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  Jews are Still Islam's Favorite Dupes
y Julia Gorin
[pundit/comedian] 3/30/07

It is somewhat pathetic that even after 9/11, and even after a nearly four-year trial at the Hague disproving “genocide” and “ethnic cleansing” of Albanians in Kosovo (something the late reporter Daniel Pearl uncovered as early as 1999), the Jewish community still insists on being used to promote the agenda of the Albanian lobby that allied us with the al Qaeda-trained Kosovo Liberation Army in 1999.
As part of his PR push to see the West seal its 1999 blunder that resulted in the ethnic cleansing of Serbs, Jews, Roma and other non-Albanians from Kosovo--which is a hair away from being an ethnically and religiously pure state of Saudi-financed mosques—former Republican congressman and ethnic Albanian Joe DioGuardi has been placing press releases disguised as articles in Jewish newspapers reminding American Jews of the lead they took “in pressing President [Bill] Clinton to bomb Serbia, because they instinctively understood the nature of genocide and were determined to keep it from being repeated,” as he recently told the New York Jewish Week

Julia Gorin

Pundit, comedian and opinionist Julia Gorin is proprietor of www.JuliaGorin.com and is a contributing editor to www.JewishWorldReview.com..[go to Gorin index]

Knowing that publication to be the largest-circulation Jewish weekly, and knowing that Jews shouldn't be supporting a Muslim land grab in Europe, I called the managing editor and suggested the paper run an opposing article, which the editor agreed to let me write. A month later, the piece (just a shorter version of this one) was finally scheduled. But that month gave DioGuardi enough time to place a similar piece in The Forward. So I emailed the editor at The Forward to offer a rebuttal piece as well. Predictably, I didn't hear back. I proceeded to contact every yidiot paper I knew of on the eastern seaboard to let them know of this dangerous PR push and offer a counter article: New Jersey Jewish Standard, Baltimore Jewish Times, Washington Jewish Week, the Jewish Press, Boston Jewish Advocate and the Philadelphia Jewish Exponent. Silence. They prefer to be sitting ducks until the Albanian lobby gets to them.
So here is what these Jews Without Clues should know. Rather than “instinctively [understanding] the nature of genocide” and being determined to keep it from being "repeated" (the explanation DioGuardi gives for American Jews taking the lead in our Kosovo misadventure) the actual reason is that Albanians hired PR firms to lie to Jews that Kosovo was another "genocide" just as the Bosnians and Croats had done:

In 1993, President of Ruder Finn Global Public Affairs, James Harff, gave a candid interview to French journalist Jacques Merlino, which was reprinted in Midstream magazine. In response to Merlino’s question, “What achievement were you most proud of,” Harff answered:

To have managed to move the Jewish opinion to our side. This was extremely delicate, as…[Bosnian] President Izetbegovic…strongly supported the creation of a fundamentalist Islamic state. Moreover, the Croatian and Bosnian past was marked by a real and cruel anti-Semitism. Tens of thousands of Jews perished in Croatian camps.

…We outwitted three big Jewish organizations. B’Nai Brith Anti-Defamation League, the Jewish Committee, and the American Jewish Congress. We suggested to them to publish an advertisement in the New York Times and to organize demonstrations outside the U.N. This was a tremendous coup. When the Jewish organizations entered the game on the side of the (Muslim) Bosnians, we could promptly equate the Serbs with the Nazis in the public mind...

DioGuardi is asking the Jews to repeat what Holocaust survivor John Ranz has called “our greatest shame,” and to continue buying into this colossal hoax which will end in the establishment this year of a narco-Islamo-terrorist gangster state in Europe. He wants us to believe that independence is “the only way to secure stability in the Balkans.” This is in fact a veiled threat. Kosovo Albanians have been using violence against NATO peacekeepers and the UN starting the year after we did their bidding, as a means of persuading the international community that there can be only one acceptable outcome to Kosovo’s final status: complete independence without border compromises.

Stability is precisely what has suffered by our signing on to Muslim land grabs in the Balkans, which emboldened Albanian separatists in Macedonia, Montenegro and southern Serbia. An independent Kosovo will serve as a nod to secessionists worldwide.

Bosnia and Kosovo have been part of Islam’s current divide-and-conquer approach. Israeli Colonel Dr. Shaul Shay, author of Islamic Terror and the Balkans, explains the significance of the Kosovo, Albania and Bosnia region that Americans ignore: “In the eyes of the radical Islamic circles, the establishment of an independent Islamic territory including Bosnia, Kosovo and Albania along the Adriatic Coast, is one of the most prominent achievements of Islam since the siege of Vienna in 1683. Islamic penetration into Europe through the Balkans is one of the main achievements of Islam in the twentieth century.”

The Balkans also have given Islam its long-sought gateway into Europe, as the Kosovo connection to the terrorist attacks in Madrid and London demonstrate. (According to Defense & Foreign Affairs Daily and German intelligence, the explosives used in both bombings came from Kosovo, and just last week the Greek Kathimerini news service reported that the missile fired on the U.S. embassy in Athens a few weeks ago appears to have come from Kosovo.)

Albanians argue that their fight for Kosovo is not an Islamic movement but a national one. (DioGuardi himself is Christian.) Palestinians, of course, make the same claim. But the big picture is the same: jihad. The day that Kosovo becomes “Kosova” (the Muslims’, nationalists’, dhimmis’ and Mr. DioGuardi’s invented pronunciation) is the day we’ve lost a key battle in the war on terror.
If the international community is “backing away from prompt implementation of independence for Kosovo,” as DioGuardi observes, it isn’t “out of a misguided inclination to appease Serbia ,” as he disingenously told Jewish Week. Rather than a state to be appeased, Serbia is still seen as a pariah, including by itself. The recent wariness about Kosovo independence is a result of both the terror connections and the daily attacks against the remaining Serb minority.

So the Albanians have once again turned to the famously gullible Jewish community. In its current leg of the PR campaign to get the Jews on board, the Albanian lobby is peddling the story that Albania was the only European country that didn’t turn over any Jews in WWII and saved 2,000 Jews during the German occupation of Albania . Indeed, on the eve of World War II, there were 600 Jews in Albania , 400 of whom were refugees from outside the country. According to the Jewish Virtual Library, the Italians—who were occupying Albania-- “rejected the Final Solution….Consequently, many historians believe it was the Italian occupation of Albania that ‘rescued’ the Jews rather than the local population.” Once the Germans took over Albania and annexed Kosovo to create “Greater Albania,” Albanians volunteered to form the SS Skanderbeg Division, which committed atrocities against Serbs and Jews in Kosovo and helped round up 400 Jews who were later sent to Bergen-Belsen . In all, 600 Jews from Kosovo died in concentration camps. In more recent history, Albanians pushed the Jews out with the rest of the non-Albanians after NATO occupied Kosovo in 1999.  (I profiled one such Jewish family for The Jerusalem Report in 1999, and Jared Israel of Emperors-Clothes.com carried an interview with the last Jew to leave Kosovo, with nothing but his Talmud in hand.) Today, Albania and Kosovo are virtually Judenfrei.

Happily for Kosovo , Albania and Islam, they’re getting what they want with or without Jewish help. The UN envoy to Kosovo Martti Ahtisaari, who last year said that “the Serbs are guilty as a people,” has just unveiled his plan which will give Kosovo de facto independence by allowing whatever countries want to recognize it to do so, and by giving Kosovo the right to have a flag, anthem, constitution and to make international agreements, as well as the right to membership in international organizations. The plan specifically blocks Kosovo from joining with Albania to form a “Greater Albania.” Of course, in 1999 UN Resolution 1244 blocked Kosovo from ever becoming independent; such  provisions are accepted by the Albanian side with a wink and a nod.


As Albania proper’s Foreign Minister Besnik Mustafaj said of Ahtisaari’s plan, "This is no doubt a historical moment for Kosovo, as well as for the whole region." Kosovo’s president Fatmir Sejdiu also hailed the plan, which he correctly sees as a fast track to independence.

Indeed, that’s been the point all along. In a stunning cover article of the current issue of The New Individualist magazine, managing editor Sherrie Gossett writes:


“The failure of the UN to insist that Kosovo meet minimal civilized standards has convinced some critics that the negotiations are a sham, that Kosovo’s final status has already been decided by the ‘Contact Group,’” which is composed of  the U.S., Britain, Germany, Italy, France and Russia.


An email that Gossett received on February 28, 2006 from a foreign military officer stationed in Kosovo warned that the powers were orchestrating the stepping down of moderate Kosovo Prime Minister Bajram Kosumi, whom they viewed as too soft, in favor of a hardliner who would insist on independence, Agim Ceku. “Truly amazing,” wrote the officer, “the butcher of Serbs in Croatia." Further according to the email, a skilled politico named Lufti Haziri was assigned to tutor Ceku in playing politics so that he could push independence through: “Lufti Haziri will be [h]is deputy, lufti will mentor ceku, because lufti knows how to play politics."


Continues Gossett: “The day after the email was received, Kosumi resigned and was replaced by hardliner Ceku, who refuses compromise and insists on independence.” Gossett’s source said he believed the move to be part of a deliberate strategy to outrage the Serbs and provoke Belgrade away from the negotiating table, forfeiting a say in the proceedings. This tactic recalls the Rambouillet “peace treaty” that was presented to Belgrade in 1999 and stipulated full occupation of Yugoslavia by NATO, the alliance knowing full well that no sovereign could sign such a document and that a NATO offensive would be the only resolution. So the strategy is still in play today, but rather than being shocked away from the process, Serbia has been toughing it out.


The reason for the U.S.-led push for independence and nothing in between may seem unfathomable, but American policy on Kosovo—spanning two presidential administrations--has been to bury this hot potato. For the same reason, the ineffectiveness of the NATO force in Kosovo is no accident, according to former OSCE (Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe) official Thomas Gambill, who in 2005 blew the whistle on the mess that is the UN Mission in Kosovo.


When Serbs and even NATO troops are shot at by Albanians, the NATO peacekeepers steer clear of engaging. (Recall reports about the 2004 March pogrom describing the peacekeepers as being “helpless” to stop the mobs.) A firefight would escalate the situation and draw world attention to the region, to the fact that it’s unstable and that there is the threat of violence should Albanians not get what they want. As Brooklyn-based gun-runner and KLA fundraiser Florin Krasniqi made clear in a documentary aired on PBS in 2005, the Albanians are armed and ready: “No one can disarm Albanians…Just in case NATO pulls out, or we don’t get our independence peacefully, then we’ll use those weapons…Don’t underestimate what we can do.” If anyone needs a refresher on the KLA, our partners in the 1999 intervention, it was an amalgam of tribal clansmen operating on the blood code principle and Maoists, Marxist-Leninists and university students who spent the 80s promoting the “class struggle”—all committed to violence. The KLA’s opening salvos were attacks on police, a classic Communist tactic.


Throughout, the State Department policy on Kosovo has been one of looking the other way, of digging the hole deeper, for we can’t extricate ourselves from it any other way. Fortunately for the policymakers, they know that nary a journalist, blogger or member of the public will take notice of anything that happens in an obscure and small place called Kosovo, which no one even remembers was the site of our last war, nor takes notice that the investigations of the Madrid , London and Athens attacks have led there.


Add to that the intermittent reports of armed “masked men” setting up ad hoc checkpoints in Kosovo, as well as the repeated comments from the UN, from Wesley Clark and from the Soros-affiliated International Crisis Group that “if there is no independence, Kosovo will explode”--and you get the picture: Wash our hands of it, and anything that happens after independence isn’t our doing. This is how foreign policy is conducted when no one is watching.


Toronto Star columnist Richard Gwyn said it best in a February article titled "Kosovo's Quiet Road to Sovereignty":


Kosovo is about to become independent while at the same time everyone involved will be able to claim their fingers were not on the button when this happens. The process by which this is happening is so creative and skilled, and devious and guileful that, shifted over a thousand or so kilometres, it might conceivably achieve [a Palestinian state].


The key is a scheme cooked up by the European Union by which Kosovo itself will simply declare itself to be independent; afterwards, other countries can recognize it as they choose.


In the wonderful phrase of a European Union official, "It's for a state to determine whether it's a state and for others to recognize it or not."


…Better yet, the UN doesn't need to do anything, thus avoiding the certainty of Russia using its Security Council veto to block the move…What Kosovo is about to do, any state or region can do….it's easy to imagine a Quebec separatist premier following up a referendum win by re-quoting that EU official: "It's for a state to determine whether it's a state."


Quebec , California , Miami , and so on. Whereas policies like the one we’re promoting in Kosovo are usually interpreted and criticized as giving in to blackmail and the use of violence to achieve an objective, when it comes to the Serbs, there is always room for an exception. 


As usual, Serbia has no say about its fate or the terrorist neighbor being thrust upon it. When Serbia objects, it is accused of “nationalism” and “intransigence” and told to “start being reasonable.” That’s right: the only side that’s willing to compromise—for example with a partition or with “more than autonomy and less than independence”—is the “intransigent” one while the side that won’t even discuss anything short of full independence while alternately threatening war is our partner for “peace,” and is not criticized. This is very fishy. There is a long list of alternative solutions full of the usually favored shades of gray, so why the insistence on just one? The answer is obvious, and it’s ugly.


“Meanwhile,” continues Gossett’s exposé, “European media investigations and statements from law enforcement officials describe how Kosovo has become an open market for terrorists looking for weapons and explosives, a key global player in heroin trafficking, and the world’s most notorious center for sex-slave trafficking.


“Into this vacuum of lawlessness have come radical Wahhabi Muslim groups from Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates . These groups flooded into the area after the bombing and invasion, offering financial aid to Albanians, sometimes on strict conditions: ‘They had to wear the head scarf and bow to Mecca five times a day, or allow the Wahhabis to build a mosque,’ [Gambill] recounts. The burly ex-Marine also showed this author security records logging complaints by Albanian school teachers who said they were being kicked out of their classrooms for hours at a time, so that Wahhabis could teach the Koran to their students.”

When the world--American Jewry included--sided with Albanians, Bosnians and Croats against Serbs in the Balkan civil wars, Israel was a notable exception. But the PR blitz in support of “Kosova” has done its work: Last week the Kosovo Democratic Party chairman and notoriously ruthless KLA commander Hashim Thaci was received by Shimon Peres, and claims to have gotten assurances that Israel will support an independent Kosovo and will influence other countries to do the same. If true, this means that Israel is endorsing a precedent for immediate Palestinian statehood.


Aptly enough, Voice of America last week carried the headline “US Backs UN Envoy's Efforts for a Final Solution in Kosovo.”

As a Jew who expects people to do their homework before taking a position on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, I became committed to doing my homework on the Balkans in 1999. It’s too bad that, eight years later, my fellow Jews still haven’t bothered.


If they had, they would see that the Serbs have been the canary's canary. What the world is trying to do to Israel is what it succeeded in doing to Serbia, which no longer has sovereignty, border integrity (the international community decides what is and isn’t Serbia’s), the right to protect its borders and to defend its citizens. And when Serbia dares to utter a peep of protest to these criminal infringements, it gets piled on by politicians and media alike (most consistently by The Wall St. Journal).


Let’s recall that our war on behalf of the tribalistic Albanians started with manipulated images, one-sided news reports, and international outrage over what was perceived to be a “disproportionate response.” As Israel and its supporters ask: “Who are you to judge, from a distance and with no experience of a daily existential threat, what constitutes an appropriate response?” Granted, if you compare the Serb response to the Israeli response, it appears heavy-handed. But what we didn’t and still don’t understand is that in the Balkans, everything is relative. And in Kosovo, reports of the Serb response were overstated. Gossett again:


“Spanish forensic investigator Emilio Perez Pujol headed a large team of pathologists and police specialists. The search for mass graves, he explained to the [ London ] Sunday Times, was ‘a semantic pirouette by the war propaganda machines, because we did not find one—not one—mass grave…’ Pujol told the El Pais newspaper, ‘We had been working with two parallel problems. One was the propaganda war. This allowed them to lie, to fake photographs for the press, to publish pictures of mass graves, or whatever they had to influence world opinion…There never was a genocide in Kosovo,’ he concluded. ‘It was dishonest and wrong for western leaders to adopt the term in the beginning to give moral authority to the operation.’”


In a recent speech at an Americans for a Safe Israel event in New York, titled “We’re all in this Together,” retired Boston Herald columnist Don Feder said, “When Zionists start caring about the fate of Serbs in Kosovo, when Hindus support Jewish communities in Judea and Samaria (designated the West Bank), when Serbs stand up for Indian Kashmir, then we will begin making progress.”


So much for that. Indeed, considering how magnified the writing on the wall is, the fact that Jews still insist on supporting the Muslim side and walking into doom, it’s a miracle we lost only one-third of our people last century.

As America ’s best minds opine daily on the war on terror while ignoring the most relevant region closest to us and refusing to examine it in anything but a vacuum of context, history will show what no one cares to understand: the current world war began officially in Yugoslavia .

It’s a realization that should have been driven home to us on four commercial jetliners on a September day in 2001. For that day to not have changed our course in the Balkans, for us to still be proceeding in the same direction this far post-9/11 rather than admit what the 9/11 Commission found—that the foundations for the current worldwide jihad were laid in 1990s Bosnia—is our fatal mistake. Yet we seem determined to continue it. America in the Balkans—on which there is zero debate in this country—is the sin that keeps on sinning. If this is World War III, the question is: Why are America and American Jews siding with the Axis Powers? CRO



This piece first appeared at FrontPage Magazine

copyright 2007 Julia Gorin





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