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Chuck DeVore- Contributor

Assemblyman Chuck DeVore represents 450,000 residents of Orange County California’s 70th Assembly District.. He served as a Reagan White House appointee in the Pentagon from 1986 to 1988 and was Senior Assistant to Cong. Chris Cox. He is a lieutenant colonel in the Army National Guard. Chuck’s novel, CHINA ATTACKS, sells internationally and has been translated into Chinese for sales in Taiwan. [go to DeVore index]

More Moore Mores
Fahrenheit 9/11 shows the depravity of the Left…
[Chuck DeVore] 7/9/04

Unlike some of my fellow conservatives, I believe Michael Moore and Fahrenheit 9/11 benefits the cause of truth and ultimately reinforces our success in winning the global war on Islamofascism.

True, many Americans have seen the propaganda piece – as of July 6, Fahrenheit 9/11 had box office receipts of almost $64 million, meaning about ten million people have seen the movie (well, maybe a bit less, as Democrat Senators Barbara Boxer and Tom Daschle probably watch Fahrenheit every night).

Also true that our enemies in the Middle East, such as Hezbollah, think Moore’s “art” is just the kind of Hollywood cultural imperialism that they can embrace, if not love.

Prominent Democrats have also embraced Fahrenheit. Just yesterday, Mr. Kerry was heard in a stump speech making an obvious reference to one of Mr. Moore’s Fahrenheit claims, referring to President Bush’s “vacations” before 9-11 (we now know the “vacation” time included weekends at Camp David and meetings with foreign leaders at the ranch in Texas – presumably not the same foreign leaders who told Mr. Kerry they wanted him to win).

With Michael Moore on the cover of this week’s TIME, how can any American who understands we were attacked on 9-11 and that we are in the midst of a long and terrible struggle, not get discouraged?

Simple: the TRUTH.

While the media are generally liberal and enemies of President Bush and of the war effort are rallying and shrieking about, the truth eventually shines through. Even TIME felt compelled to refute three of Moore’s more obvious Fahrenheit whoppers in a sidebar to their cover story.

In fact, the more Moore’s mores are exposed, the better. When Senators Kerry, Edwards, Boxer and Daschle endorse Fahrenheit 9/11, they are tying themselves to the man who made it, who won’t shut-up, and who says the damnedest things.

On February 16, 2004, The New Yorker reported on a speech Mr. Moore gave in England during which he said, “Who's the beneficiary of this war? Halliburton. . . . Has anyone else benefited?”

The voices in the crowd shouted out “Israel!”

Moore continued, “It’s all part of the same ball of wax, right? The oil companies, Israel, Halliburton. I would just like to make a modest proposal: from now on, for every Brit or American kid that's killed in this war, I would like Halliburton to slay one mid-level executive.” The audience applauded wildly.

Mr. Moore’s vast conspiracy theory linking Big Oil and Israel is in the same league as David Duke, the KKK, and the Protocols of the Elders of Zion. This is the same sort of hateful claptrap from which pogroms and holocausts are built – and the Democrats want to be associated with this?

John Kerry, John Edwards, and the Democrat Party have a serious Moore’s mores problem. Either Michael Moore and his hateful brand of lying vitriol will destroy the Democrats, or, responsible Democrat leaders will rise up and repudiate Mr. Moore (where are you Sen. Lieberman?).CRO

Chuck DeVore is the Republican nominee in the 70th State Assembly District.

copyright 2004 Chuck DeVore




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