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The Debate

McClintock: Stay or Go? 9/22/03

McClintock: The conscience of a conservative?
[Bob Chandra]

In recent days, Tom McClintock, the "other Republican" in California's recall race, has accepted a million dollars spent on his behalf by a left-wing special interest group. He has claimed that a Democrat victory in the recall election would be desirable, as it would better his chances in 2006. And he has joined with Democrat Cruz Bustamante in a boycott against fellow Republican, Arnold Schwarzenegger. This is the man we're supposed to believe represents the conscience of conservatism? At the end of the day, Tom McClintock's Faustian Pact with the Left has made one thing clear - it's all about Tom McClintock.

The $1 million to be spent on McClintock's behalf is by Indian gambling interests, a staunch Democratic special interest. I wrote about the possibility of left-wing special interests backing McClintock in order to divide Republicans several weeks back. Now it is a reality. The Sacramento Bee has announced that the Morongo tribe is spending $1 million to boost McClintock's candidacy and it's not because they want him to win. The money spent on McClintock is meant to split the Republican vote so their loyal servant, Democrat Cruz Bustamante, can emerge the winner. With enough left- wing money, McClintock can steal enough votes from Arnold to make that happen. Tom's win-at-any-cost mindset has him collaborating with leftist groups who want nothing more than a divided Right to throw the election to Bustamante. Does McClintock see that the Left is using him? Maybe there's a reason it's called "blind" ambition.

McClintock's partnership with the liberal special interests raises serious questions about his loyalty to the GOP. McClintock has said he puts his personal "principles" before the party. But there's a deeper reason McClintock doesn't care that his spoiler candidacy will doom Republicans in the recall race.

In a conversation with US Congressman Dan Burton, Tom McClintock said the following: he (McClintock) didn't mind it if Democrats win the gubernatorial race because it could improve his own chances in 2006. According to the Los Angeles Times, "Burton, one of the more conservative members of Congress, also said McClintock had seemed to suggest that it would be acceptable for a Democrat to hold the governor's office, because he might create a clamor for a Republican in 2006.". So that's what this is really about. If McClintock can't win, he can at least prevent the Republicans from winning so he has a better shot in 2006. Aren't we glad he's playing for our team?

McClintock is now collaborating with Cruz Bustamante to boycott the California Broadcasters Association's debate on the 24th as a means of showing up Arnold Schwarzenegger. Bustamante led the boycott charge on October 17th with McClintock soon followed his lead. When you see a Republican siding with a Democrat against a fellow Republican, you know something is wrong with the picture. Don't adjust your set- this is Tom McClintock, the self-styled conscience of conservatism.

As if things couldn't get any worse, McClintock is justifying his candidacy on a poll strategically conducted by the left-wing Los Angeles Times, which wants nothing more than to keep him in the race. That Times' poll has been debunked by Field and even invalidated by the Times' own reporting. It added 6% more self-identified conservatives than other polls and naturally gave McClintock an artificial 5% bump. But McClintock is clinging to this cooked poll, another leftist ploy, because it serves his interests.

What kind of a conservative lets left-wing interests drive his candidacy like this? The answer is a candidate who is so blind with ambition that he does not see how the Left is using him to their own ends. Thus far, McClintock has claimed he stands for principle, but it is obvious that his hopeless candidacy is based on personal ambition. It's no longer appropriate to view McClintock as merely a misguided crusader. He is a bigger threat to Republican victory on Election Day than Cruz Bustamante. Up until now, McClintock has responded to arguments for stepping aside with denial, delusion, and arrogance. Given his collaboration with the Left, Republicans must get serious with him. McClintock's "stalking horse" candidacy must come to an end.

Bob Chandra is a Bay Area Republican activist. He was involved as a strategist for Linda Rae Hermann's campaign against Mike Honda for California's 15th congressional district, and he currently serves as a commissioner for the Saratoga library.


McClintock is the Gold Standard
[Joe Armendariz]

I hesitate saying this because I am a firm believer in Ronald Reagan's 11th Commandment; thou shall not speak ill of a fellow Republican. But, Dan Burton is the guy who used to lay on the ground and shoot watermelons in his back yard, in a bizarre attempt to recreate the circumstances leading to the Vince Foster death/suicide.

The point being, these guys are sometimes so blinded by their devotion to "beating" the other Party, they forget the real purpose of a great party is to provide superior leadership.

Tom McClintock, bless his heart, is so right-on in this campaign, that it is sad to see our Party demonstrate it's ability to never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity. Under Tom's leadership, California could be returned to greatness, reminiscent of the days of Reagan. I understand these are different days, with different players, most of whom are much less honorable and far more disingenuous, but, like Reagan, of the California Republican Party, Tom is the Gold Standard.

While Arnold Inc. is Tom's friendly political opponent, Cruz Bustamante's ability to fool working class Latino families into thinking he is on their side, is the moral and intellectual foe of the cause. As a conservative Hispanic, a rare species I know, I am especially frustrated by Cruz' phony "friend of the Latino working class" facade. So far, nobody has challenged him on it with passionate precision.

His recent endorsements by three extremist environmental organizations, - Sierra Club, League of Conservation Voters and Vote the Coast - should provide the McClintock campaign and the press all the ammunition necessary to prove unequivocally that Cruz couldn't care less about working class Latino's and that he also couldn't care more about pandering to upper middle-class whites. The green extremes are obsessed with using state and local government to hijack its natural resources for their recreational and/or preservationist agenda, and Latino's are apparently oblivious to the reality that it is only through maximizing the value of our natural-resource-based economy, that their opportunity to join the middle-class rests.

Hideous as it may be, a non-Latino probably can't deliver that message with the credibility necessary to be listened to. The people who can and should, are the conservative Hispanics who absolutely scare the daylights out of the radical left-wing that permeates the modern Democrat Party here in California.

Moreover, Arnold's decision to embrace RFK Junior, as the leader of his green team, provides tremendous ammunition to McClintock's campaign as well. Because, unlike Cruz, who does in fact "get it", but can sleep ok while ignoring it, Arnold doesn't "get it". He is obviously ignorant of the fact that shutting down industry in California, in favor of the extreme greens two favorite sectors; government and tourism, empowers local bureaucracies at the expense of Latino families. Why? Because it is Latino's who go without the value-added jobs needed to lift them out of chronic poverty and into the economic mainstream and upward mobility.

I know Tom gets it, but he can't say it with maximum impact. For the sake of this once great state and the hard-working families who are dependent upon it, he better find someone that can.

Joe Armendariz is Executive Director of the Santa Barbara Industrial Association and the Santa Barbara County Taxpayers Association.



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