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GAMBLE Mexico's Despicable, unAmerican Flak
by Doug Gamble [speechwriter] 5/31/06

It’s tempting to compare Dallas-based public relations consultant Rob Allyn to a snake oil salesman, but that would be too unfair and too insulting -- to the salesman.

There was Allyn on the Fox News Channel’s “The O’Reilly Factor” recently, dispensing the pro-Mexico drivel he’s well paid by that country’s government to shovel in the direction of anyone who will listen. The unctuous Mexico mouthpiece, who secretly helped President Vicente Fox get elected in the first place, now makes big pesos trying to convince Americans that illegal immigration is swell.

In his appearance with Bill O’Reilly, Allyn wasted no time making statements that were, to be kind, disingenuous. First he said it’s not true that the Mexican government is threatening to launch lawsuits against the U.S. if members of the National Guard take action to detain migrants, and then he said Fox is committed to helping the U.S. secure its southern border.

Doug Gamble

Doug Gamble is a former writer for President Ronald Reagan and resides in Carmel. [go to Gamble index]

“Let me make it clear that Mexico does not support illegal immigration,” Allyn told a skeptical O’Reilly.

As e-mailers often write, LOL. The Mexican foreign minister has been quoted in an interview as threatening lawsuits, and Fox has no interest whatsoever in a secure border that would prevent the country from dumping more of the poorest of its people on the U.S. Here we have a government that provides maps showing border crossers how best to sneak into the U.S., and we’re supposed to believe Allyn that Fox is on our side?

What is it with this guy? What kind of American takes money from a foreign country to defend actions that are hurting America? A pretty lousy one, apparently. And just in case Allyn thinks I’m questioning his patriotism, I am. He should be ashamed of himself, but people of his ilk, paid big bucks to defend the indefensible, never are.

Quoted in an L.A. Times story last December, Allyn said, “There is a huge misperception among the U.S. public about Mexico.” No there isn’t. Most Americans correctly recognize Mexico as a despicable excuse for a country, held back by decades of socialism, incompetence and rip-roaring corruption among politicians, civil servants and police. What greater indictment of a country is there than millions of people voting with their feet by leaving it?

The only misconception is Allyn’s mistaken belief that the American public is stupid. We know that if the illegal immigration outrage is going to be solved, it will have to be solved in and by our country. With friends like Mexico, who needs enemies?

O’Reilly has called for a boycott of Mexico by U.S. travelers if lawsuits are initiated over action by National Guardsmen. There should be a boycott of Mexico in any event, to protest its encouragement of illegal immigration to the U.S. and the increasingly strident anti-Americanism coming from that country.

But there should also be a boycott against Allyn’s public relations company. His U.S. corporate and political clients, if they really care about America, should not continue any association with a man who propagandizes on behalf of a foreign country whose actions are harmful to America.

I don’t know what P.R. honors Allyn has won, but if there were a Benedict Arnold Award he’d be a shoo-in. CRO

California-based Doug Gamble contributed speech material to Presidents Reagan and George H.W. Bush, writes occasional opinion columns for the Orange County Register and is a senior contributor to CaliforniaRepublic.org.

Copyright 2006 Doug Gamble




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