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Chris Field- Contributor

Chris Field has been the Editor of Human Events Online since January 2003. Previously he served as an Associate Policy Analyst for United States Senate Republican Policy Committee. He began his three-and-a-half year stint at the Policy Committee in June 1999 following his graduation from Northwest Nazarene University in Nampa, Idaho, where he received B.A. degrees in English, Secondary Education, and History.

Hey, Johnny Patriot, Wrap Yourself in that Burning Flag
Fixing SCOTUS mistake...
[Chris Field] 7/19/05

Next Time, Consider Lighting Yourself on Fire
I love the U.S. flag. And I'll support what it takes to protect it.
[Chris Field] 7/11/05

President Newt?
Who Wants to Be Commander-in-Chief...

[Chris Field] 5/16/05

Iron Maidens For Bolton
Margaret Thatcher and Jeane Kirkpatrick Send Pro-Bolton Letters...

[Chris Field] 5/9/05

Shocker! Democrats Are Hypocrites!
Judicial nominations...
[Chris Field] 5/2/05

Protecting Crime Victims
A Constitutional Amendment Is the Way to Go...
[Chris Field] 4/25/05

A Needed Constitutional Amendment
What about victim's rights?...
[Chris Field] 4/18/05

Starving and Dehydrating to Death Has Become 'Painless'
Newthink for a new age...

[Chris Field] 4/4/05

Forced to Think
The Schiavo case sends tremors through the country...

[Chris Field] 3/28/05

Not So Serious On National Security
Here's How Concerned Democrats Have Been...
[Chris Field] 3/14/05

Where Has the Left Been on Nuclear Security?
Why take the threat seriously?...

[Chris Field] 3/7/05

When Democrats Advocated Protecting Social Security
Hmm...Could it be partisanship?...

[Chris Field] 2/14/05

Smack Down: Massachusetts Blowhards
Putting Kennedy and Kerry in their place...

[Chris Field] 2/7/05

ACLU Changes Its Website
Chalk This One Up as Win for the Good Guys...

[Chris Field] 2/1/05

File under "Isn't That Interesting?"
In the media's blind eye...

[Chris Field] 1/24/05

The ACLU's Very Own Constitution
Picking and choosing
[Chris Field] 1/17/05

Anti-Christmas Pusillanimity
thoughts and questions...
[Chris Field] 12/24/04

Home Security
Open borders...

[Chris Field] 12/13/04

"Very Red" Responds to "Very Blue"
Making our job very easy...

[Chris Field] 12/8/04

Sometimes They Make It Easy
Luckily liberals just don't get it...

[Chris Field] 11/22/04

The 'Tolerant' Left
Lecturing the Rubes of America...

[Chris Field] 11/8/04

What Matters?
Think about Tuesday...

[Chris Field] 11/1/04

Their True Colors
John and Teresa at it again...

[Chris Field] 10/26/04

Fair Game?
Do the Democrats really play want to play by the same rules?...

[Chris Field] 10/18/04

Obligatory Debate Notes
Annoyed early...

[Chris Field] 10/4/04

Excuse Me, Mr. Kerry?
I have a few questions...

[Chris Field] 9/27/04

A Tale of Two Coverages
Of course there's no liberal media bias...

[Chris Field] 9/20/04

A Few Random and Not-So-Random Thoughts about the Past Week..

[Chris Field] 9/6/04

Misplaying the Swift Boat Stuff
The Bush team is getting it wrong...

[Chris Field] 8/30/04

Shooting Themselves in the Foot
Liberal negligence or just looking the other way?...

[Chris Field] 8/16/04

". . .listen to those who served with him in Vietnam."
Fit for Commander in Chief?...

[Chris Field] 8/3/04

Not All "The News That's Fit To Print"
If They're Not Biased, How Did the Times Miss This?...

[Chris Field] 7/26/04

Killing FMA
Washington Post vs. Reality on the Federal Marriage Amendment...
[Chris Field] 7/19/04

Muzzling Reality About 'Muzzling Abortion'
Washington Post misses reality... again...
[Chris Field] 6/21/04

Watch What You Think
Federal hate crimes...
[Chris Field] 6/10/04

Big News That Ain't Fit To Print
Surprise... More Bias...
[Chris Field] 5/24/04

Uncle Teddy knows best...
[Chris Field] 5/17/04

Necessary Apologies?
Who else should say they're sorry?...
[Chris Field] 5/10/04

Different Mindsets on Handling Illegal Immigration
Politically correct versus practically correct...
[Chris Field] 5/3/04

Another Shameful Attack on the Boy Scouts
Tolerance, ACLU style...
[Chris Field] 4/26/04

Kill Bill vs. Kill Jesus
Selective criticism...
[Chris Field] 4/19/04

More Stuff the Left Has Gotten Away With Lately
Liberal media gives a pass to their own...
[Chris Field] 4/12/04

Under-Oath-Clarke vs. Book-Selling-Clarke
A convenient memory...
[Chris Field] 4/5/04

Leftists Conveniently Embrace States Rights
Same-sex marriage strategy...
[Chris Field] 3/29/04

Same-Sex Marriage for Kids
WaPo goes after the minds of the children...
[Chris Field] 3/22/04

Stuck in a Rut
The Libs at the Post Can't Help It...
[Chris Field] 3/15/04

Janice Rogers Brown -- She Must Be a Good Nominee
The nomination of the California Supreme Court Judge has the Left all twisted...
[Chris Field] 10/25/03

Is the Party Establishment Right About the Recall?
Could a conservative win?
[Chris Field] 10/03/03

On Taxes and Elections, Take a Cue from California
Politicians beware - taxes are making voters very, very angry...
[Chris Field] 10/03/03

Absolutely Out of Touch
The 9th finds its own way...
[Chris Field] 9/22/03

Warnings About Paez and the Rest of the 9th Circuit
Liberal judicial activism out front and center...
[Chris Field] 9/20/03



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