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Chris Field- Contributor

Chris Field is Editor of Human Events Online [go to Field index]

A Few Random and Not-So-Random Thoughts about the Past Week..

[Chris Field] 9/6/04

After all the worries about possible terror attacks and all the potential (and actual) negative press about the GOP's choice of NYC as a convention venue as being some form of "exploitation of 9/11," turns out it wasn't such a bad idea after all.

Arnold was great. I know he's not a "true conservative," but he was great nonetheless.

So was Guiliani.

And McCain.

About the above three well-known moderate/liberal/whatever Republicans: it was refreshing to hear them talk about the things they had in common with the rest of us conservatives -- and how strong the connection on those particular issues actually are.

And that Laura Bush. What a classy lady. And the twins? Well, they're learning.

Republicans spent a week avoiding any appearance of questioning John Kerry's patriotism. In fact, when Kerry's Vietnam service was mentioned, the audience offered pretty strong applause. Yet, the Democrats can't get off their standard, old, tired, empty, loud, nonsensical talking points. These Leftists, as soon as they saw a reporter's camera, microphone, or tape recorder, immediately made known their lamentations about how the Right continues to "question John Kerry's patriotism."

On a related matter . . . Seemed awfully petty for John Kerry to come out at midnight last night and, among other things, criticize Dick Cheney's lack of service in the military. Veep candidates are supposed to be the "attack dogs" -- something Edwards is still working on -- so it wasn't unusual for Cheney to hit Kerry on a few issues. However, Kerry's military record wasn't a part of Cheney's anti-Kerry statements. Apparently, Kerry and the rest of the Democratic Party believe that the strongest retort in his arsenal is that he was in Vietnam but Bush and Cheney weren't. For example:

"John Kerry is the most liberal senator" -- "I served in Vietnam."

"John Kerry will raise taxes" -- "Dick Cheney didn't serve in Vietnam."

"John Kerry voted against important weapon systems" -- "George Bush was in the National Guard to avoid Vietnam."

"John Kerry is a flip-flopper" -- "Don't forget: I served in Vietnam."

Are liberal protesters like those seen at the convention in New York this week aware that they're probably not helping their cause with average Americans? Normal people in civilized society are a bit more couth than many of those Leftists who camped along the streets of New York in order to yell at the GOP delegates. And said normal people tend to be repulsed by the powerful mixture of vitriol and weirdness demonstrated by the throngs of Leftist sign-wavers, screamers, and chanters.

Do you suppose the stench down among some of the protesters might have been unbearable? Just a thought.

And what percentage of these protesters have real jobs? Ten, fifteen, maybe twenty percent?

And how many are just plain losers?

That Zell Miller has some serious . . . um . . . guts.

Zell is a white conservative from the south with a strong southern twang in his speech: he must be racist. At least that's what the liberal media would have us believe. They spent little or no time refuting the content of Miller's speech, and instead attacked his character (as liberals are wont to do to all their critics -- just ask the Swiftees). Of course they brought up the notion that Zell once opposed civil rights. Therefore, Zell, in their blindly partisan minds, should simply be discounted as an angry, southern, white man with an ax to grind. Correct me if I'm wrong, but have the media ever brought up Robert Byrd's former KKK membership when discussing his many recent rants and bloviations against President Bush? (Note to Democrats: it was your party that was blocking the Civil Rights bill, and it was the GOP that got it passed.)

The best word to describe President Bush? Genuine. Though his speech was rather State-of-the-Unionish and not overly exciting, the real George W. Bush was still able to make it through.

The Democrats, led by the lovely Terry McAuliffe, will only get nastier. They probably think they don't have much choice after this positive, successful week for the GOP.

SUICIDE WATCH: This just in! According to TIME Magazine, Bush has opened up a double-digit lead -- 52% to 41%. Kerry's got to be depressed seeing Bush get the bounce that the Kerry camp was so sorely missing after their convention. Love it. CRO

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