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John Campbell - Conviction Over Concept
A voter's reasons to back John Campbell for Chris Cox's seat...
[by Shawn Black] 10/3/05

Throughout this nation’s history we have proclaimed the Ideals, Values and Principles, that have shaped America. Millions of Americans, through their sacrifices in time of great trials, have seen that the noble gift of a nation is the heart of her people. However, there is another voice in America today; in fact in Orange County; that believes quite differently. It comes from the Latest Candidate for the 48th Congressional seat, Marilyn Brewer.

Marilyn’s concepts concerning values and according to her own web site, are very different from the values and principles that we share. They are different from the Values that have shaped and that have bound America together as a nation. Her recent statement concerning Abortion rights and as discovered on her web site; stands in stark contrast to the values of Life, held by John Campbell.

Guest Contributor
Shawn Black

Shawn Black, 39, is an Orange County Native, Military Veteran and Former Agent with the Department of Homeland Security. He recently returned from Service in Iraq and is founder of .    [go to Guest index]

Marilyn Brewer states that she “Values all life”, yet her voting record speaks otherwise. Marilyn- (when she did show up to cast votes), voted against legislation that would have made the hideous practice of partial birth Abortion illegal. In fact, official records show Marilyn has consistently voted in favor of taxpayer financed abortions in each year she served in the State Assembly! Recognize any of her “concepts of life”! They are vastly different from those that believe that marriage is between a man and woman. They are different from those who believe that Values, and our communities, are important cornerstones of a free and Prosperous nation.

I can think of shared company, who would perhaps proclaim the same concepts of values and view on life, as Marilyn Brewer. In fact, most of us can remember Dr. Jack Kevorkian? We remember his view on life. It was so precious, that he assisted in taking it away! How about the self perceived “Moral concepts” of anti-war protester Cindy Sheehan? Cindy, who values her own concept of social issues, continues to trample over the grave of her Hero son who died in sacrifice for the Values, Freedom and Liberty, that we share today. And we can’t forget the one thousand dollar campaign contribution made to Marilyn Brewer by Orange County abortion Dr. Edward Allred. Dr. Allred evidently has been blessed with five abortion offices in Orange County and has the Freedom in America, to announce his pride at performing over 250,000 Abortions! The question has to be asked, are these the values of Orange County? No- they are not our values, Their Marilyn Brewer’s.

In fact Marilyn’s opening statements concerning her beliefs on her web site state “Who reflects our right to act with our own moral and social values”. What Morals are those? Perhaps they are seen in her opposing legislation requiring a parent to be notified prior to an underage girl having an abortion! Are these the values you grew up with? Then again, this is the voting record of one who has the right to act with her “own moral and social values”, and with your hard working tax payer dollars! I do not need to label Marilyn Brewer as a liberal, her voting record does!

Jim Gilchrist’s recent actions don’t exactly inspire confidence. Then again, maybe they would if you led a loose nit band of men on weekend publicity stunts and then decide to run for public office.

And why would a Campaign advertising representative from Gilchrist’s campaign ; call up a Christian Radio station and spiral downward into a tirade laced with profanity when he was told there were no more public advertising slots available for his campaign. Why would they threaten to bring suit to the FCC? It sounds like desperation to me. For me the choice is clear. I am thankful that John Campbell follows true conviction as a leader, and not just concepts!

Today, we have a candidate who speaks for Orange County and with Values, Integrity and Principles. The values John Campbell believes in continue to reflect his consistent actions, while serving as State Senator in Sacramento. John Continues to vote for Budget amendments, which ban tax payer funded abortions, and to continually oppose resolutions that promote abortions.

In addition, John Campbell continues to support our Military veterans by voting for and implementing stronger support initiatives, and more benefits. He remains committed to increasing the protection of America from Terrorists and for a stronger Homeland Security. It is with determination that he remains committed to proclaiming that marriage is between a man and Women, shredding the financial deficits and is working to secure our Borders with the California Border Police Initiative.

There is only one candidate who remains the choice with true Conviction and not merely Concepts. One who proclaims with Orange County, with America, that Values, Integrity and Principles are not just Concepts, they are life! CRO




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