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Gordon Cucullu- Contributor


Former Green Beret lieutenant colonel, Gordon Cucullu is now an editorialist, author and a popular speaker. Born into a military family, he lived and served for more than thirteen years in East Asia, including eight years in Korea. For his Special Forces service in Vietnam he was awarded a Bronze Star, Vietnamese Cross of Gallantry, and the Presidential Unit Commendation. After separation from the Army, he worked on Korea and East Asian affairs at both the Pentagon and Department of State as well as an executive for General Electric in Korea. His first major non-fiction work, Separated at Birth: How North Korea became the Evil Twin, is based in large part on his extensive experience in Korea and East Asia as a governmental insider and businessman. [website] [go to Cucullu index]

Separated at Birth : How North Korea Became the Evil Twin
Gordon Cucullu

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Homophobic, Knuckle-Dragging Rednecks from Jesusland
Leftists in hysteria…

[Gordon Cucullu] 11/29/04

‘To restore...harmony, render us again one people acting
as one nation should be the object of every man really a
patriot.’ -Thomas Jefferson

‘He divided us!’ was a common Democrat war cry criticizing President Bush. It was expressed most poignantly by the French-looking John Kerry and echoed by his Edwardian poodle. This contrived preoccupation with division was disingenuous. Elections are by nature hardball. They are by design divisive; one person votes for this candidate, another for that one. Then we agree to disagree until the next campaign. Also, name calling is not ‘inclusiveness.’ Democrats used some vile ones against George W. Bush. Nazi, bigot, puppet, tool, idiot, and betrayer of the country are not terms one usually associates with ‘coming together.’

The election is behind us so why must we still deal with this tripe? Internet bloggers call for succession of the Blue Coastal States into a new country, splitting away from the ‘continental ignoramuses’ that inhabit the central US. News flash: We tried that once about 140 years ago. It didn’t work. Famed con artist and Jabba the Hut imitator Michael Moore is working on a new movie designed to ‘enlighten’ the ignorant masses that from lack of knowledge had the effrontery to vote Bush. ‘It’s all Jesusland out there,’ one commentator said, ‘a bunch of Bible-thumping, ignorant bigots who are too stupid to know what’s good for them.’

The latest election outcome is what Democrat shrinks are calling ‘post election selection trauma’ or PEST. The theory here is that mass despondency, inability to function, unabashed anger and overwhelming disappointment and frustration are psychological manifestations of a Bush victory. This new PEST surfaced most appropriately in southeast Florida (breeding ground for other pests like Janet Reno and Bob Graham). Florida Democrats were amazingly prescient when they predicted that ‘this election won’t be decided by a few measly votes.’ After the Bush victory gap exploded through 300,000 votes, SoEastFlaDems began to program their analysts’ office numbers into speed dial with trembling hands.

After losing in seven out of the last ten national elections one would think that the Democrats would at least become more accepting and introspective and less contentious. Not so. After a relatively few initial lapses into honesty (e.g., Paul Begala noting that ‘Bush’s victory is a mandate.’) new talking points hummed out over Internet and faxes and the rank and file were brought into line. No, it was certainly not a mandate, and if the Republicans know what’s good for them they’ll reach out across the isle to us because - despite trivialities like voter count to the contrary – we alone know what people really want.

New Illinois Senator, Democrat Barack Obama, in what one can only hope is the first sign of a ‘new’ Democrat, issued a statement noting, superfluously but for a Democrat generously, that the Republicans actually did win the election and that he was prepared to go to Washington and do whatever he had to do to work effectively with them. This is exactly the humble, conciliatory, positive response that losing Democrats demand from winning Republicans. At least for the moment, Obama seems to get it. No doubt as former Majority Leader, former Minority leader, former Senator from South Dakota Tom Daschle wanders across the barren, windswept steppes of America’s Siberia this winter he will ‘get it’ too. Democrats need to ask themselves: which of these two is a better model for success?

Despite a surprisingly candid appraisal from James Carville, the Democrats’ designated hit man, most of the Democrat internal election ‘analysis’ has followed a somewhat dreary, repetitive pattern: blame John Kerry, blame voter ignorance, blame the unwashed masses who made a selection not on ‘values’ but on bigotry, stupidity, anxiety, Christian religious fanaticism and hate. These voters are people with such a limited knowledge of reality that they actually allowed the Republicans to sell them on the amazingly doltish idea that the economy is ‘healthy’ just because we have low unemployment, dramatic GNP growth quarter after quarter, incredibly low interest rates, increased manufacturing productivity numbers, and a bullish stock market. Fools.

Worse, red-state voters permitted themselves to be herded sheep-like into a constituency that actually thought – are you ready for this? – the country was safer from terrorism than it had ever been. Just because we haven’t been attacked since 9-11, the Patriot Act and Homeland Security Department has law enforcement and intelligence talking to each other, first responders have been brought into the system, and more rapid identification of potential threats is breaking up terror cells, these foolish voters bought into Bush’s ‘safety’ argument. And the war! How could the imbecilic masses actually pull the lever for someone who at the cost of a THOUSAND GIs KILLED had only freed 50 million people, democratized a fanatic theocracy, ousted terrorists and their dictatorial supporters, expelled two regimes run by egregious human rights violators, and flipped a third terror regime that was clandestinely conducting nuclear weapons development? They all had to be drunk.

Finally, what about all this ‘values’ junk? Democrats have values too. Voters are just too dumb to recognize that the Democrat values are special, better than ordinary voters’ values. Democrat values include abortion on demand at any time of the pregnancy, a redefinition of the institution of marriage, and a womb-to-tomb plan for government run security and health that will cost you nothing but incredibly higher taxes. What’s not to like with a plan like that?

There can be only one logical conclusion and it has been loudly voiced by Democrat strategists: the simpletons who voted for Bush are homophobic, knuckle-dragging rednecks from Jesusland. That talk is sure going to convince Americans to jump in a pile with the Democrats, sit around a campfire, stare at their navels and sing ‘Kumbaya.’

We’ll deal with ‘inclusiveness’ later. Right now we’ve got a war to fight and win. tRO

Gordon’s best-selling new book, Separated at Birth: How North Korea became the Evil Twin, is dedicated to Korean War Veterans. It makes a great gift for all veterans and those who admire them. Order a special signed copy from

copyright Gordon Cucullu 2004




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