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Guest Contributor
Brian T. Kennedy

Why We're Honoring Rush Limbaugh
Claremont Institute's Statesmanship Award....
[Brian T. Kennedy] 11/04/03

On November 21 the Claremont Institute will honor Rush Limbaugh with our Statesmanship Award. One of our heroes, Abraham Lincoln, frequently reminded his countrymen that "our government rests in public opinion." Few Americans in recent memory have done more on a daily basis to sustain and invigorate a healthy public opinion in this country than Mr. Limbaugh, known fondly to us all as "Rush."

In an overwhelmingly liberal media, Rush has brought to unprecedented millions of listeners a conservative point of view, year in and year out, on virtually every significant issue, trenchantly, intelligently, wittily, and inimitably. The buoyancy and optimism that infuse all of Rush's commentary, the unfailing good cheer in a good cause that uplifts the spirits of conservative millions every day, are reminiscent of the irrepressible spirit of the man whose life we gather here annually to celebrate, Sir Winston Churchill.

There could be few more eloquent testimonies to the success of Mr. Limbaugh in broadening and strengthening conservative public opinion in America than the deep fear and loathing he inspires among big-government, politically correct, blame-America-first liberals. Few if any since Ronald Reagan have had the honor of being more doggedly hated and feared by America's liberal elite than Rush Limbaugh. And the reasons are the same—Rush's staunch opposition to liberal cultural tyranny and tax and spend government, and his unblushing conviction that America is a good and great country that does not need the permission of the United Nations to defend itself against its enemies.

In recent months, wealthy liberals have launched a multimillion dollar campaign in the desperate—and need one say, fruitless—effort to create a "Limbaugh of the Left." More recently the same liberals have, of course, been publicly licking their unseemly chops at Rush's widely publicized personal setbacks.

All the more reason, we say, for friends and fans of Rush to come together to welcome him back to the good fight, honor him for his remarkable contributions, and wish him many more years of broadcasting the conservative truth "across the fruited plains."

Please join the Claremont Institute as we honor Rush with our Statesmanship Award for the service he has done our country as a leading voice of American conservatism.

The reception begins at 6 p.m. and the dinner program will commence at 7 p.m. Dress is business attire. To reserve a seat, contact Nancy Padilla at (909) 621-6825, or click here to RSVP online. For information on levels of table sponsorship, please contact Bob Gransden at the same number.

Brian T. Kennedy is President of the Claremont Institute




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