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Girly-Man Governator
Cinematic Courage Conquers

by Steve Finefrock - Hollywood Forum [scriptwriter] 5/15/07

FROM THE PHONE BOOTH: The Smallest Space in  Hollywood

Sillier than Sebelius.  Swishing his cross-dressing skirts.  More traitorous than Jeffords.  The Benedict Arnold of the GOP.
Should not have surprised us conservatives.  We’ve been fooled before, will likely be so fooled again.  As has been America, with endless cross-dressing liberals donning our wardrobe and when the shrapnel flies and the blast-wave of political artillery works its intensity on the cross-dresser’s faux wardrobe, all is stripped away.  The fabric is shredded and beneath is revealed a slimy, wart-riddled reptile.


Founder of Hollywood Forum, a speaker-bureau and panel-discussion vehicle to "Bring the Potomac to the Palisades" on issues that overlap politics and culture with the Hollywood film-TV influence on such national concerns. His scripts have addressed politics [including a TV series pilot/bible package about state political combat, called "A State of the Union"], hazardous materials [from twelve years in emergency management, including six years managing FEMA's Superfund curriculum for hazmat], terrorism, equestrian reincarnation, serial murderer killing journalists in the nation's capitol, and fantasy about time-wasters. Finefrock is proprietor of PhoneBooth: The Smallest Space in  Hollywood... [go to Finefrock index]

Once, GOP leaders in the Senate compromised party doctrine on subsidies to the milk industry, to assist their ‘moderate’ member from Vermont, Jim Jeffords, with his re-election crisis.  His gratitude was revealed by his “Jumping Jim” move the next May, giving control of the 50-50 Senate to the dems in spring of 2001.  That was ‘corrected’ by the miracle midterm results, returning the Senate into our control, to match House republican’s control since the ’94 elections.
Ole “Jumping Jim Jeffords” has since been a battle cry for a traitor and weasel who trades on his party’s favors, then repays with a slap in the face, or in the groin as it were in such a divided circumstances.  But Jumpin’ Jim pales compared to the new sissy-man governator of California.
Since Katrina his NOLA [New Orleans, LA – check that website, nola.com] it is fashionable to bash Bush and the GOP for its “failture” to fix that poor state’s bad management and economic methods.  That name is now off the upper tier of favorite baby names for newborn girls [or boys in certain neighborhoods?].  Along with that list-dropping should be “Arnold” for any GOP family of serious belief.
Last week, Kansas Governor Sebelius added her complaint to the dems’ whine list, blaming the Iraq war for National Guard equipment shortages.  Combined with the wee little gaffe by demo-dude Barack claiming ten thousand had died – excused easily by the referees known as the media – we were witnessing the standard cascade of democrat outrages.  Damned the facts – “mutual aid” is sufficient to provide all that is needed to that unfortunate Kansas town, with twelve deaths the total statewide toll – and charge ahead.
For dems, that is.  Then came Arnold, complaining that the wealthiest state in the union was suffering from NG equipment transfer to the war.  They take it away, and they never return it – so said Arnold, swishing his girly-man skirts as he followed other switcheroo stunts the past two years.  Giving aid and comfort to the democrats’ demagoguery on NG resources, Arnold as a single executive in a singularly powerful state is more of a Benedict Arnold than Jeffords ever dreamed of becoming.
Jeffords’ power derived from a split Senate – Arnold’s betrayal comes from having accepted oodles and boodles of White House aid, including one political operative working hand-in-glove with Arnold, and one famed pollster offering much time in the same effort.  All to re-elect a “republican” governor in California.
It was a waste.
It was a lie.
It was a deception practiced by a Benedict Arnold with an Austrian Accent..  This ‘action hero’ was always working with a script written by someone else – the writer always gets screwed in Hollywood, and rarely gets credit – and now has to write his own script, and has written it in blue-state ink and thrown out the barrels of red-state ink which was offered to him last year.
From Katrina’s Nagin to last week’s tornadic twit named Sebelius and now to the girly-man GOPster who was always really a democrat sleeping with a democrat, luring GOPsters into thinking he was the real thing – when in fact he was the reel thing all along.
We can ask ourselves: What about Rudy?  A republican mayor of a blue-blue-blue city may have been cross-dressing all this time also.  If we elect him, with his ‘mixed’ policy record, will he wear Arnold’s hand-me-down wardrobe after inauguration?  Will it be Jeffords-Arnold-Rudy as our betrayal trifecta?
Rudy seems real for now.  But the record ain’t good.  All my friends pushing Rudy have convinced me to do so also.  But if he’s pumping a single Arnold corpuscle thru his political circulatory system, we need to re-think.  Re-evaluate.  Re-assign our resources.
That is the doubt creeping in my mind, as I too embraced Arnold, as a “compromise” choice, who plainly was in fact compromised in his head and in his bedroom.  All those years with all those Kennedy acolytes clearly made him an excellent cross-dresser, and deception master.
Can Rudy do better?  My commitment is still there, but the batting average so far ain’t so good.  He did a bit of cross-dressing of the Halloween kind – let’s hope that outfit is the only one in his closet.  He can start convincing us otherwise by condemning Arnold’s betrayal, and pointing out that a wealthy state damned well can take care of its own fires, tornadoes, etc., until it’s of truly massive proportions.
Like the WTC.  Which is his forte…. So we now must hear him on Arnold and Jeffords.

copyright 2007 Steve Finefrock





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