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Jon Coupal- Columnist

Jon Coupal is an attorney and president of the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association -- California's largest taxpayer organization with offices in Los Angeles and Sacramento.


Columns 3/2003 - 7/2008 Below [Columns 2008 to present click here]

New Taxes Are Not the Answer to Budget Woes
by Jon Coupal 7/31/08

Voters Should Reject Rail Bond Boondoggle
by Jon Coupal 7/23/08

Utah is Laughing
by Jon Coupal 7/17/08

Budgeting By Judicial Fiat
by Jon Coupal 7/9/08

The Legislature Needs a Spending Limit Nanny
by Jon Coupal 7/2/08

Reflections on the Prop. 98 Campaign
by Jon Coupal 6/26/08

Extorting More from Taxpayers
by Jon Coupal 6/17/08

To Voters, Proposition 13 Is Still a Winner
by Jon Coupal 6/6/08

Obscure Public Agency Funding Campaigns
To Oppose Private Property Rights

by Jon Coupal 5/28/08

Has the Boss Called Off the "Hit"?
by Jon Coupal 5/21/08

Buy Eminent Domain Insurance?  
by Jon Coupal 5/13/08

Legal Analysis of Prop. 99 Exposes Fatal Flaws 
Homeowner "Protections" Easily Circumvented
by Jon Coupal 5/6/08

It's a Full Moon - Governor's Transformation Is Complete
by Jon Coupal 4/29/08

How Do We Respond to the Budget Crisis?
by Jon Coupal 4/23/08

Attorney General's Office in Need of Greater Transparency
by Jon Coupal 4/18/08

Prop. 13 Has Something for Every Homeowner
by Jon Coupal 4/8/08

Sacramento Does Not Deserve a Bailout
by Jon Coupal 4/3/08

City Unions to L.A. Taxpayers: Peel Me A Grape
by Jon Coupal 3/18/08

Court Rules: No Merit to Arguments Against Prop. 98
by Jon Coupal 3/11/08

Why Can't Governments Treat Us Like Customers?
by Jon Coupal 3/6/08

Phony Homeowners Group Fronts Phony Ballot Measure
by Jon Coupal 2/27/08

Lawmakers Don't Want to Take Responsibility for Tax Increases
by Jon Coupal 2/21/08

Redistricting Reform, Not Longer Terms, Is the Answer
by Jon Coupal 2/12/08

Hold On To Your Wallets
by Jon Coupal 2/5/08

Election Fraud
by Jon Coupal 1/23/08

Taxpayers Are Being Set Up
by Jon Coupal 1/17/08

One More Time: Budget Woes Not Prop 13's Fault
by Jon Coupal 1/8/08

Memo to Perata: Don't Shoot the Messenger
by Jon Coupal 1/2/08

Governor's Plan Is Still a Tax Increase
by Jon Coupal 12/28/07

Taxpayers Shouldn't Be Held Liable For Bad Decisions By Borrowers, Lenders
by Jon Coupal 12/19/07

Shades of Gray Davis
by Jon Coupal 1212/07

Public Employee Unions Are the Real Bosses of L.A.
by Jon Coupal 12/7/07

Coalition Seeks to End Abusive Property Seizure
by Jon Coupal 11/28/07

Providing Hope in a Tax-Happy State
by Jon Coupal and Tom Schatz 11/26/07

The Howard Jarvis Tax Fighter Award
by Jon Coupal11/13/07

Hold Lawmakers Accountable
by Jon Coupal11/8/07

Don't Get Burned Twice
by Jon Coupal11/2/07

League of Cities: Split Roll for Property Rights
by Jon Coupal10/25/07

Something Scary Coming To Your Home
by Jon Coupa10/17/07

L.A. Overcharging for Water
by Jon Coupal and Timothy Bittle 10/9/07

Our Tax Dollars Turned Against Us
by Jon Coupal 9/26/07

L.A.- It's Them vs. Us
by Jon Coupal 9/20/07

Keep Government Out of the Housing Market
by Jon Coupal 9/13/07

Get Into a Car With a Drunk Behind the Wheel?
by Jon Coupal 9/6/07

Sneak Attack on Property Rights Fails 
by Jon Coupal 8/30/07

Another Proposition 13 Myth Is Busted
by Jon Coupal 8/28/07

The Sky Is Falling! Or Is It?
by Jon Coupal 8/20/07

The Prop. 13 Money Machine
by Jon Coupal 8/7/07

Liberals Charge "Fiscal Terrorism"
by Jon Coupal 8/1/07

The Boogeyman
by Jon Coupal 7/23/07

California's X-Rated Tax Policy
by Jon Coupal 7/17/07

Protecting Property Rights in California
by Jon Coupal 7/17/07

Property Taxes in a Declining Market
by Jon Coupal 7/6/07

Health Care for All? A Taxing Burden
by Jon Coupal 6/27/07

Stop the Profanity -- Send 'Em on a Junket
by Jon Coupal and Richard Rider 6/21/07

The Prop 13 Whining Continues
by Jon Coupal [attorney, activist] 6/13/07

by Jon Coupal [attorney, activist] 6/6/07

No Tears for L.A.
by Jon Coupal
[attorney, activist] 5/23/07

Voters Shut Out of Prison Bond Debt Decision
Lawmakers Fantasize About Spending
by Jon Coupal
[attorney, activist] 5/10/07

If Wishes Were Horses
Lawmakers Fantasize About Spending
by Jon Coupal
[attorney, activist] 5/4/07

The Last Taxpayer
by Jon Coupal
[attorney, activist] 5/2/07

Fiscal Insanity Relapse in Sacramento
by Jon Coupal
[attorney, activist] 4/4/07

Who's the Boss?
by Jon Coupal
[attorney, activist] 3/24/07

Proposition 13 Still the Favorite Scapegoat
Failing Sacramento liberalism is never to blame…
[by Jon Coupal] 4/26/06

The Luxury of a Worry Free Retirement
Don't worry be happy...

[by Jon Coupal] 4/18/06

The Incredible Shrinking School District
More taxes for to pay for empty schoolrooms?

[by Jon Coupal] 4/12/06

Tobacco Taxes and Unintended Consequences
Despite incontrovertible evidence…

[by Jon Coupal] 4/4/06

Three Cheers for the Long Beach Board of Education
Battling the teachers union...

[by Jon Coupal] 3/29/06

It's Time to Send "PreSchool for All" Back to the Drawing Boards
...and make Reiner's leave of absence permanent...

[by Jon Coupal and Tony Strickland] 3/21/06

Lawmakers: Stick to Your Principles
Don’t be distracted from fiscal sanity…

[by Jon Coupal] 3/14/06

As Humanitarians, Reiner, Hastings, Don't Measure Up
A new class of self-appointed…

[by Jon Coupal] 3/7/06

Is Jackie Goldberg The Answer At LAUSD?
Another amazingly progressive idea!…
[by Jon Coupal] 2/28/06

Government's Land-For-Taxes Lust
Property Must Be Protected From Seizure For Profit...
[by Jon Coupal] 2/21/06

Regulators Call It a 'Charge' to Avoid Tax Vote
The fee & tax shell game…

[by Jon Coupal] 2/14/06

Lobbyist Scandal An Opportunity for Taxpayers
Abramoff scandal will increase public accountability…
[by Jon Coupal and Jim Lacy] 1/31/06

Fees v. Taxes: More Than An Academic Debate
The Governor should avoid harming taxpayers…
[by Jon Coupal] 1/17/06

For Taxpayers, Bonds Are A Gamble
Forgetting restraint…

[by Jon Coupal] 1/12/06

Support for School Bonds Declining
The impact of multimillionaires’ Prop 39...

[by Jon Coupal] 1/10/06

Prepare to Be Inundated with Disinformation
And the rains came…
[by Jon Coupal] 1/3/06

Tax Cheats Burden Honest Taxpayers
Stealing fuel from the economic engine...
[by Jon Coupal] 12/20/05

Sneaking Around Proposition 13
They're back!...

[by Jon Coupal] 12/13/05

Use the Yellow Pages If You Want the Job Done Right
The private sector is more efficient…

[by Jon Coupal] 12/6/05

Massive Bond Threatens State's Financial Future
Now it’s about real money…

[by Jon Coupal] 11/29/05

Government Must Make Every Penny Count
The ongoing, voter-approved deficit...
[by Jon Coupal and Tom Schatz] 11/23/05

Who Shall Be Master?
Union bosses and tax and spenders win…

[by Jon Coupal] 11/16/05

California Supreme Court Gives Taxpayers Hope
The People's propositions vs. judicial activism...

[by Jon Coupal] 11/9/05

The Simple Truth About Government Revenue
Post-Prop. 13...

[by Jon Coupal] 11/2/05

Leading Where Members Want To Go
Prop. 75: public employee unions...

[by Jon Coupal] 10/25/05

With Arnold, Let's Not Forget the Little Things
Get the out for vote for the propositions...
[by Jon Coupal] 10/18/05

The Favor Bank
Access and payback...

[by Jon Coupal] 10/12/05

Taxpayers to Provide More Corporate Welfare?
Special favors...

[by Jon Coupal] 10/5/05

Crunch Time for California
The stretch to the polling booth…

[by Jon Coupal] 9/27/05

LAUSD and Wile E. Coyote
Audit for accountability…

[by Jon Coupal] 9/20/05

Katrina, and the Opportunists
Californians, beware of the state's bureaucratic scam artists...

[by Jon Coupal] 9/13/05

Government Unleashes New Tool Against Taxpayers
Electioneering with your tax money...
[by Jon Coupal] 9/8/05

Schools Not Keeping Faith With Voters
Where is the honesty in cost overruns...

[by Jon Coupal] 8/30/05

An Uneasy Alliance
Taxpayers and Newspapers...

[by Jon Coupal] 8/24/05

Could This Be Antonio's Finest Hour?
The Mayor and DWP union...

[by Jon Coupal] 8/17/05

A Material Breach of Contract
Misusing school bonds...
[by Jon Coupal] 8/10/05

LAUSD's New Bond Proposal: What Should Voters Do?
Voting to get fleeced...

[by Jon Coupal] 8/3/05

Power of Initiative Still the People's Best Protection
Despite the Governor's troubles...
[by Jon Coupal] 7/26/05

'Plain Speak' Please
Should be the government standard...
[by Jon Coupal] 7/22/05

Revisiting Proposition 13
Tax and spenders looking for more...

[Jon Coupal] 7/14/05

LAUSD's "Reign of Terror" Over Taxpayers' Wallets
Property owners beware...

[Jon Coupal] 7/7/05

The Windfall
A Curse or a Blessing?...

[Jon Coupal] 7/1/05

What Makes a Real Hero
Holding fast on Prop 13...

[Jon Coupal] 6/24/05

Tax Raisers Prey on the Most Vulnerable
Another attack on Prop 13...

[Jon Coupal] 6/3/05

Talking Trash
What's in it for taxpayers?...

[Jon Coupal] 6/2/05

Climbing Out of the Budget Morass
Finally adults in charge...
[Jon Coupal] 5/27/05

A Tax Proposal Only A Meathead Could Support
Another bad Rob Reiner idea...

[Jon Coupal] 5/23/05

L.A. Times' Jihad Against Proposition 13
Irrational hatred of the liberal pressroom...

[Jon Coupal] 5/15/05

Is Crime Really Down in Los Angeles?
It's up in City Hall...

[Jon Coupal] 5/5/05

Ripple Effect
Works to taxpayers' advantage...

[Jon Coupal] 5/2/05

Lockyer's Credibility Takes A Hit
Election scheme...

[Jon Coupal] 4/21/05

Local Government Arrogance
Another tax scheme...

[Jon Coupal and Tim Bittle] 4/18/05

Prop. 13 -- A One-Edged Sword
Saving taxpayers from government money grabs...

[Jon Coupal] 4/15/05

Pro-Tax Group Changes Name, Not Goals
Hi-tech capitalists who haven’t learned the lesson of overtaxation...

[Jon Coupal] 4/4/05

State Grants Lack Accountability
Sacramento under the radar pork…

[Jon Coupal] 3/25/05

All LAUSD Scandals Seem Like Old News
Experts in dreadful management…

[Jon Coupal] 3/17/05

Is Your Home Really Yours?
Eminent domain - the government's trump card…

[Jon Coupal] 3/9/05

Six Fallacies About Government Pensions
Labor bosses reached too far…

[Jon Coupal and Richard Rider] 3/8/05

Good Money After Bad
The truth is coming out…
[Jon Coupal and Tim Bittle] 2/21/05

Six Fallacies About Government Pensions
The truth is coming out…
[Jon Coupal and Richard Rider] 2/11/05

Clueless in L.A.
L.A. Officials Ignoramuses On Finances…
[Jon Coupal] 2/4/05

Proposition 13 Has Saved Local Government
Stabilizing revenue…

[Jon Coupal] 1/27/05

California's Protected Class
Public service unions…

[Jon Coupal] 1/21/05

The Moment of Truth
An honest budget?…
[Jon Coupal] 1/12/05

Give Los Angeles a Hand
An icon for the city…
[Jon Coupal] 1/3/05

Nation Would Raise Local Taxes
Liberals in the Assembly try a new grab…
[Jon Coupal] 12/29/04

Local Taxes?
More tax gambits…

[Jon Coupal] 12/23/04

County Revenues: The Myth v. the Reality
Counties overspending taxpayers' money
[Jon Coupal and Steve Frates] 12/15/04

Public Fed Up With Government Waste
Enough with the pork
[Jon Coupal and Tom Schatz] 12/10/04

Nice Work If You Can Get It
Freeloading's over...
[Jon Coupal] 12/2/04

Hi-Tech Business Leaders' Hypocrisy
Stand on two-thirds tax vote is revealing...
[Jon Coupal] 11/29/04

A Gerrymandered Election
Voters Will Be Stifled ...
[Jon Coupal] 11/19/04

What Taxpayers Want
Politician promises
[Jon Coupal] 11/12/04

Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association - Recommendations

No on Prop. 61
We're already swimming in debt...
[Jon Coupal] 10/30/04

Legal Reform Will Benefit Businesses, Consumers and Taxpayers
Yes on Prop 64
[Jon Coupal] 10/30/04

The Unholy Trinity of Special Interest Tax Increases
Propositions 63, 67, 72
[Jon Coupal] 10/30/04

The Tax Ratchet Effect
Taxes never seem to go away...

[Jon Coupal] 10/22/04

Taxes Should Be Fair and Predictable
Prop. 70 and tribal gaming...
[Jon Coupal] 10/20/04

Savoring the Joys of Political Handouts
Neo-Luddites try hard to smash modern machinery of progress
[Jon Coupal] 10/7/04

Tax Dollars Used Against Taxpayers
Paying to be punished...
[Jon Coupal] 10/1/04

Ethics and Spending Public Money
Abusing the system...
[Jon Coupal] 9/23/04

American Taxpayers Are Willing to Work Hard
Overwhelmed by illegal immigrants?...
[Jon Coupal] 9/10/04

Play The Initiative Card
It's time for Arnold to to make a move...
[Jon Coupal and Shawn Steele] 9/3/04

Higher Gas Prices?
Tell Sacramento: "No, Thank You"...
[Jon Coupal] 9/3/04

Lurching From One Budget Crisis to the Next
Reign in the spenders...

[Jon Coupal] 8/27/04

Public Employee Millionaires
Taxpayers are very generous...

[Jon Coupal] 8/20/04

Repaying Taxpayers For Their Generosity
School officials show themselves to be ingrates...

[Jon Coupal] 8/13/04

Los Angeles County Piles on the Taxes
Sheriff Lee Baca - tax collector
[Jon Coupal] 8/6/04

Wringing More from Telephone Users
Finding new ways to tax by a "911 fee"
[Jon Coupal] 7/29/04

Budget Crisis And Hidden Agenda
Some seek political advantage by blaming the "other guy"
[Jon Coupal] 7/22/04

Governor Needs to Unload on Adversaries
Stop the retreat, appeasement doesn't work...
[Jon Coupal] 7/15/04

In for a Penny, In for a Pound
Officials' wasteful spending and corruption add to taxpayers' woes.
[Jon Coupal] 7/14/04

Voter Ire Pumped Up by High Cost of Gasoline
Not at the top of the outrage meter
[Jon Coupal] 7/2/04

Reagan Was Proposition 13 Supporter Number One
The Gipper on the front line of smaller government
[Jon Coupal and Joel Fox] 6/28/04

Budget Credibility
Liberal giveaways in Sacramento
[Jon Coupal] 6/18/04

No Pain, No Gain
Are we about to repeat the budget mistakes of the Davis Administration?
[Jon Coupal] 6/11/04

Keeping Property Taxes Reasonable
Propositions 13 and 8
[Jon Coupal] 6/4/04

Do Taxpayers Get a Fair Shake from Local Media?
Intentional bias...

[Jon Coupal and Richard Rider] 5/28/04

The Homeowner's Burden
Parcel taxes for the tax-and-spenders...

[Jon Coupal] 5/21/04

Who's Telling the Myths?
California's Tax Burden...

[Jon Coupal] 5/19/04

Blowing up the Boxes and the 'Big Mo'
Reorganize state government...

[Jon Coupal] 5/7/04

Ever Have One of Those Days?
The tax-and-spend lobby is desperate to split the property tax rolls

[Jon Coupal] 4/29/04

Rating Representatives
A tax hungry legislature...

[Jon Coupal]

Burning Through Taxpayer Dollars
Unions rule L.A...

[Jon Coupal]

Exporting Proposition 13
Other states' taxpayers adopt Howard Jarvis' wisdom...

[Jon Coupal]

Faulty Training Wheels
Letting kids vote would be representation without taxation...

[Jon Coupal]

Taxpayers Bracing for New Attacks
More anti-taxpayer initiatives on the way...
[Jon Coupal]

An East German Solution to California's Business Flight?
The jobs are leaving at record rates
[Jon Coupal]

Sorting Out the Ballot Propositions
Next Tuesday's scorecard...the No's and Yes's
[Jon Coupal]

The Real 'Special Interests'
Public employee unions, not good-government types, are behind Prop. 56...
[Jon Coupal]

Bonds Mean Bondage for Taxpayers
As always, beware of bonds...
[Jon Coupal]

Don't Be Fooled Again
The residue of Prop 39
[Jon Coupal]

Early Primaries Could Spell Trouble for Taxpayers
Prop 56 lurks on the ballot..
[Jon Coupal]

Deception is the Key to Tax Increases...
Advice from a political consultant...
[Jon Coupal]

Most Politicians Don't Understand...
...where the money comes from...
[Jon Coupal]

Another Tax Increase Initiative
When Will It Stop?
[Jon Coupal]

King George and the Rose Parade
The arrogance of the anti-taxpayers...
[Jon Coupal]

Beware Compassionate Lawmakers
Social engineering has destroyed state's economy...
[Jon Coupal]

Is Half a Loaf Better Than None?
How did we get here from there...
[Jon Coupal]

Hardened Attitudes on Spending are the Problem
Spending addicted liberals despise Prop 13...
[Jon Coupal]

Prop. 56: An Assault on Proposition 13
Fighting the never ending onslaught of greedy government
[Jon Coupal]

Taxpayer Legal Action: A Necessary Weapon
Fighting the never ending onslaught of greedy government
[Jon Coupal and Trevor Grimm]

Trust Arnold, But Verify
Big bond to cover state debt may be defensible - if protections are built in
[Jon Coupal]

Homeowners Are Being Stalked
...by a new wave of tax increases...
[Jon Coupal]

Fires Light Up Tax Talk
Tax-and-spenders see revenue in disaster...
[Jon Coupal]

Taxpayers Continue to Foot the Bill
For Local Government Incompetence...
[Jon Coupal]

How the Deck is Stacked Against Taxpayers
Homeowners are waking up to bonds: a self-inflicted tax...
[Jon Coupal]

A Big Win for Taxpayers
Courts and the state Constitution finally stand for the people...
[Jon Coupal]

Now That the Dust Has Settled
Taxpayers Must Be Vigilant
[Jon Coupal]

Budget Busting Panel Needed
To Solve State's Fiscal Woes
[Jon Coupal and Tom Schatz]

The Car Tax is the Squeaky Wheel
The Vehicle License Fee is a Tax...
[Jon Coupal and Trevor Grimm]

Prop. 13 More Important Than Ever
Prop 13 and escalating home values
[Jon Coupal]

Torturing Taxpayers with the Three Rs
Progressive political agenda pummels the public
[Jon Coupal]

They Just Don't Trust Us
Liberal elites don't want power to the people
[Jon Coupal]

Splitting the Roll, Splitting California
Big business kowtows to Sacramento
[Jon Coupal]

Who Should Be the Next Governor?
A taxpayer endorsement from HJTA
[Jon Coupal]

Prop 13 Anniversary Backlash
Its enemies retell the old myths...
[Jon Coupal]

Q&A: What Taxpayers Need to Know About the State Budget
[Jon Coupal] 8/16/03

Into the courts
[Jon Coupal and Trevor Grimm] 8/9/03

Open Mike, Insert Foot
Lawmakers' Candid Remarks Frighten Taxpayers
[Jon Coupal] 8/6/03

Supreme Injustice
A frivolous lawsuit at the state’s highest court
[Jon Coupal] 7/23/03

The Capitol Hillbillies
A Scaramento sitcom
[Jon Coupal] 7/18/03

Smoke! Smoke! Smoke! That Cigarette
A tax and spend solution
[Jon Coupal and Trevor Grimm]

Taxes Raised by a Phantom Cost Taxpayers Real Dollars
[Jon Coupal] 7/5/03

Real Courage Means Cutting Spending
[Jon Coupal] 6/27/03

A RAW Deal?
California's approach to fiscal management is a revolving charge card.
[Jon Coupal] 06/21/03

Proposition 13 Turns Silver
California's tax revolt at 25.
[Jon Coupal] 06/02/03

The Taxpayers' Dilemma:Recall, or Not to Recall?
Gross mismanagement is enough.
[Jon Coupal and Trevor Grimm] 04/07/03

Dispelling the Car Tax Myths
A new tax revolt is just beginning
[Jon Coupal] 03/17/03

Renowned Economists Oppose California Tax Increases
Tax increases will harm the state's economy.
[Jon Coupal] 03/03/03


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