assemblyman] 5/5/06

California Budget Out Of Control
California on a union-led course to bankruptcy…
[Ray Haynes] 4/24/06

Just What About Illegal Do They Not Understand?
Lawbreakers demand citizenship…
[Ray Haynes] 4/14/06

Another “Through the Looking Glass” Week
The process is broken…
[Ray Haynes] 4/10/06

A Failed System Of Accountability
Patting themselves on the back for deteriorating education…
[Ray Haynes] 3/27/06

Deal Or No Deal
Hint: pick no…
[Ray Haynes] 3/20/06

A Lesson From The Schoolyard
Sacramento's slow kids get their revenge…
[Ray Haynes] 3/13/06

Another Boondoggle
Rob Reiner’s preschool deception…
[Ray Haynes] 3/5/06

Chickens Roosting At Home
Legislative slaves of public employee unions...
[Ray Haynes] 2/27/06

Groundhog Day, Part Deux
California’s liberal legislature never learns, never learns…
[Ray Haynes] 2/20/06

Groundhog Day
Reliving the same liberal Legislature over and over and over…
[Ray Haynes] 2/13/06

Where Else But California?
Socialist legislative majority out of touch…
[Ray Haynes] 2/6/06

Hey Big Spender
The party of small government?…
[Ray Haynes] 1/30/06

Leftist Hypocrisy
Saving California from the Sea Scouts…
[Ray Haynes] 1/2306

A Modest Proposal
The answer is not just to borrow…
[Ray Haynes] 1/16/06

California governor enters an alternative universe...
[Ray Haynes] 1/9/06

The Minimum Wage Calamity
The issue is not wages, it’s jobs…
[Ray Haynes] 1/4/06

Taxing The Weather
Global climate taxing change...
[Ray Haynes] 12/19/05

Through A Glass Darkly
What happened to ideas and persuasion?...
[Ray Haynes] 12/12/05

The Canary Is On Life Support
Distress in the Schwarzenegger Administration...
[Ray Haynes] 12/5/05

The Rosey Scenario
Beware the budget surplus…

[by Ray Haynes] 11/28/05

Education’s Newest Outrage
And the educrats’ failures continue…
[by Ray Haynes] 11/22/05

The Fourth Annual Nosey Awards
The stupid exercise of power in the California Legislature…
[by Ray Haynes] 11/15/05

The Unarmed Gladiator
It's not all perfect, but get behind the Governor...
[by Ray Haynes] 11/8/05

Living In A Chemically Induced Dream
Facts? Who cares?...
[by Ray Haynes] 10/31/05

A Pertinent Question
Something’s seriously wrong with government employee unions…
[by Ray Haynes] 10/24/05

Shift of Power
Breaking the grip of special interests…
[by Ray Haynes] 10/17/05

Intelligent Design?
The closed minds of California’s education establishment…
[by Ray Haynes] 10/10/05

Crime And Punishment
Child pornography okay for liberal legislators…
[by Ray Haynes] 9/19/05

Of Cabbages and Kings and Kooks
California's liberals legislating…
[by Ray Haynes] 9/12/05

Planning Is Socialism
Governent's long-term planning is useless...

[by Ray Haynes]

Invasion Of The Money Snatchers
Tax hungry in Sacramento...

[by Ray Haynes]

Tiny Textbooks?
Miniaturizing education...

[by Ray Haynes]

The Russians Are Coming
California socialism…
[by Ray Haynes]

When Will The California Bureaucracy Learn?
Another “more government” health care solution…
[by Ray Haynes]

Shelving the California Border Police
Enforcing The Law Is The Right Thing To Do…
[by Ray Haynes]

The More Things Change
Slumbering Ebonics…
[by Ray Haynes] 7/25/05

Safe, For The Moment
Finally, California’s Legislature is on break…
[Ray Haynes] 7/19/05

A Bunch Of Drunken Sailors
Legislature’s Democrats on a spending spree…
[Ray Haynes] 7/11/05

Freedom's Oxygen
Property and Kelo…
[Ray Haynes] 7/5/05

Missing The Target On Crime - Again
The Legislature that couldn’t shoot straight…
[Ray Haynes] 6/28/05

The Sound Of Fear
Horrors! A special election…
[Ray Haynes] 6/20/05

The Myth Of Global Warming
The religion of environmentalism...
[Ray Haynes] 6/14/05

Same Old Same Old
Despite term limits the legislature remains liberal - to the extreme...
[Ray Haynes] 6/7/05

They Really Are Lucky To Have Their Jobs
Desperately hanging on to power...
[Ray Haynes] 5/31/05

Disabling The Spending Machine
Paycheck Protection Initiative would make it tougher for public-employee union leaders...
[Ray Haynes] 5/27/05

Unintended Consequences
Liberal politicians plagued with complete ignorance...
[Ray Haynes] 5/24/05

What Causes Budget Deficits?
Give you one guess…
[Ray Haynes] 5/17/05

The California Border Police
A Very Simple Idea…
[Ray Haynes] 5/10/05

Dog Bites Man
Guess what? Sacramento Dems propose new taxes…
[Ray Haynes] 5/3/05

One More Year
Creeping out of the State's budget mess…
[Ray Haynes] 4/26/05

Leaving Los Angeles…
… and rushing to Riverside...

[Ray Haynes] 4/19/05

It’s Still A Mess
California’s educational system is an ongoing failure…

[Ray Haynes] 4/14/05

Growth Happens
Despite government bureaucrats…

[Ray Haynes] 4/5/05

They Really Are Here Illegally
Like we didn't already know...

[Ray Haynes] 3/29/05

Judges Gone Wild
The deteriorating liberal judiciary…

[Ray Haynes] 3/22/05

A Parliament Of Fools
California’s broken and dysfunctional Legislature

[Ray Haynes] 3/15/05

Let’s Kill All The Old People
Liberal Sacramento’s suicide solution…

[Ray Haynes] 3/8/05

Of Taxes, Foghorn Leghorn And My Dog Skip
Democrats like things the way they are…

[Ray Haynes] 3/1/05

Give Me Your Old, Your Poor...
...and your really sick...

[Ray Haynes] 2/22/05

Getting The Facts Straight
State’s health care meddling is hurting people...

[Ray Haynes] 2/16/05

Good Intentions And The Roads They Make
Maybe we need another study…

[Ray Haynes] 2/9/05

A Titanic Bureaucrat
State’s education head and the ill-fated captain
[Ray Haynes] 2/2/05

Wailing And Gnashing Of Teeth
Budget reality strikes…

[Ray Haynes] 1/25/05

They Protest Too Much
The howling is deafening…

[Ray Haynes] 1/20/05

Throwing Down the Gauntlet
Dems off to a bad start
[Ray Haynes] 1/10/05

More Government Deception
Bureaucracy breeds bureaucracy…
[Ray Haynes] 12/22/04

They Are Wrong - Again
Liberal ideology drives the Legislature's analysts

[Ray Haynes] 12/6/04

Taxing and Tracking Us For Nothing?
Like this liberal tax scheme's gonna to work

[Ray Haynes] 11/23/04

Hug A Miner Today
Everyday life under attack from environmentalists

[Ray Haynes] 11/16/04

California The Backwater State
Government from the '60's

[Ray Haynes] 11/9/04

Follow the Money
Government for the government

[Ray Haynes] 11/2/04

Political Myths
The truth is rare…

[Ray Haynes] 10/26/04

The 2004 Nosey Awards
Government running our lives…

[Ray Haynes] 10/19/04

Attack Of The Propositions
More and more initiatives…

[Ray Haynes] 10/12/04

Clone and Kill
Good government is less government...

[Ray Haynes] 10/5/04

Liberty Is The Issue
Good government is less government...

[Ray Haynes] 9/28/04

Oops, Government Does It Again
Guess one big reason health insurance costs so much...

[Ray Haynes] 9/21/04

The Duty Of The People
We're the government, we're here to help you with your taxes...
[Ray Haynes] 9/14/04

Still Cluelessly Creating Commissions
And still not getting it...
[Ray Haynes] 9/7/04

Sacramento's Dirty Little Secret
Effect of losing California jobs offshore...
[Ray Haynes] 8/31/04

Louisiana Politics? No Thanks
Keep out of the 62 swamp...
[Ray Haynes] 8/24/04

Planning For Failure
The Master Plan for Education...
[Ray Haynes] 8/17/04

Budget Solution—Year One
Hard lessons from the Gray Era...
[Ray Haynes] 8/10/04

Defending Development
Don't build it and they won't come...
[Ray Haynes] 8/3/04

Those “Girlie-Men” In Sacramento
Liberals kowtowing to their special interest masters...
[Ray Haynes] 7/27/04

Clubbing Big Government
A Real Club For Growth In California
[Ray Haynes] 7/20/04

Republicans And Taxes
The Middle Ground
[Ray Haynes] 7/13/04

Finally Fixing The Budget
Capping the Bottle
[Ray Haynes] 6/29/04

Going for Broke on Minimum Wage
Another inflationary burden for employers...
[Ray Haynes] 6/22/04

Abusing the Credit Card
An unaccountable education bureaucracy...
[Ray Haynes] 6/15/04

Proudly Partisan
In the real world you have to choose...
[Ray Haynes] 6/9/04

Ruling From An Alternate Universe
Denying reality in Sacramento...
[Ray Haynes] 6/1/04

“Blow Up” Baseline Budgeting
The tax-and-spenders hate common sense budgeting...
[Ray Haynes] 5/25/04

Silly Bills
The Governor and stupid ideas from the Legislature...
[Ray Haynes] 5/18/04

Petty Personal Politics
Liberals show who's in charge...
[Ray Haynes]

Doing Nothing About Illegal Immigration
No solutions in Sacramento...
[Ray Haynes]

Simple Solutions and the Politics of Sex
The legislature's forbidden topics...
[Ray Haynes] 4/27/04

Rats, Rents, Garbage and Jobs
The legislature's Democrats don't get it...
[Ray Haynes] 4/20/04

A Part Time Legislature?
It couldn't happen soon enough...
[Ray Haynes] 4/13/04

Fourteen Or Fight!!!
...and other weird rights...
[Ray Haynes] 4/6/04

Welfare Fraud Fraud
Legislative oversight fantasies...
[Ray Haynes]

Fear and Budgeting in Sacramento
Nervous bureaucrats frighten the public...
[Ray Haynes]

For A Good Time Call: C-A-L-I-F-O-R-N-I-A
The state owns lots of interesting and wasteful property...
[Ray Haynes] 3/16/04

California: The Conservative State
Voters want fiscal discipline...
[Ray Haynes] 3/9/04

Anarchy In Oz
San Francisco takes the law into its own hands...
[Ray Haynes] 3/2/04

Kiss Your Job Goodbye
Jobs are racing out of the state...
[Ray Haynes] 2/24/04

US Court May Rule: Dolphins Are Fish, Too
Hijacked by an out of control judiciary
[Ray Haynes] 2/17/04

I’ve Got Your “Plan B” Right Here
Translation: tax, spend, tax, spend...
[Ray Haynes] 2/10/04

Conflict-of-Interest Budgeting
Get rid of the 2/3 supermajority and get ready for more taxes...
[Ray Haynes] 2/3/04

Mr. Really-Liberal-California Politician
In your heart you know you're better than the rest of us...
[Ray Haynes] 1/27/04

War has been Declared in Sacramento
Winds of change in the capitol...
[Ray Haynes] 1/20/04

An Agenda For Liberty
Individual liberty should guide the Governor's vision...
[Ray Haynes] 1/13/04

A Bunch of Hot Air
State Global Warming Lawsuits...
[Ray Haynes] 12/23/03

How Democrats Negotiate
Take and keep on taking...
[Ray Haynes] 12/16/03

Thanks For Your Input, Phil
About Three Years Too Late...
[Ray Haynes] 12/9/03

Process or Procrastination?
Repealing SB60 - making up the Assembly rules as they go along...
[Ray Haynes] 11/25/03

Education Myths
Spending education funding the wrong way...
[Ray Haynes] 11/18/03

Tanned, Rested and Ready
Republicans are ready to lead...
[Ray Haynes] 11/11/03

The Second Annual Nosey Awards
Dumb and dumber excesses of power in Sacramento...
[Ray Haynes] 11/04/03

Now They're Worried
Reality dawns on Progressive Sacramento...
[Ray Haynes] 10/27/03

The Siren Song of the Democrats
The allure of taxes...
[Ray Haynes] 10/21/03

The Revolution Has Only Just Begun
The Legislature ignores the law and makes up its own rules...
[Ray Haynes] 10/14/03

Rule of Law – R.I.P.
The Legislature ignores the law and makes up its own rules...
[Ray Haynes] 10/7/03

Memo To My Fellow Conservatives
Why I’m endorsing Schwarzenegger…
[Ray Haynes] 10/2/03

Rhetoric and Reality
Why taxing the Rich Doesn’t Work
[Ray Haynes] 9/30/03

Half Measures and Half Wits
Sacramento Democrat tantrums...
[Ray Haynes] 9/23/03

When Something Isn't Better Than Nothing
Workers' comp needs a real fix, not patchwork legislation
[Ray Haynes] 9/13/03

Murder-Suicide in Sacramento
Anger and paranoia in the Capitol
[Ray Haynes] 9/9/03

Who’s Dragging Down Who?
California’s Real Impact
[Ray Haynes] 9/2/03

Leader of the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy???
I've been found out...
[Ray Haynes] 8/26/03

Talk About Déjà Vu!
Special interests have brought back the economic problems of the early 90's
[Ray Haynes] 8/19/03

When Chaos is Good
Finally, we can all see the result of failed leadership
[Ray Haynes] 8/12/03

A Budget With No New Taxes
(It could have been worse….)
[Ray Haynes] 8/5/03

Kooky, Extremist, Fringe Democrats with Goofy Ideas
Unfortunately, they're in charge...
[Ray Haynes] 7/29/03

Getting Their Priorities Straight
Superintendent of Public Instruction gets himself into the budget mess
[Ray Haynes] 7/22/03

A Caricature of Themselves
A 4% cut? Children will starve, old people will die...
[Ray Haynes] 7/15/03

Brother, Can You Spare A Nickel?
Liberal illusion: tax cuts cause deficits, not overspending
[Ray Haynes] 7/8/03

Pull My Trigger. . .
An unaccountable, self-triggering tax that only a liberal could love
[Ray Haynes] 6/28/03

California Doesn’t Need Saving, It Needs Rescuing
Legislature's Democrats are in denial
[Ray Haynes] 06/21/03

In Serious Need of Adult Supervision
A Legislature out of control
by Ray Haynes 6/14/03

We’re From the Government, and We’re Here To Heal You!
Two massive health care “reform” bills are moving through the legislature
by Ray Haynes 6/9/03

Spend, Tax, Beg, Borrow, Steal
A spending addiction of unparalleled proportions

In Memoriam: Freedom
The more a state provides, the more a state can take away

Tax Deceits
Budget-speak is budget deceit.

Democrats: Enhance This!
"Revenue enhancers" to enhance their revenue by taking more from you.

A Budget Solution That Works
Our budget solution works. Nothing the Governor has done has worked

Moral Dyslexia?
The insanity in Sacramento is on the rise.

[posted 4/30/03]

Governor Davis: Smarter than He Looks!
I'm sorry, I thought he was destroying the state through mere incompetence.

First, Eat Your Vegtables

The Arrogance of Power






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