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Dumb & Dumbercrat
Obtuse and out of touch…
[Doug Gamble] 1/12/06

Here’s some news for Democrats licking their chops at the prospect of President George W. Bush’s current problems leading to big gains in November’s off-year elections: The only thing you’re going to get this year is chapped chops.

With Bush coming off a terrible year of mounting U.S. casualties in Iraq, various Republican financial scandals, a Supreme Court nominee fiasco and plunging polls, one would think the Democrats are nicely positioned for a good shot at winning back either the House or Senate, if not both. But one would be wrong.

What is going to save the Republicans this year, and for the foreseeable future, is the incredible ineptness and stupidity of the Democratic Party. If there were a movie made about them it might be called “Dumb and Dumbercrat.”

Doug Gamble

Doug Gamble is a former writer for President Ronald Reagan and resides in Carmel. [go to Gamble index]

Take their attacks on Bush, including suggestions of impeachment proceedings, over the president authorizing wiretaps of U.S. citizens who may have terrorist connections. The Dumbercrats are too obtuse to realize that the attitude of the average American, post 9/11, is this: “I want my government to keep me, my loved ones and my country safe, and I don’t particularly care how it does it.”

But the Dumbercrats, who are so far removed from the American mainstream they couldn’t find it with a divining rod, actually believe their way back to power is to destroy the man who has committed his presidency to protecting Americans. Since average Americans would readily agree to have their phones tapped if it helped in the war on terrorism, they certainly have no problem with intercepted phone conversations involving possible terrorists.

In the immediate aftermath of 9/11, two phrases oft repeated were, “This changes everything” and “Nothing will ever be the same again.” Both of those statements remain as true today as they were then. The Dumbercrats have forgotten this but the Republicans, and most Americans, have not. Bush’s go-ahead on wiretaps was not like Watergate, an event born of the desire for partisan political gain, but was aimed at keeping you and me safe.

The Dumbercrats also have it completely wrong on Iraq. With voices in the party comparing it to Vietnam and calling for a U.S. withdrawal, they think they can turn most Americans against the war, hurting Republicans. But the opposite is true. It is precisely because so many Americans remember what happened in Vietnam after our pullout that they know we must stay the course in Iraq or precipitate chaos and collapse.

Even many Americans who deplore our troops being there -- and the advisability of invading Iraq in the first place is an honest argument -- recognize that they must now stay until the mission has been completed, and that to pull out too soon would mean Americans have died in vain. While the Dumbercrats’ proudest moments seem to be when America is shamed, they should be ashamed of anything that undermines the morale of our troops.

If the party was smart it would match the Republicans step for step on national security, if not position itself as even tougher, and try to beat the Republicans on domestic issues. The chances of Dumbercrats wising up: Zero.

And as uninspiring and as poor a communicator as Bush can be, the Dumbercrats have handed the GOP two big gifts by choosing Nevada Senator Harry Reid as their Senate leader and former presidential candidate Howard Dean as party chairman. Every TV appearance by Reid, a scold resembling the school principal no one liked, and Dean, who makes Captain Queeg look like a model of mental health, is another nail in the Dumbercrat coffin.

As long as the Dumbercrats appear to be the party soft on security they can’t win on issues, and as long as they are represented by spokespeople that most Americans find objectionable, if not downright laughable, they can’t win on image. But, bankrupt of ideas and devoid of alternatives, they’ll continue to attack Bush because they are just too stupid to do anything else. -one-

California-based Doug Gamble contributed speech material to Presidents Reagan and George H.W. Bush, writes occasional opinion columns for the Orange County Register and is a senior contributor totheOneRepublic /

Copyright 2006 Doug Gamble




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