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San Francisco Needs to Leave the US
Left by the Bay...

[Sher Zieve] 2/22/06

Although there have been many—many—others, one of the most telling comments as to why San Francisco really and truly needs to consider officially leaving the United States of America occurred on last Wednesday. One of its typically vocal leftist supervisors (there is no other kind in San Francisco) made the typical leftist, dangerous and anti-US comments.

Leftist Democrat San Francisco Supervisor Gerardo Sandoval, on Hannity’s radio program last week, said “we don’t need the US Military” and “I am not in favor of a standing army.” Sandoval also said that the majority of his colleagues think and believe the same way. He and his “colleagues” want to do away with the US military—altogether. Sandoval said the local police and fire departments could handle attacks against his city. Huh? With the anti-military and anti-police attitudes prevalent in San Francisco (the San Francisco Chronicle has written and continues to write multiple articles blasting the SF police), coupled with the obvious fact that “local police” and most certainly “fire departments” have no military training as to how to handle terrorists (I doubt that’s in their job descriptions), how do the “leaders” in San Francisco expect locals to protect it? The fact is San Francisco leaders haven’t even begun to think this out. But, the people living in the City by the Bay don’t seem to be thinking much—at all—recently. If they did, they wouldn’t have elected these buffoons. Sandoval also reiterated something most of us already knew. He said San Francisco is an “anti-war city”.

Guest Contributor

Sher Zieve is a Staff Writer for The New Media Alliance. Columns can be read regularly on [go t
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Then, we have the San Francisco Board of Supervisors voting 8-3 to stop the USS Iowa from ‘setting up shop’ and even docking in “its city”. Previously, Senator Diane Feinstein (D-CA) had arranged to have the USS Iowa come to San Francisco in order to be used as an educational tool and to bring in tourist dollars to the city. Suffice it to say, Sen. Feinstein’s plan was shot down. Although Feinstein is a liberal Democrat, she is apparently no longer liberal enough for this ever-moving-further-to-the-left-and-oblivion city. Besides, with its current “we’re an anti-war, anti-military, anti-police city” attitude (I think “complex” might be more appropriate), it’s no wonder that this city views one of the US’ tools that helped to protect our country and the countries of our allies from destruction with inordinate disdain. Those making these decisions are comprised of the lunatic fringes that are, tragically, now in power.

The San Francisco Chronicle, one of the left-wing organs that continues to promulgate the anti-war, anti-military, anti-police agenda of the far-Left, has attacked the local SF police with merciless abandon. Instead of using computer systems to track criminals, the Chronicle has pushed for new $800K computer system that will track police officers suspected of abuse and the complaints against them. Out of 2,200 SF police officers, 100 have been identified as ‘suspected of abuse’. But, the vast majority of these have not even been charged. Appearing on The Factor, Lawyer and former SF Supervisor Angela Alioto said there have been “28 prior incidences of excessive force”. Twenty-eight? Good grief, woman! We’d all like perfection in our lives but, that’s not possible. Out of all of the police officers’ daily incident calls, twenty-eight seem beyond laughable—if not embarrassing to even bring up.

However, even far-Left SF Mayor Gavin Newsom has requested the addition of 620 new police officers. Question: Why would any police officer choose to work in a city that denigrates them and places them on a much shorter leash than it does its criminal element? Guess masochism is a strong San Francisco trait, too!

To top things off, the San Francisco Board of Supervisors has called for the impeachment or resignation of President Bush. For this left-of-left city, this should come as no surprise. In response to Bill O’Reilly’s question to Alioto “Doesn't it make your City look stupid to have the Board of Supervisors say President Bush should be impeached?” Alioto responded: “You know that is so San Francisco. With all due respect I wrote the first smoking ban in 1993 and Ireland just copied us. You will see that the rest of the country will follow us once we do this. It is extremely important to note San Francisco believes this is not a justified war. We should not be in Iraq. We should bring home all of our men and women from Iraq.”

The final questions are “Do we the people actually want San Francisco to decide policy for the rest of the county—and the rest of us? Or, is it time that it began its own separate and very-small country that will protect itself with the infamous Zell Miller spitballs?”

I vote for the latter. What about you?

copyright 2006 Sher Zieve





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