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Chris Field- Contributor

Chris Field is Editor of Human Events Online [go to Field index]

Sometimes They Make It Easy
Luckily liberals just don't get it...

[Chris Field] 11/22/04

As I was putting together this weekly update Friday afternoon, I was prepared to discuss how the Left just doesn't "get it." They continue do and say things that put them further and further out of touch with "ordinary" America. Examples from this week alone: the ACLU reared its head against the Boy Scouts again; liberal political cartoonist Pat Oliphant created a racially insensitive (at best) cartoon mocking Condoleezza Rice; and the New York Post reported that John Kerry is toying with the idea of suing John O'Neill, author of Unfit for Command.

At least one of my points was going to be that the Left's utter lack of self-awareness is making the Right's job a lot easier. When liberals act to divide America, "normal" people notice . . . and don't appreciate it. (Of course, conservatives are the ones who will continue to be accused of splitting America with our fear-mongering and support of the rich at the cost of the poor and working class.)

Then, as if on cue, I received an email from "Very Blue in Maryland," regarding my piece titled "The 'Tolerant' Left Lectures the Rubes of America." Below is a large chunk of that letter.


Let me say at the outside that I give you much credit for reading much more of the writings of your opponents than I read of my opponents, my opponents being your side, the Southern rightwing fundamentalists -- does that give away my views? (No, I'm not an atheist but an ambivalent Catholic.) I basically avoid your side's writings and talk radio/Cable rantings simply because I don't feel like being apoplectically angry all the time. What good is it to punch the keyboard or talk back to the television set? What's the benefit?

Anyway, I perused your article "The 'Tolerant' Left Lectures the Rubes of America," and I was wondering why you didn't specifically cite what it is in those op-eds you quoted that you disagree with. You just asserted a major point -- namely, that the Left is intolerant of Southern fundamentalists (if that's true, it's because our sense is you guys, if you had your way, would soon have us in gas chambers or "Christian re-education camps"). But you didn't explain why any of those sentiments expressed by Dowd, Herbert, Krugman, or Willis is wrong, at least in your view.

At least in the case of Mike Thompson's piece "Declaration of Expulsion: A Modest Proposal: It's Time to Reconfigure the United States," he states some facts to back up his position. [Mike Thompson's satirical piece can be found here:] Naturally, most of those facts are upside down, as is the whole world of the Right, but I think he is onto something important.
I think breaking the United States up into its Blue and Red components, although it might be tricky to do and much would have to be worked out by way of the sort of relationship the two sides would have and what would we do with all the opposite color people (no pun intended) in each nation, is a good idea. If the U.S. today is where it was, in a manner of speaking, in the 20 years before the Civil War, it might be a good idea to avoid all of that now.

Let the decadent, evil Blue States have New York City, Washington, DC (I assume you'd want a new capital, but we could work on that, too), Seattle, Chicago, San Francisco, Portland, Boston, the L.A. area, Minneapolis, and even Philadelphia (!). Let us have the Jersey shore and the New England interior and the Cascades and the Sierra Nevadas. Let us have most of the big universities and research centers. Let us have much of what is considered "high culture." Most importantly, let us have an economy easily several times that of the Red States, and that would likely, at least temporarily, become even bigger relative to it as all the military spending in places like the Norfolk area and all that NASA contractor money in places like Houston and Huntsville, would disappear.

You guys can have the rest -- the enormous, flat, square states, the South (PLEASE TAKE THE SOUTH! REALLY!), and every Wal-Mart, Denny's, Schoney's, and Winn-Dixie occupying every strip mall and highway truck stop. (I once lived in a trailer in Texas when I was rather young, and my mother "born-again" for a while, so I have some personal experience in the South and its religious culture.) As for Blue State agricultural needs, I assume the Red States would want some trade if only to replace the tremendous loss of Blue State tax money that supports the majority of Red States (with a few exceptions, such as Texas).

Whether or not the fundamentalist's atavistic God of Hellfire and Brimstone and violent death and destruction would strike down the Blue States in whatever form we regrouped (preferably with Canada -- then we'd have a contiguous nation and wouldn't even need Nebraska wheat) is beside the point. I think we would both be doing each other a big, big favor if indeed the "culture war" is on its way to becoming a second Civil War (or "War Between the States," as the South insists on calling it).

Very Blue in Maryland


See what I mean? They make the Right's job that much easier. We don't have to convince anyone that the Left wants to divide the country, they do it for us -- from the big name politicians, celebrities, and Leftist groups to everyday liberals like "Very Blue." tOR

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