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Mr. Hogue, You Don't Get It
A reader response to Eric Hogue's Monday column...

[Mari Thompson] 8/30/05

I read with interest your column concerning the Pro America rally in Crawford, Texas, put on JOINTLY by, AND, (Heart of Texas Chapter). I find it a bit disconcerting, to say the least. I don't know what your expectations of the event were, but I can say unequivocally that our expectations were more than met.

As one who was very active in putting this event together (as a member of the H.O.T. Chapter of FR), I was thrilled with the outcome. For the first time, real Americans stood up to the Sheehan crowd, in large numbers. You keep talking about how this was an event staged to further the agenda at MAF. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Guest Contributor
Mari Thompson

Mari Thompson is a member of the Heart of Texas Chapter of FreeRepublic - aka "basil" on [go to Guest index]

We went into this knowing full well how the media would react--slim to none was their coverage of our event. Our goal was to amass the thousands, and get the word to the troops that there is support for them back home. We certainly knew enough to have our own camera people catch the entire event on tape. Those tapes are now being burned into CD's and will be sent to our troops on active duty by the thousands. That activity is underway as I type.

Although I worked closely with the people at MAF to coordinate their efforts with the efforts of FR, never once did I get a hint that they had a hidden agenda. FR is a long established website with hundreds of thousands of participants. We pay for our website through fundraising among our memberships on a quarterly basis. We always raise more money than the targeted amount. Our only agenda is education of the public through the posting of news information and sources from around the world. Freepers, as we are called, can then discuss the news articles on the threads.

It was a Freeper who was first to expose Dan Rather's phony story, and we were instrumental in getting him deposed. It was Freeper's who held 3 rallies in Washington DC, each amassing thousands, to call attention to the shenanigans of one Bill Clinton. It was Freepers who were in front of the White House every Saturday for over 2 years, to help educate the public about what was going on in the White House. In short, it was in large part due to Freepers that Bill Clinton was impeached. We tried our best to get him convicted in the Senate, and came close--but not quite a cigar (forgive the pun).

All of this is to let you know that in my opinion, you do not understand conservatives and conservative activism.

Our goal at the present is to make sure that the Cindy Shehanns of the world, and her backer's who are bent on the destruction of this country, are not able to turn our War on Terror into another VietNam -type situation.

Also, I was very sorry that you weren't able, apparently, to know about the speech given at our rally in Crawford by Mr. John Horrigan. He is one of our heroes, as he completed 2 tours in Iraq. His identical twin brother was killed in action in June of this year--and he was speaking to make sure that his twin's ultimate sacrifice was not in vain. He gave, in my humble opinion, one of the most moving tributes to our armed forces of any of the speakers.

Sorry this is so long--but I always hurt when I see someone really trying--but not quite "getting it". tOR

copyright 2005 Mari Thompson




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