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A Republican Path to Victory in '06
The CA Dem Leaders Hand Republicans All They Need
[Thomas G. Del Beccaro] 2/15/06

Sometimes, but not always, elections are about definable choices.

Reagan v. Mondale - a clear choice between a conservative and liberal. Bush I v. Clinton - not so clear - Bush had to defend his tax hikes. Clinton campaigned on tax cuts and openly stated that the tax and spend policies of his party were not the answer.

Thomas G. Del Beccaro

Thomas G. Del Beccaro is publisher of the website Political Vanguard. [go to Del Beccaro index]

Often Republicans do well when there are definable choices: Reagan over Carter and then Mondale, Bush II over Gore and Kerry, and not so well when the choices are ill-defined: Clinton over Bush I and Dole (Dole was a big tax increaser), Carter over Ford.

California’s 2006 election could shape up to be a clear choice between Republicans and Democrats – courtesy of the Democrat leaders. The only question is whether the Republicans will capitalize on an election – an election which can be on issues over which Republicans hold the majority view – even in California, i.e., on lower taxes, crime prevention, property rights and sane budgets.

On the Dem side, we have the presumptive favorite for the Dems gubernatorial nominee Phil Angelides. He is nothing if not an old time, union owned, tax and spend liberal. Recently, Angelides picked up the endorsement of California Teachers Association.

When he did so, he promised to boost spending even higher than the 2005 11% increase and the similar increase expected this year. How does he propose to pay for it? You guessed it: by raising taxes on the so-called “richest” Californians along with tax hikes on corporations. Tax and spend. Pure and Simple.

In addition to Angelides, there is Dem Senate Leader Don Perata. When he is not looking over his shoulder at FBI investigators he is reaching into your pocket looking to spend your money. His response to the spending increases proposed by Arnold, including the bonds? Not good enough. He wants to spend more.

If that is not enough for you, don’t forget that we have the Reiner initiative which seeks to raise taxes on the “richest” Californians to pay for a new government program.

Given the Dems open and tired playbook, the Republican strategy for winning in 2006 should be simple and clear: present a contrast and run on Republican issues shared by a majority of Californians. In other words, Republicans do not need to be like Dems to win. They can win by running on issues on which Californians agree with Republicans – and there are plenty of those issues.

In fact, Republicans should mount a unified statewide campaign whereby every candidate adopts a pledge to support:

    • No more taxes,
    • Property rights reform,
    • Tougher crime laws including Jessica’s Law, and
    • ·Limited budgets.

By presenting a united front on those issues, all of which have majority support in California:

  • Republicans will be taking the fight to the Democrats instead of playing defense, and
  • Republicans will be presenting a clear choice in this election.

Both are necessary. Both can be accomplished. Both can be a path to victory.

copyright 2006 Thomas G. Del Beccaro




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