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Julia Gorin

by Julia Gorin


Wounded Warrior
Please Help Those
Who Protect Us

Burt Prelutsky

The Secret of Their

by Burt Prelutsky

Conservatives Are From Mars, Liberals Are From San Francisco
by Burt Prelutsky

America Alone
by Mark Steyn

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Guest Contributors

How California Can Graduate More Students:
The Arizona Example

by Ian Randolph 6/20/08

California Can Learn
Health Care Lessons From Down Under

by Diana M. Ernst 5/1/08

California Lawmaker Says Speech Should be Free...
...on the Internet…After Taxes?

by Daniel Ballon 4/14/08

California Health Care:
Learning from history for a healthier future

by Diana M. Ernst 3/12/08

Excusing Berkeley
by: Bethany Stotts

Why California's "Budget Wolf" Has Returned
by Lawrence J. McQuillan 2/28/08

What Now for California Health Care?
by Diana M. Ernst 2/20/08

How to Reform California's Dropout Factories
by Vicki E. Murray 12/6/07

California’s Achievement Gap: Is Racism Really the Problem?
by Rachel Chaney 11/26/07

Federal Judge Right To Dump CA Emissions Lawsuit
by Amy Kaleita 10/18/07

Governor: Don't Close the Door On Ideas 
by Diana M. Ernst 10/1/07

UC Berkeley's Bizarro Health Reform
by John R. Graham 9/7/07

Philanthropic Lawlessness 
Illegal Immigration and the Church
by Brooke Levitske 7/11/07

A Matter of Right versus Wrong
by Vicki E. Murray 6/29/07

Jews And The Serbs
by Andy Selepak 2/22/07

Dear President Carter...
by 14 Ex-Members of Carter Center 1/17/07

French Copy Al-Jazeera
by Andy Selepak 12/15/06

'Iraq for Sale: The War Profiteers'
by Amy Menefee
[writer, editor] 9/26/06

Searching For Heroes At The Movies 
by Jeff Lukens [writer] 8/15/06

'World Trade Center': Stone Cold Politics
by Janice Shaw Crouse [author, analyst] 8/4/06

Mexican Officials Feather Their Nests
While Decrying U.S. Immigration Policy...

[George W. Grayson] 4/27/06

Government Imposed Silence [at CaliforniaRepublic]
Day of Silence coming to your school?

[Tim LeFever] 4/7/06

How About a Citizens' Strike? [at CaliforniaRepublic]
A message to our Senators…
[Sher Zieve] 4/6/06

The Realpolitik of Immigration [at CaliforniaRepublic]
Since when is it racist to enforce one’s laws?

[Vincent Fiore] 4/5/06

Restoring Integrity into the Elections Process [at CaliforniaRepublic]
Bottled up in committee...

[Jeff Denham and Bruce McPherson] 3/10/06

Rigged Bids [at CaliforniaRepublic]
Legislature should bid farewell to bidding secrecy...

[Kevin Dayton] 3/2/06

San Francisco Needs to Leave the US [at CaliforniaRepublic]
Left by the Bay...
[Sher Zieve] 2/22/06

Evangelicals and Global Warming [at theOneRepublic]
Enough Serious Thinking?...

[Jay Richards] 2/10/06

Sexual Predators Roam Free In California [at CaliforniaRepublic]
Abortionists care more about secrecy than with protecting youngsters from sexual predators

[Dennis Mountjoy] 2/8/06

The Sad, Impending Demise Of Napoleon Dynamite [at theOneRepublic]
Tragedies like "Dodgeball" don’t have to happen…
[by Jonathan David Morris] 2/3/06

Inland Judicial Crisis [at CaliforniaRepublic]
Where are the judges?…
[Russ Bogh] 1/25/06

Our Ideas Will Prevail... [at theOneRepublic]
In case you missed it... Karl Rove's address to RNC

[Karl Rove] 1/24/06

Moratorium Only Delays Justice [at CaliforniaRepublic]
Death penalty moratorium would be unconstitutional...
[Chuck Poochigian] 1/19/06

State Of The State [at CaliforniaRepublic]
Governor Schwarzeneggers Address...
[Arnold Schwarzenegger] 1/6/06

Death Penalty Delays [at CaliforniaRepublic]
California's voters continue to support the Death Penalty, it's time to streamline...

[by Roy Ashburn] 12/27/05

Whatever Happened To Christmas? [at CaliforniaRepublic]
Have a joyous and blessed 'winter holiday'...
[Dennis Mountjoy] 12/23/05

A Huge Opportunity To Send A Message Tuesday [at CaliforniaRepublic]
Gilchrist will shake up the GOP...
[Allan Bartlett] 12/4/05

Head-to-Head Drug Trials at Ballot Box [at CaliforniaRepublic]
Prop 78 vs. Prop 79...

[John R. Graham] 11/7/05

Prop 80 and T.U.R.N.'s "Enron" Cliche [at CaliforniaRepublic]
Who is behind the cliche "No More Enrons?"

[Wayne Lusvardi] 1020/05

John Campbell- Conviction Over Concept [at CaliforniaRepublic]
A voter's reasons to back John Campbell for Chris Cox's seat...
[by Shawn Black] 10/3/05

AB 632: Sex Offenders [at CaliforniaRepublic]
An open letter to Governor Schwarzenegger
[by Todd Spitzer] 9/14/05

Bad Press For The President [at theOneRepublic]
Divisive uninspiring, incompetent idiot...

[by Mr. Snitch] 9/12/05

Mr. Hogue, You Don't Get It [at theOneRepublic]
A reader response to Eric Hogue's Monday column...
[Mari Thompson] 8/30/05

A Supreme Property Rights Disaster In The Making [at theOneRepublic]
More Kelo on the SCOTUS horizon?...
[James S. Burling] 8/15/05

Miracles of God and Miracles of Science [at theOneRepublic]
Physicians and faith...
[by David Michael Phelps] 8/12/05

The Grieving Activist [at theOneRepublic]
The Left's latest tactic - the Sheehan gambit...

[Selwyn Duke]

They Were Briefed On "Able Danger” [at theOneRepublic]
Congressman rejects 9/11 Commission claim they never heard of “Able Danger”

[Rep. Curt Weldon]

Media's Secret Lobbying [at theOneRepublic]
MSM's own special interest…
[John Leppard]

The Grand Theft of Family Values [at theOneRepublic]
Wither the family?...
[by David Michael Phelps] 7/26/05

More Government Control of Charities Looms [at theOneRepublic]
Overkill on the way...
[Karen Woods] 7/20/05

Originalism Above All Else [at theOneRepublic]
Filling Supreme Court vacancies...
[Steven Geoffrey Gieseler] 7/14/05

A Prescription for Intrusive Government [at CaliforniaRepublic]
Pharmacists and rights
[Adam B. Summers] 7/14/05

A Pea Shell Game [at theOneRepublic]
Inclusionary housing laws
[Wayne Lusvardi] 7/6/05

The Egyptian Version: The Muslim Brotherhood [at theOneRepublic]
The Intelligent American’s Guide To Islamism...
[Tarek Heggy] 7/1/05

Conservatism Will Triumph [at theOneRepublic]
Just what did he say that has liberals so twisted - besides the truth?...

[Karl Rove] 6/27/05

Business and Virtue in Batman Begins [at theOneRepublic]
Bruce Wayne, the Dark Knight's alter ego, makes an unlikely Hollywood hero...

[Ben Sikma] 6/24/05

Reform California [at CaliforniaRepublic]
Getting the state's house in order...
[Arnold Schwarzenegger] 6/15/05

The “Napsterization” of Digital TV [at theOneRepublic]
Grokster is in the hands of SCOTUS...
[Matthew Rojansky] 6/15/05

The Problem Is Not Guantanamo [at theOneRepublic]
Remarks prior to Tuesday's DoD news briefing...

[Donald H. Rumsfeld] 6/15/05

The Dark Side of the Force: Embryonic Stem-Cell Research [at theOneRepublic]
Unlike research efforts involving adult stems, it requires the destruction of human life.
[Anne Downey] 6/2/05

Old Europe’s New Despotism [at theOneRepublic]
Tocqueville got it right...
[Samuel Gregg] 5/17/05

Tyrants in the Dock [at CaliforniaRepublic]
Court May Finally Stop the Legislature’s Coastal Commission Power Grab...

[James S. Burling] 4/25/05

Theresa Marie Schiavo 1963-2005 [at theOneRepublic]
Victim of a culture in descent...
[Tony Perkins] 3/31/05

Too Bad Terri’s Not a Terrorist or a Condemned Murder [at theOneRepublic]
I’m fed up with liberal hypocrisy...
[Jan LaRue] 3/25/05

Government Abuses Eminent Domain Authority [at theOneRepublic]
You may not know it, but your home is for sale...

[Timothy M. Sandefur] 2/28/05

Iraq's Plight of Progress [at theOneRepublic]
Ending despotism...
[John Thomson] 2/28/05

Freedom, Safety and Sovereignty [at theOneRepublic]
Gaining around the world...

[Douglas J. Feith] 2/28/05

The Growing Tehran-Beijing Axis [at theOneRepublic]
China fueling Middle-East tension...

[Frederick Stakelbeck, Jr.] 2/24/05

The Contest For Freedom [at theOneRepublic]
Vietnam, Iraq, and the 2004 Election
[Zell Miller] 2/16/05

How to Stop the Sudanese Genocide [at theOneRepublic]
...and How Not To...
[Michael M. Rosen and Daniel I.Silverberg] 2/15/05

Public Pension Reforms Are a Must in 2005 [at CaliforniaRepublic]
The Legislature must act...
[Larry McCarthy] 2/10/05

An Iraqi-American Votes [at theOneRepublic]
Democracy in Iraq..

[Susan Dakak] 1/29/05

State Of The State Address [at CaliforniaRepublic]
The Governor's Wednesday night address...
[Arnold Schwarzenegger] 1/6/05

A Year of Progress [at CaliforniaRepublic]
The Governor's take on '04...
[Arnold Schwarzenegger] 12/30/04

Tossed Salad For The Holidays [at theOneRepublic]
The warm PC holiday spirit..

[Peter J. Pitts] 12/22/04

Report Card [at theOneRepublic]
Progress for No Child Left Behind Act...

[Xiaochin Yan] 11/19/04

Murder They Wrote [at theOneRepublic]
Radical Islam eludes editorialists...

[Sherrie Gossett] 11/19/04

Concealed Guns against Terrorists [at theOneRepublic]
Second Amendment and homeland security...

[Don Kates] 11/18/04

Don’t Eulogize the Tsar of Modern Terrorism [at theOneRepublic]
Arafat's bloody legacy...
[Matthew Rojansky] 11/15/04

I Tried To Tell You...[at theOneRepublic]
Democrats repel voters, who put faith in freedom...

[Zell Miller] 11/08/04

Centrist Republicans Running In San Francisco [at CaliforniaRepublic]
Fight Pelosi and Migden, Elect DePalma and Felder…

[Adam Balling] 11/02/04

Health Care Prop. Is Bad Medicine
Prop 72
[Adam B. Summers] 11/2/04

Embryonic Stem Cell Research And Human Dignity
Complex science, simple ethics...

[Archibishop Charles J. Chaput] 11/2/04

Faith and Patriotism
Words are cheap...
[Archibishop Charles J. Chaput] 10/29/04

Why This Libertarian Is Voting to Re-elect George W. Bush
Choosing the more libertarian...

[J. Neil Schulman] 10/28/04

Defeat Job-Killing Ballot Propositions
No on 63, 67, and 72...

[Lawrence J. McQuillan and Anthony P. Archie] 10/28/04

History Is On Our Side
From the Cold War to the War on Terror

[Donald H. Rumsfeld] 10/20/04

Iwo, CNN-style
The bloody battle for Iwo Jima, if covered by media today...

[Zell Miller] 10/19/04

Some Other Consequences of the Iranian Bomb
More reasons the world should be worried...

[Roger Howard] 10/18/04

Newsom “K”-Os Governor’s Plan
Governance by proposition..

[Anthony P. Archie] 10/15/04

An Assault on Freedom
Anti Wal-Martism continues..

[Paul J. Beard II] 10/12/04

Outsourcing is Good for America
Protectionism stifles economic growth...

[Sonia Arrison] 10/04/04

I Backed Clinton But Today I Stand With Bush
Democrat leaders have taken the party in the wrong, very wrong direcction
[Zell Miller] 9/24/04

Democrats turn backs on South
[Zell Miller] 9/23/04

Kerry: A War and Antiwar Primer
Questionable war record & questionable antiwar misrepresentations

[John Hinderaker, Scott Johnson & Edward Morrissey] 9/21/04

Pete Coors Talks Sense On Guns
The candidate meets the press...

[Ari Armstrong] 9/17/04

Telling It Like It Is
I will never trust John Kerry with my family's safety...

[Zell Miller] 9/14/04

Controlling Pests Or Controlling Competition?
Legislating business out of business...

[Timothy M. Sandefur] 9/6/04

That Man's Name Is George Bush
Keynote speech to the Republican National Convention...
[Zell Miller] 9/2/04

Taking Terrorists at Their Word
Review: Voices of Terror, edited by Walter Laqueur

[J. Peter Pham] 9/2/04

Condemnation Case Gets a Deserved Wrecking Ball...

[Timothy M. Sandefur] 8/24/04

The Secretary of State on Sudan...
[Colin Powell] 8/11/04

Coalition Warfare in Iraq: Then and Now
Multilateral? Unilateral?...

[Rick Russell] 8/10/04

SFO ‘Diversity Plan’ Unsafe
...and Unfair—at Any Altitude...

[Paul J. Beard] 8/6/04

Why An Iranian Bomb Matters
The real reasons the world should be worried...

[Roger Howard] 8/5/04

Fifty-nine Deceits in Fahrenheit 911
They won't be talking about these in Boston...

[Dave Kopel] 7/27/04

California Needs a New Model
Measuring student achievement...

[Xiaochin Yan] 7/22/04

Jones Campaign In Trouble
Has the GOP given up?...

[Adam Balling] 7/12/04

A 21st Century NATO
Changing the alliance's mission...

[Steven Brooke and Nicholas Howenstein] 7/7/04

Iran's Summer Song of Dissent
The annual crackdown on "social corruption"...

[Nir Boms and Reza Bulorchi] 7/6/04

Critical of the Bush Administration...
The Elements...

[Rob Griffith] 6/30/04

The Achievement in Afghanistan
The speech that mainstream media ignored...
[President Hamid Karzai] 6/21/04

The War Against Jihadists
The Senator addresses a symposium on “Iraq's Future and the War on Terrorism”...

[Senator Joe Lieberman] 6/21/04

Kerry's Missile Defense Ploy
The Senator once more makes plans to leave America vulnerable...

[Peter Huessy] 6/18/04

The Death of a Great Man
A young American's meditation on Reagan...

[Isaac Pletcher] 6/14/04

Ronald Reagan: Liberator of Nations
Spreading democracy and freedom..

[Damjan de Krnjevic-Miskovic] 6/11/04

Reagan in Retrospect
Advancing liberty..

[John O'Sullivan] 6/10/04

A Conservative Grand Strategy for America
Holding firm to principle...

[Henry R. Nau] 6/3/04

Explaining Eisentrager
Nazis, Gitmo and the Second Amendment...

[Dave Kopel] 5/27/04

Axis or Not
Sanctions against Syria are justified...

[Nir Boms] 5/21/04

The National Act of Contrition
Finger-pointing, Apologies Boost The Enemy
[Zell Miller] 5/14/04

Dinner With Chairman Mao
Depotism and terror as trendy and chic...

[Matt Dunn] 4/27/04

The California Comeback
President Bush on his way to winning the golden state...

[Josiah Prendergast] 4/23/04

How to Tell a Duck From a Fox
Thinking with the Church as we look toward November
[Archibishop Charles J. Chaput] 4/23/04

Refusing to Pipe Down
At Berkeley controversial speaker exercises his right to free speech...

[Josh Baron] 4/21/04

California's Fishy Fish Laws
Effective marine reserves

[Michael DeAlessi] 4/2/04

A House Divided Cannot Stand
From the floor of the Senate
[Zell Miller] 4/2/04

Ninth Circuit Torches Sensible Fire Prevention
Radical environmentalism from the bench...
[Emma T. Suárez] 4/1//04

It's All About Balance
California's Unemployment Insurance Fund
[Carol Ross Evans] 3/26/04

A Great And Urgent Responsibility
Remarks by the Vice President at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library and Museum
[Richard B. Cheney] 3/18/04

Best Prison Reform: Privatization
Corrections System is so Rife with Problems that Drastic Change is Needed

[Geoffrey F. Segal] 3/5/04

A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing
Prop 56 lurks, ready to consume new taxes
[Andrew Gloger] 2/27/04

A Blank Check for Higher Taxes
The deception of Proposition 56
[Carol Evans] 2/26/04

‘Deficit of Decency’ in America
From the floor of the Senate
[Zell Miller] 2/20/04

Drip, Drip, Drip and Soon You're In Over Your Head
Let's count the costs taxpayers are facing because of O.C. officials' bad decisions..
[John Moorlach] 1/28/04

The New Protectionism
International restrictions on "cultural" exports...
[Neil Hrab] 1/15/04

No Belle Prize
Filling the shoes of Jimmy Carter...
[Sally C. Pipes] 1/14/04

An Empire of Hope
The Governor's State of the State as delivered...
[Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger] 1/7/04

No Toasts Please...
...for the Endangered Species Act's 30th Birthday...
[Emma T. Suárez] 12/10/03

The Stepford Feminists
Getting it wrong again...
[Sally C. Pipes] 12/11/03

No Toasts Please...
...for the Endangered Species Act's 30th Birthday...
[Emma T. Suárez] 12/10/03

Why We're Honoring Rush Limbaugh
Claremont Institute's Statesmanship Award....
[Brian T. Kennedy] 11/04/03

Janice Brown Deserves Fairness
...Not A Filibuster
[William S. Mount] 11/01/03

Where the Blame Lies
Look beyond the Governor
[Devin Jones] 9/22/03

Teaching Berkeley Schools about Respect for Law and Equal Rights
A school choice sham...
[Cynthia D. Cook] 9/8/03

Prop. 209 Imperiled
Special interests are back and hungry for racial spoils
[Stephen R. McCutcheon] 8/15/03

The Billion Dollar Fairy Shrimp
Finally environmental common sense seeps into government agencies
[Gregory T. Broderick and Denise Davis] 8/15/03

California Muggin'
A Golden State Debate...
[Eric Metaxas] 8/13/03

A Judicial Candidate Feminists Should Support
California's Janice Brown is worth considering for the U.S. Supreme Court
[Tammy Ku] 8/8/03

The Fourth Estate’s Failure: Who Really Loses When The Los Angeles Times Distorts The News
[Charles McVey] 5/21/03


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