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Doug Gamble- Contributor

Doug Gamble is a former writer for President Ronald Reagan and resides in Carmel. | Since starting a freelance writing career in 1981 - following work in broadcasting, public relations and advertising - Doug Gamble has written humor, "soundbites" and speech material for some of America's most prominent figures in the fields of politics, entertainment and business. | His various clients have included two presidents of the United States, (and a candidate who would go on to become president) a show business legend and some of America's leading corporations. He was among those who helped "The Great Communicator" communicate, writing humor and other material for President Ronald Reagan from February 1984 until the end of his second term. He wrote for George Bush throughout his 1988 presidential campaign and his presidency. He has written for politicians, mostly Republican, continuously since then. Doug wrote for the personal appearances and TV monologues of comedian Bob Hope from 1983 - 1993. | Some of his corporate work is in association with the White House Writers Group, a Washington-based firm founded by writers who worked for at least one president of the U.S. | He also writes a twice-monthly column for the Orange County Register.


Mexico's Despicable, unAmerican Flak
by Doug Gamble [speechwriter] 5/31/06

Goodbye Floyd Patterson
by Doug Gamble [speechwriter] 5/15/06

The Not So Great Communicator
Mr. President, you know how you are?...
[Doug Gamble] 4/18/06

Women At The Podium
Think Hillary can win the debate? Think again…
[Doug Gamble] 3/2/06

Dumb & Dumbercrat
Obtuse and out of touch…
[Doug Gamble] 1/12/06

Jon Stewart’s Faux America
The influence of fake news…
[Doug Gamble] 12/14/05

California’s Fidel
Dellums for mayor of Oakland…
[Doug Gamble] 11/10/05

Celebrity Worship
The public's insatiable appetite

[Doug Gamble] 8/25/05

Schwarzenegger Descending
Shades of Gray...

[Doug Gamble] 7/27/05

Yesterday's celebrations and Reagan…
[Doug Gamble] 7/5/05

California’s Leftists
Legislature’s progressives misreading the state's voters?…
[Doug Gamble] 6/22/05

Eastwood at 75
A quiet American hero...
[Doug Gamble] 5/25/05

Vin Scully – The Best
The broadcaster is top of the list…
[Doug Gamble] 5/11/05

Farmers One - PETA Nothing
California State Supreme Court keeps the cows happy

[Doug Gamble] 4/27/05

David vs. Goliath
Phil Angelides not looking so dumb now …

[Doug Gamble] 4/13/05

Berkeley’s Loony Left
Purging dead Presidents…

[Doug Gamble] 3/30/05

President Schwarzenegger?
So, he never thought of the possibility…
[Doug Gamble] 3/16/05

The Side Effects of "Sideways"
The wine surge…
[Doug Gamble] 3/2/05

Jackson Zoo
Of course the cable coverage of Michael’s trial will be restrained…

[Doug Gamble] 2/16/05

Democrats’ Weapon Of Mouth Destruction
California’s fringe senator…
[Doug Gamble] 2/2/04

Living in a high risk paradise
[Doug Gamble] 1/19/05

California Justice
Geragos is the loser…
[Doug Gamble] 1/5/05

Dreaming of a ‘White Christmas’
… and how things used to be…

[Doug Gamble] 12/22/04

Arnold Rules, California GOP Stalls
Is the state GOP any better off?
[Doug Gamble] 12/8/04

Hollywood In Anguish
No box office for Kerry
[Doug Gamble] 11/24/04

The Most Promised Land Of All
After 25 years living in the Golden State, it's obvious there's nowhere better
[Doug Gamble] 11/10/04

Party of Arnold
Snuffing out the state’s conservatism...

[Doug Gamble] 10/27/04

What? Conservative Movies?
A cottage industry is gaining momentum
[Doug Gamble] 10/13/04

The Debates: Kerry Will Go Down
Unlikeable and inauthentic, the senator will blow the debates
[Doug Gamble] 9/29/04

Paging Mr. Jones...
There’s a Republican running for Senator? Who knew?...

[Doug Gamble] 9/15/04

Venom Politics.org
Hating Bush fuels MoveOn.org ...

[Doug Gamble] 9/2/04

A San Francisco Kind of Hero
And Gavin Newsom’s political ambitions may stay there ...

[Doug Gamble] 8/17/04

A Gov Who Loves To Be Loved
Arnold Schwarzenegger's celebrity act has already worn thin in Sacramento ...

[Doug Gamble] 8/4/04

Enron Outrage
Let's hope feds lay into Lay...
[Doug Gamble] 7/21/04

The Big Brother State
Legislating away our lives...

[Doug Gamble] 7/9/04

First O.J., Now Scott Peterson
Once again, defense lawyers are running rings around feeble prosecutors...

[Doug Gamble] 6/24/04

Reagan's Humor
The President touched America's soul...

[Doug Gamble] 6/7/04

The Dems’ Vacuum At The Top
Schwarzenegger’s power enhanced by lack of powerful rival in Sacramento

[Doug Gamble] 5/27/04

Michael Moore's Skunkworks
Filmmaker turns out intellectually dishonest work on screen and off

[Doug Gamble] 5/13/04

Starring the Santa Monica City Council as the beach cigarette police

[Doug Gamble] 4/30/04

Behind 'Shareholders' Rights' Push
CalPERS board maneuvers are all about politics, not company performance
[Doug Gamble] 4/14/04

Happy birthday, Doris Day
As pop culture hits new lows, the 'eternal virgin' looks better all the time

[Doug Gamble] 4/1/04

Advantage: Boxer
Incumbent has big money edge on Jones and her best approval ratings yet

[Doug Gamble] 3/17/04

The Anthony Robbins of Politics
Yesterday's elections will add to momentum of our hyperconfident governor

[Doug Gamble] 3/3/04

New Lows In The Culture War
Hollywood's assault on conventional values keeps getting more outrageous

[Doug Gamble] 2/17/04

The Battle for California
If Bush contests the state, a match-up with Kerry would be entertaining

[Doug Gamble] 2/5/04

Democrats In Disarray
At least so far, state party at a loss in trying to counter a cunning governor

[Doug Gamble] 1/21/04

State May Make Or Break Dean
As in the 2000 primary, Democratic voters here are likely to play a decisive role

[Doug Gamble] 1/8/04

Season's Greetings, From Bad To Verse
Holiday odes to Gray and Arnold, Tom and Arianna, Peter C. and Mark G.

[Doug Gamble] 12/24/03

The Rosario Scenario
Little-known pol could be GOP's best bet to oust Boxer from Senate seat

[Doug Gamble] 12/10/03

Please, Gloria Allred, Just Go Away
She represents the worst in celebrity ambulance-chasing and cable TV

[Doug Gamble] 11/26/03

A Landmark In The Culture War
Canceling of Reagan miniseries a blow to power of the Hollywood left.

[Doug Gamble] 11/13/03

Putting U.S. Media Savvy to Work
An L.A. publicist forms a blue ribbon panel to change minds
[Doug Gamble] 10/29/03

Democrats in Denial
The party refuses to admit its failed policies led directly to recall wipeout
[Doug Gamble] 10/15/03

After Oct. 7: Then what?
If Schwarzenegger bombs as governor, look for a full-scale GOP civil war
[Doug Gamble] 10/1/03

Super Bowl Debate
A lot's at stake for California on Wednesday...
[Doug Gamble] 9/23/03

Expediency vs. Principle
If the recall gets back on track, a crucial choice looms Oct. 7
[Doug Gamble] 9/17/03

An Instinct For Survival
Does anyone else sense the tide turning for Davis?
[Doug Gamble] 9/4/03



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