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Chuck DeVore- Contributor

Assemblyman Chuck DeVore represents 450,000 residents of Orange County California’s 70th Assembly District.. He served as a Reagan White House appointee in the Pentagon from 1986 to 1988 and was Senior Assistant to Cong. Chris Cox. He is a lieutenant colonel in the Army National Guard. Chuck’s novel, CHINA ATTACKS, sells internationally and has been translated into Chinese for sales in Taiwan. [go to DeVore index]

ACLU Anti-Cross Crusade: What next?
With L.A. County seal fixed, the zealots still have lots of cleaning up to do

[Chuck DeVore & Todd Spitzer] 6/15/04

Claiming government endorsement of religion, the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) recently sued Los Angeles County to force it to remove a small gold cross from the county seal.

Rather than fight the ACLU's radical lawsuit, the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors capitulated, ostensibly fearing costly legal action - although the vote to cave in appeared to have more of a partisan tone as Republican board members Knabe and Antonovich voted to resist the ACLU.

At last reading, the modified Los Angeles County seal includes a cow, a tuna fish, a Spanish galleon, the Hollywood Bowl and the Goddess Pomona cradling an armful of fruit.

If the ACLU applies a consistent standard, the surviving symbols on the county seal still present a problem for their endorsement of religion or their ability to offend certain segments of the population. To wit: Many religions worship cows, so, the cow's got to go! The fish is a widely used religious symbol - just say no to the fish! The Goddess Pomona is, well, a Pagan goddess, so she's definitely gone! Spanish galleons are a symbol of European oppression: too offensive for too many, no galleons! Hollywood is a symbol of American cultural imperialism: bye-bye!

Now, what do we have left? The armful of fruit! It can stay as an appropriate symbol for the new, sensitive Los Angeles County (thankfully, it wasn't an armful of meat).

Wait, doesn't Los Angeles mean "the Angels"? Egad! We have a problem here. Scanning the list of nearby counties, we see San Bernardino, San Diego and Santa Barbara - three saints of the One True Church? Say it ain't so!

Perhaps we can rename Los Angeles County "Fruit County," San Bernardino County could be named "Nut County," San Diego County "Sandy Ego County," and Santa Barbara might be named "Santa Claus County" since Santa is make-believe and totally secularized these days anyway.

With the Los Angeles County seal now fixed, the ACLU still has a lot of work to do. At least 13 of California's 58 counties have overtly Christian names that must be removed if the ACLU is to be satisfied.

Of course, after we rename Sacramento (Sacraments) County "County Number 5," we can redesign most of the sheriff's badges in America, with their six-pointed stars signifying authority in the law as descended from the Law of Moses.

And then there's the currency and the Pledge of Allegiance. It seems the ACLU has many more late nights and lawsuits before America is completely safe for atheists, curmudgeons and humorless busybodies of all persuasions.CRO

This piece first appeared in the Orange County Register

Chuck DeVore is the Republican nominee in the 70th State Assembly District.

Spitzer is a Republican Assemblyman from Irvine.

copyright 2004 Chuck DeVore




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