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Sexual Predators Roam Free In California
Abortionists care more about secrecy than with protecting youngsters from sexual predators

[Dennis Mountjoy] 2/8/06

One of the many ugly secrets of the abortion industry – and this is a business obsessed with secrecy – is the fact that abortionists routinely conceal the worst form of sexual child abuse: rape. Many of its “clients” are confused and frightened youngsters who have been victimized by adults.

That is a crime. It is statutory rape. California has long outlawed statutory rape because as a society we understand the need to protect vulnerable children from adult predators. They call themselves “boy friends.” These men are neither boys nor friends. They are adults who prey on confused youngsters desperate for affection.

Guest Contributor
Dennis Mountjoy

Dennis Mountjoy is a member of the California State Assembly

Anyone who has watched outside an abortion “clinic” for very long can describe the scene – a man in his 20s hustling or even dragging a frightened and reluctant girl in her early teens into the building. Abortionists know well what is going on, but they ignore the crime. Their only concern is to kill the unborn baby, then send the young mother on her way, to be victimized again and again.

The abortion industry likes to pretend that statutory rape is not a major problem, but its own research arm, the Alan Guttmacher Institute, has documented the case against them. A Guttmacher survey showed that half of the babies born to mothers between ages 15 and 17 were fathered by adults 20 and older. A similar California survey found that two-thirds of the babies born to teenage mothers were fathered by adult men. In many cases, men in their twenties were victimizing sixth and seventh graders.

Those surveys only covered girls who had given birth to their babies. It’s most likely that rape is even more common among those who have been subjected to abortion. We can’t document those cases because abortionists operate behind a legal shield of secrecy. That shield is so tight that no one knows how many abortions are performed in California. The best estimate is 350,000 a year. Perhaps 60,000 or 70,000 abortions per year are performed in California on girls under 18.

Two years ago, I introduced a bill that would have pierced that shield. It would have required the abortion industry to report cases of pregnant minors as possible cases of child sexual abuse or rape. Why not? Their own studies show that as many as two-thirds of these youngsters have been victimized by adults. That made no difference. The abortion lobby turned out in full force to oppose this bill. They always do when their business is in jeopardy. The liberal-dominated Assembly Public Safety Committee, always happy to do their bidding, killed the bill.

This year I tried again. This time with AB 1427, a bill that would simply require that abortionists keep on file a DNA sample from each aborted baby whose mother is a minor. The idea behind the bill was simple. Sometime in the future, perhaps after years of torment, a young mother might go to the police to press charges against the predator who had fathered her child. If DNA evidence was available, he could be brought to justice.

Ironically, I presented my bill to the committee on the same day that it considered legislation declaring a death penalty moratorium in California. The committee spent a long time agonizing over that bill. In the end, the liberal majority voted to halt the executions of murderers. One of the key reasons was the possibility of DNA evidence proving the innocence of a death row inmate.

Then I came forward with my bill. Suddenly, the committee majority was no longer concerned about DNA evidence. The rules of the political game had been changed. Why? Because we were dealing with abortion, and for liberals abortion is a sacred right. The abortion lobby again staged an all-out assault and the Public Safety Committee quickly killed this bill, too.

So now sexual predators continue to roam free in California, victimizing youngsters and getting away with it, thanks to an Assembly Committee that is more concerned with preserving the ugly secrets of the abortion industry than with protecting vulnerable youngsters. -CRO-




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