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Gary M. Galles - Contributor

Mr. Galles is a professor of economics at Pepperdine University.

Deflating Legislation
by Gary M. Galles 8/8/08

Are So!  Am Not!
by Gary M. Galles 6/19/08

Props 98 or 99
Look!  Over There!

by Gary M. Galles 6/2/08

Props 98 or 99
Rent Control Ruse

by Gary M. Galles 6/2/08

Props 98 or 99
Reform or Reform Killer?

by Gary M. Galles 6/2/08

Remember America’s Leading Patriot
by Gary M. Galles 4/22/08

Jefferson On Redistribution
by Gary M. Galles 4/11/08

Remembering John Adams
by Gary M. Galles 3/21/08

Act on Acton
by Gary M. Galles 1/12/08

Intelligent Government Design?
by Gary M. Galles 1/11/08

Freedom of Satire
by Gary M. Galles 12/14/07

Rediscovering Rose Wilder Lane
by Gary M. Galles 12/5/07

Remembering the Forgotten Man
by Gary M. Galles 11/7/07

James Wilson: Government and the Constitution
by Gary M. Galles 11/6/07

Booker T. Washington
by Gary M. Galles [author, academic] 2/16/07

Paean to Paine
by Gary M. Galles [author, academic] 1/29/07

Act on Acton
by Gary M. Galles [author, academic] 1/9/07

The Abuse Of Property And Logic
Proposition 90
by Gary M. Galles [author, academic] 11/3/06

You Can’t Get From 37 To 90  
by Gary M. Galles [author, academic] 11/2/06

The Greed Behind CA Prop 87  
by Gary M. Galles [author, academic] 10/26/06

Not At Others’ Expense - CA Prop 90
by Gary M. Galles [author, academic] 10/24/06

Less Hypocrisy For CA Lieutenant Governor
by Gary M. Galles
[author, academic] 10/23/06

William Penn—Great American
by Gary M. Galles
[author, academic] 10/21/06

Doha a Doh! on the Simpson Scale
by Gary M. Galles
[author, academic] 8/2/06

Tocqueville on Democracy
by Gary M. Galles
[author, academic] 7/30/06

Jefferson on American Liberty
by Gary M. Galles
[author, academic] 7/4/06

Follow The Law
by Gary M. Galles
[author, academic] 6/30/06

We Need More Cleveland In Washington
Taking the Constitution seriously…
[Gary M. Galles] 3/20/06

A Fiscal Time Bomb
Deferred comp hurts taxpayers…

[Gary M. Galles] 3/17/06

Nation's Poor Getting Poorer?
Just not true...
[Gary M. Galles] 9/8/05

Born On, And Consistent With, The 4th Of July
...Calvin Coolidge...
[Gary M. Galles] 7/4/05

Echoing The Extremists Who Founded America
Judge Janice Brown...
[Gary M. Galles] 6/16/05

Drawing Inspiration from our Flag
Thoughts on Flag Day...
[Gary M. Galles] 6/13/05

Sovereignty and Liberty
Gustave de Molinari - peace and freedom...
[Gary M. Galles] 3/30/05

Remembering An Important Daughter Of The American Revolution
Elizabeth Ellet…
[Gary M. Galles] 3/24/05

The Time Has Come To Break Up LAUSD
Schwarzenegger and Hertzberg want control turned over to communities…
[Gary M. Galles] 2/28/05

Maybe We Want To Be Bad At Math
Avoiding reality…
[Gary M. Galles] 1/6/05

A Foundation for America
John Locke’s legacy for us…
[Gary M. Galles] 12/31/04

More Sorry Than Safe
The debate on privatizing Social Security…

[Gary M. Galles] 12/20/04

Trust Fund Fakery
Overpromised, underfunded…
[Gary M. Galles] 12/17/04

Roll Back The Nanny Tax
Understanding the Constitution…
[Gary M. Galles] 12/14/04

Losing Rights To Majority Rule
Understanding the Constitution…
[Gary M. Galles] 12/14/04

Parsing the 21st Amendment
SCOTUS and interstate wine…
[Gary M. Galles] 12/7/04

Lessons from the Longshoreman Philosopher
Eric Hoffer's words resonate today…
[Gary M. Galles] 12/2/04

Pilgrims and Property
"Never again were the Pilgrims short of food"…
[Gary M. Galles] 11/25/04

Rejecting Judges for Respecting the Constitution?
Preserving an activist, liberal judiciary…
[Gary M. Galles] 11/12/04

Wal-Mart and Proposition 72
A Bogus Assault...
[Gary M. Galles] 10/30/04

Judge Judges
Judicial activism and Federalist 78...

[Gary M. Galles] 10/28/04

Party Time for Public Opinion
James Fenimore Cooper on partisanship...
[Gary M. Galles] 10/27/04

Tear-down Politics
Going negative...
[Gary M. Galles] 10/21/04

Seeking Liberty in the Election
Frederic Bastiat on Government...
[Gary M. Galles] 10/19/04

Inequality: Less Than Meets The Eye
Counting unreality...
[Gary M. Galles] 10/1/04

Federalist 17 Under Fire
Mr. Kerry wants more government... the Founders wanted less...
[Gary M. Galles] 9/27/04

Celebrating the Bill of Rights
Limiting government…
[Gary M. Galles] 9/24/04

Out of the Mainstream
The pretense of political extremism…
[Gary M. Galles] 9/22/04

Kerry And The Line-Item Veto
The Line-Item Veto and Fiscal Responsibility...

[Gary M. Galles] 8/13/04

A Divisive Unity
Unity under Kerry?...
[Gary M. Galles] 8/2/04

Lessons on Liberty
Insights from Milton Friedman...
[Gary M. Galles] 7/30/04

Separating Church, State and Litigation Subsidies
What's behind all the suits...
[Gary M. Galles] 6/25/04

More than his Free Verse
Remembering Walt Whitman
[Gary M. Galles] 6/4/04

Remembering the Apostle of Free Trade
on Richard Cobden...
[Gary M. Galles] 6/3/04

The Sage of Concord’s Legacy
Remembering Emerson...
[Gary M. Galles] 4/27/04

Preserving Americans' Freedom of Expression
Democracy thrives on the power of ideas...
[Gary M. Galles] 4/23/04

Relearning Lessons from Love Canal
Superfund and the Law of Unintended Consequences...
[Gary M. Galles] 4/21/04

The Pledge Fight We Should Be Having
Real threat to Constitution: When your taxes are used to fund others' 'rights' ...
[Gary M. Galles] 3/25/04

JFK Should Listen To JFK
Kerry's no John Kennedy...

[Gary M. Galles] 3/23/04

Thanks for Nothing
Hiking the minimum wage for low-skill jobs actually hurts the poor. Here's why.

[Gary M. Galles] 3/9/04

Washington and Freedom
Celebrate George Washington’s birthday by listening to him

[Gary M. Galles] 2/23/04

Abraham Lincoln on Liberty
Remembering the wisdom of a great leader...on the occasion of his birthday

[Gary M. Galles] 2/12/04

Conserve What? For Whom? From What?
A hit piece courtesy of Berkeley and the American Psychological Association...

[Gary M. Galles] 2/9/04

Remembering Reagan’s Humor
Commemorating the Gipper's birthday...

[Gary M. Galles] 2/6/04

Thomas Paine–Firebrand for Free Trade
Commemorating an American revolutionary...

[Gary M. Galles] 1/29/04

Pork Politics Just Plain Indefensible
No proof for goofy argument that funding pet projects helps greater good...

[Gary M. Galles] 1/26/04

Edmund Burke
Remembering the great political thinker...

[Gary M. Galles] 1/12/04

Protectionism Far From Patriotic
Here's what it really is: a business-government conspiracy to rip off consumers

[Gary M. Galles] 1/5/04

Taxes and Spending Are Not Created Equal
The hidden costs of legislative spending...
[Gary M. Galles] 12/2/03

The Pledge And The Clause
Roger Williams' 400th birthday and the establishment clause
[Gary M. Galles] 11/14/03

Remember Reagan's Vision Of Liberty
In the President's Own Words
[Gary M. Galles] 11/8/03

Rejecting a Judge for Respecting the Constitution?
The Ugly Campaign Against Justice Janice Rogers Brown
[Gary M. Galles] 11/7/03




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