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Chuck DeVore- Contributor

Chuck DeVore represents 450,000 people in the California State Assembly in coastal Orange County.  He retired from the Army National Guard as a lieutenant colonel.  From 1986 to 1988 he was a Reagan White House appointee in the Pentagon.  DeVore co-authored China Attacks with Steven Mosher.  The book was translated into Chinese for sale in Taiwan. See: www.ChuckDeVore.com.

More Tax Hikes Seen for California
by Chuck DeVore [legislator, novelist] 8/29/08

Corn, Imported Oil, Nukes, and Global Warming
by Chuck DeVore [legislator, novelist] 6/10/08

Energy Conservation Is Not Enough
by Chuck DeVore [legislator, novelist] 5/8/08

The Peoples Republic of China and the “Three Ts”
by Chuck DeVore [legislator, novelist] 3/20/08

The Fires: Watching The Governor At Work
by Chuck DeVore [legislator, novelist] 10/29/07

Electricity Showdown in California
by Chuck DeVore [legislator, novelist] 7/25/07

Liberal Groupthink - Conservative Self-censor
by Chuck DeVore [legislator, novelist] 6/19/07

Disaster Everywhere!
by Chuck DeVore [novelist, legislator] 2/9/07

The Myth Of Proportionality In War
by Chuck DeVore [novelist, legislator] 7/30/06

Mayday May Day
California’s Democrat Lawmakers to Join May 1st Boycott

[Chuck DeVore] 4/28/06

Thank you, Mr. Secretary
Remembering Caspar Weinberger...
[Chuck DeVore] 3/29/06

A Bureaucracy Only Ghengis Khan Could Love?
Meet the California Department of Parks...

[Chuck DeVore] 3/28/06

California’s Children, Child Molesters, Jessica’s Law
The fight over AB 50...

[Chuck DeVore] 2/7/06

Laudable And Fiscally Questionable
In California, nothing in life is certain except debt and taxes…

[Chuck DeVore] 1/11/06

“Bond, Arnold Bond…”
Considering alternatives...
[Chuck DeVore] 1/6/06

The Lying Left, Then and Now
The playbook never seems to change...

[Chuck DeVore] 12/27/05

Hijacked California Healthcare
Needed: conservative watchdogs…

[Chuck DeVore] 12/15/05

California Redistricting Reform Money Race
$23 million of support and opposition…

[Chuck DeVore] 11/1/05

California Legislature Passes Homosexual Marriage Bill
Targeted Democrats cave...

[Chuck DeVore] 9/8/05

A Crazy Bill Dies in the California Legislature!
Hold the Presses!

[Chuck DeVore] 9/7/05

California's Disconnected Elites
Liberal Legislators Connect the War on Terror, the ’60s and the National Guard

[Chuck DeVore] 8/25/05

Back from the Brink in California
'Year of Reform' gets refueled…
[Chuck DeVore] 8/23/05

Holy Sewage
Government hires “soul”…
[Chuck DeVore] 7/15/05

Voting on a Budget
Why yes?…

[Chuck DeVore] 7/13/05

Property and the Imperial Judiciary
Judges give more power to government...
[Chuck DeVore] 6/27/05

Million Solar Roofs Misstep
Okay, the Governor's not right on everything...

[Chuck DeVore] 6/17/05

Footing The Bill
Taxpayers pay for housing subsidies for 1,800 state employees...

[Chuck DeVore] 6/16/05

A Taxing View from the Golden State
How much is enough?…

[Chuck DeVore] 6/1/05

I Know! Let’s Create A New Government Program…
We need more bureaucracy…

[Chuck DeVore] 4/1/05

The Terri Shiavo Case
Positive law and natural law...
[Chuck DeVore] 3/22/05

Liberally Compassionate Suicide...
Should California allow doctors to help patients to kill themselves?…

[Chuck DeVore] 3/4/05

A First and Long Overdue Step
Arnold’s budget

[Chuck DeVore] 1/14/05

Liberal IQ vs. Conservative Commonsense
Liberals are smarter than the rest of us

[Chuck DeVore] 10/26/04

The War, Mr. Kerry, and the UN
The candidate has a magic formula for rallying allies

[Chuck DeVore] 9/27/04

Kerry’s Intelligence Problem
An underwhelming record…
[Chuck DeVore] 8/19/04

Democrats AWOL in War on Terror
Offer Nuclear Freeze and Gun Ban as Solution

[Chuck DeVore] 7/30/04

Trade Wars
Let the free market work…
[Chuck DeVore] 7/17/04

More Moore Mores
Fahrenheit 9/11 shows the depravity of the Left…
[Chuck DeVore] 7/9/04

Edwards: Good for Us...
Conservatives should be glad a lightweight is Kerry's choice…
[Chuck DeVore] 7/7/04

Global Warming And The Kerry Meltdown
The candidate and greenhouse gases…
[Chuck DeVore] 6/23/04

ACLU Anti-Cross Crusade: What next?
With L.A. County seal fixed, the zealots still have lots of cleaning up to do

[Chuck DeVore & Todd Spitzer] 6/15/04

[Chuck DeVore] 6/7/04

The Past as Prologue
Liberal appeasement will sell out Western civilization...
[Chuck DeVore] 4/8/04

Domestic Partner Benefits Will Push More Businesses Out of State
There are lots of Progressive ways to get around Prop 22...
[Chuck DeVore] 9/10/03

The Return to Partisan Politics
California, get ready for the coming Dean melt-down...
[Chuck DeVore] 9/5/03




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