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How About a Citizens' Strike?
A message to our Senators…
[Sher Zieve] 4/6/06

After all of the illegal aliens/immigrants' (you make the choice as to which word you want to use) marches, demanding they be given the same rights as US citizens, I’d like to make a counter-proposal. Why don’t we-the-people (that’s “US-citizen-people”) decide to organize a 1 day strike of our own?

Those who are in our country illegally want to show the country that it cannot survive without them. They have all sorts of leftist groups organizing and spurring them on. These groups include MEChA, Mexica Movement, LULAC, International ANSWER and Open Borders. Most of these mentioned-groups want to “take back their country” in order to establish either the Anahuac Nation, the mythical empire of Aztlan or to simply dissolve the US - as a separate and sovereign country - entirely. As the protestors (the illegally-in-country people who not only demand their “rights” but chant “no one is illegal except Europeans”) continue to wave their Mexican flags and use the US flags as headscarves - or worse - we US citizens are expected to accept them into our family as “welcome guests.”

Guest Contributor

Sher Zieve is a Staff Writer for The New Media Alliance. Columns can be read regularly on [go t
o Guest index]

Note: I don’t know about you but, if individuals decided to enter my house, uninvited, and then proceeded to demand that I give them everything they ask for, I would NOT view them as either welcome or guests. Instead, whenever I could, I’d call the police to haul them off to jail! However, the police at our borders (Border Patrol Agents) aren’t being given what they need to actually protect the country from the current invasion; an invasion from the South that is crippling and taxing services in, at least, the Southwestern states. Only the citizens' group, the Minutemen, is doing anything to attempt to stop this Tsunami of bodies pushing across our nation.

Where are our lawmakers and law-enforcers? Why - they're in Washington DC, inhabiting an elite body known as the “US Senate”. The US House of Representatives actually passed a bill (Anti-terrorism and Illegal Immigration Control Act-HR 4437) that, if implemented and enforced, had the ability to protect our borders from terrorists and the illegals' onslaught. But, as soon as HR 4437 hit the Senate all manner of Amnesty proposals, college tuition for illegals, etc. were added. Senate Minority leader Harry Reid (D-NV), who in the past has spoken out against illegal aliens but now voices his support for them, effectively stopped the debate on the bill. The McCain-Kennedy Amendment, which the co-sponsors say “isn’t Amnesty even though that’s what it provides for the illegal immigrants'” is a slap in the face to “we-the-people US citizens”. The Senators (McCain, Kennedy, Specter, Durbin, Reid ad nauseam) then have the arrogance to tell us that the illegals are the hard-working ones.

That leaves nothing to the imagination. Apparently, “our” Senators do not believe that US citizens do very much - anymore. Either that or they think legal citizens (native or naturalized) won’t do anything about their statement. Both political parties are now salivating over potential illegals' votes.

“Votes-for-illegals” is the next logical boycott/strike/mantra topic for the leftists. It’s coming, folks. In many states they already have drivers' licenses.

So, as US citizens continue to work for a living, hoping against hope to be able to feed, clothe, provide a safe home for their families and pray that they can send their kids to college, US Senators have already proposed giving all of those to the immigrants who have entered the country illegally - free of charge. Does this make any sense to any of you? Our Senators have become potentates and we are their subjects - but, only “we” legal citizens who have worked to make this country great.

I think it’s time that we actual-and-verifiable citizens took to the streets - or just stayed home - to show our Senators how a “National Day Without Citizens” would impact the country. There are more of us than there are “them”. Immigration (that’s legal immigration) is not a right. It’s a privilege.CRO

copyright 2006 Sher Zieve





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