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Jon Fleischman

Jon Fleischman has been a political activist and Republican political professional for 15 years. He was Executive Director of the California Republican Party from 1999 - 2001, and served as State President of the California Republican Assembly, the state's largest Republican volunteer organization, from 1995 - 1997.

He is proprietor of the website FlashReport which is a premier source of California political news.


Arnold Must Use His Popularity
If lawmakers won't back reforms, governor-elect should go right to voters
[Jon Fleischman] 10/10/03

As a conservative who voted for Arnold Schwarzenegger, I am excited about his being our next governor. I have some ideas about how the Terminator might get a running start when he begins to govern California.

Arnold was elected because he brought a message to California voters: "Let's bring California back!" "I cannot do this alone, I need your help," he said.

His first action as governor-elect should be to get back on the road and conduct some major addresses up and down the Golden State. Schwarzenegger's strength as governor will come from his connection to the people. While Gray Davis conducted countless back-room meetings with special interests, I believe that public appearances, even before he is sworn in, will demonstrate Schwarzenegger's connection to the people. It is this connection that will give him the political capital that he needs to enact the goals he outlined in his campaign.

Contrary to the dishonest spin of Schwarzenegger's opponents, he developed and articulated a comprehensive public policy agenda. The people who elected him are ready to support him as he repeals the tripling of the car tax; freezes state government spending and launches an audit of state accounts; implements his six-point plan to deal with the state's energy crisis; renegotiates contracts with employee unions; enacts real and comprehensive workers' compensation reforms; streamlines the state's bureaucracy; and repeals legislation granting driver's licenses to those in this state illegally. Enacting these goals will be keeping his promise to the people.

As he prepares to assemble his governance team, Schwarzenegger should look to those who will support his clear and focused agenda. He must assemble a team that is loyal to him, but find those who believe in his policy goals.

Schwarzenegger must be wary, however - the same special interests whose money lined the pockets of Gray Davis will now try to place people friendly to their causes into key positions in his administration. He must look outside the Capitol to find true believers with a proven track record of sticking to principle and not being controlled by special interests.

It is important to remember that Schwarzenegger is a Republican for a reason, and that the values and ideas on which he ran are largely those of the Republican Party. Arnold's core supporters are the GOP faithful. If he is faithful to the principles on which he ran, this large group of voters will be faithful to him.

Nevertheless, Schwarzenegger should extend a sincere and earnest opportunity to the Democrats in control of the state Legislature to work with him in enacting his clearly articulated policy goals. He should listen to their ideas on how to move these goals while he asks them to listen to his. He should offer them an opportunity to share in leading California back to being the Golden State. Like a moth to flame, politicians are attracted to popular ideas.

Schwarzenegger should remember, though, that he was elected governor because voters know that he is a man of action - that he will deliver. So if Democrats in the Legislature work with him, he should let them share the credit. But if they dig in their heels, he should take his case directly to the people.

Schwarzenegger has pledged to bring a number of reforms directly to voters, including a spending cap. Legislative leaders know that he has the ability to take matters directly to the people. He must not be shy in reminding them of this. If they feel that he is capable and willing to bring popular ideas to the people in their districts, they will be more willing to help him.

This is an exciting time, and there is a tremendous opportunity here for Arnold Schwarzenegger. If he uses his connection with Californians, he can blast through the gridlock of Sacramento and bring common sense back to state government.

copyright 2003 Jon Fleischman



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