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John Campbell

John Campbell (R-Irvine) is a Member of Congress representing 48th Congressional district [Orange County, California]. He can be reached through his Congressional website. [go to Campbell index]

Taxpayers Lose...
by John Campbell [congressman] 6/24/08

You Will Be a Lot Less Safe on Saturday
by John Campbell [congressman] 2/15/08

Of Casinos and Indian Tribes
by John Campbell [congressman] 10/16/07

SCHIP & Subprime
by John Campbell [congressman] 10/8/07

Public Health Care Is Broken 
So we’re going to expand it?
by John Campbell [congressman] 10/3/07

General Patraeus and Ambassador Crocker
by John Campbell [congressman] 9/19/07

Global Warming Blasphemy
by John Campbell [congressman] 9/4/07

Costa Mesa is Right on Immigration
by John Campbell [congressman] 8/27/07

Illegal Immigration, Now What?
by John Campbell [congressman] 8/13/07

Government Is Not Cheaper
by John Campbell [congressman] 7/10/07

Inking The Budget
by John Campbell [congressman] 6/22/07

Meanwhile in DC...
Congressman John Campbell's weekly message from inside the Beltway

[John Campbell] 4/11/06

Meanwhile in D.C...
Congressman John Campbell's weekly message from inside the Beltway

[John Campbell] 4/3/06

Meanwhile in D.C...
Congressman John Campbell's weekly message from inside the Beltway

[John Campbell] 3/15/06

Report From D.C.
For Californians there are some good things happening in Washington ...

[John Campbell] 11/3/05

Eerie Quiet
Silence in Sacramento...

[John Campbell] 10/21/05

Signatures And Vetoes
Redskins, tolerance and legislating lunch...

[John Campbell] 10/11/05

Cramming In More Bad Law
Sacarmento liberals trying to squeeze it all in…

[John Campbell] 9/16/05

Paycheck Protection
Prop. 75 will change Sacramento - for the better…

[John Campbell] 9/1/05

SB1: I am angry. Very angry.
Union bosses stopping energy progress…

[John Campbell] 8/29/05

Four Weeks
Warning, the Legislature's on the way back to Sacramento..
[John Campbell] 8/12/05

Service And Sacrifice
A soldier’s view of the Iraq War...
[John Campbell] 6/6/05

Tidbits to Make You Mad
The song in Sacramento remains the same...
[John Campbell] 6/1/05

Media Bias…
Picking and choosing the facts...

[John Campbell] 5/20/05

The Revise…
Governor's Budget Revision Unveiled

[John Campbell] 5/16/05

A Party Of Special Interests
California Democrats no longer control their party...

[John Campbell] 5/9/05

It's Baaaaaack!
Tax increase talk...
[John Campbell] 5/2/05

Liberals Yearning For A Broken System
Worker's Compensation Insurance...

[John Campbell] 4/25/05

Tax Day: Ouch.
California's tax code could be simpler, but...

[John Campbell] 4/18/05

Capitalism Works
California needs performance pay for teachers. ...
[John Campbell] 4/1/05

California's Assisted Suicide Bill
More bad progressive legislation...
[John Campbell] 3/28/05

Teacher's Union vs. The Governor
Building a war chest to battle the administration..
[John Campbell] 3/23/05

Toilet Paper Tax, Pensions And Education
More liberal lunacies...
[John Campbell] 3/21/05

Legislature Balks At Federal Tax Code
Expensive complications just for California taxpayers...
[John Campbell] 3/14/05

Correcting Corrections
Paying a lot for a little...
[John Campbell] 3/7/05

Accountable Politicians
Fair redistricting is necessary...
[John Campbell] 3/3/05

On The Sacramento Horizon
More of the same?...
[John Campbell] 2/28/05

Last Week In Sacramento
Solar Energy And A New SecState...
[John Campbell] 2/21/05

A Budget Deadline?
Oh, they'll get around to it...
[John Campbell] 2/14/05

A Glossary For California Progressives
'Bipartisanship,' 'spending cuts,' 'close tax loopholes'...
[John Campbell] 2/9/05

Number One!
Not exactly the pauper budget liberal's bemoan...

[John Campbell] 2/7/05

The Good Ole Days
The budget didn't used to be in such a mess...

[John Campbell] 2/1/05

A Busy Week
Deadlock, Loopholes, Blame Bush, CalPERS and Teachers' Union...

[John Campbell] 1/24/05

A Budget With No New Taxes
The Governor keeps his promise...

[John Campbell] 1/18/05

The Song Remains The Same
From Assemblyman to Senator, but...

[John Campbell] 12/24/04

Cut This: Irresponsibility
If spending were tied to population and inflation California would be in the black...

[John Campbell] 12/15/04

Remember The Budget?
Reality is on its way…
[State Senator-Elect John Campbell] 11/22/04

Observations on the Election pt. 2
State Senator-elect John Campbell…
[John Campbell] 11/15/04

Observations on the Election pt. 1
State Senator-elect John Campbell…
[John Campbell] 11/5/04

Favorite State Crises
Something to look forward to after the election…

[John Campbell] 11/2/04

Election Fraud
All too easy...
[John Campbell] 10/25/04

What's a Voter To Do?
A frankly partisan take on the propositions...
[John Campbell] 10/19/04

Gray Davis & John Kerry
Empty at the core
[John Campbell] 10/14/04

The Secretary of State
California's chief of scandal
[John Campbell] 10/11/04

My Bills
Life in Sacramento's minority party
[John Campbell] 10/5/04

CBS News & Dan Rather
The government is in our lives
[John Campbell] 9/27/04

Uncharted Desert Islands
The government is in our lives
[John Campbell] 9/20/04

Bad Bills, Strange Bills Crazy Bills
The song remains the same.
[John Campbell] 9/15/04

The Week NYC & Sacramento
Girlie men and bad votes
[John Campbell] 9/6/04

Five Rules
A primer for political involvement.
[John Campbell] 8/25/04

A Thousand Bills
A flurry of bad laws...
[John Campbell] 8/23/04

[John Campbell] 8/9/04

Finally, A Budget
Not exactly perfect...
[John Campbell] 8/2/04

Girlie Men
Thin-skinned Dems...
[John Campbell] 7/26/04

Sacramento Stall
The Dems want the Governor to look bad.
[John Campbell] 7/19/04

The Budget Dance
Still grabbing for more taxes.
[John Campbell] 7/13/04

Liberal Assembly Ignores Independence Day
Our progressive representatives have no use for the 4th of July.
[John Campbell] 7/2/04

Will History Repeat?
Comparing George Bush with Abraham Lincoln.
[John Campbell] 6/25/04

Hot Pension Potato
McClintock goes after Davis union giveaways...
[John Campbell] 6/21/04

D.C. Reflections
WWII Memorial and Reagan...
[John Campbell] 6/16/04

Digging Out
The Governor unwinds Gray Davis' fiscal mess....
[John Campbell] 5/24/04

Partnering with the world...
[John Campbell] 5/25/04

No Change In Sacramento
Democrats in the Legislature stall the Governor's plans....
[John Campbell] 5/17/04

No Quick Wars
Why the terrorist threat will be with us for a while....
[John Campbell] 5/12/04

We Don't Need To Change, We're Liberals
Up against a immovable object: Democrat ideology...
[John Campbell] 5/10/04

Worker's Comp... Details
Some of the particulars...
[John Campbell] 4/19/04

Worker's Comp...
Recall's impact...
[John Campbell] 4/16/04

Recall? So?
Sacramento's socialists just didn't get the recall message...
[John Campbell] 4/6/04

How Your Legislature Works
A playground for progressive thinking...
[John Campbell] 3/29/04

Election Thoughts
Some lessons to be learned from March 2...
[John Campbell] 3/24/04

State Employee Holidays
Not so kind fan mail from state employees...
[John Campbell] 3/23/04

Election Wrap-up
A good day for California.
[John Campbell] 3/8/04

Deficit Prevention Act
A real spending limit for California.
[John Campbell] 3/5/04

Submitting bills to change the status quo...

[John Campbell] 3/1/04

Lockyer No Show
Where's the AG?, Repealing bad law...

[John Campbell] 2/23/04

All This and Feng Shui, Too
Yes, California, these are your leaders hard at work...

[John Campbell] 2/17/04

Some Things Remain the Same
Change slows to a trickle in Sacramento

[John Campbell] 2/10/04

Time To Fix State Tax System
Let's protect cities, counties from revenue raids and stop revenue scavenging

[John Campbell, Robert Hertzberg and Curt Pringle] 2/6/04

Thatcher Had It Right
Public unions are the problem in California, too.

[John Campbell] 2/3/04

Post-recall Legislature is not exactly comforting but...

[John Campbell] 2/2/04

New Year's Resolutions
Sacramento needs to get it together...

[John Campbell] 1/27/04

The Governor Delivers
A lot of good stuff happened last week...

[John Campbell] 1/13/04

Lots of Change, Quickly
What a difference a year makes...

[John Campbell] 12/31/03

A Rhyme for '04
Politics, football and a new year...

[John Campbell] 12/22/03

Protests and Budgets
Illegals voting, illegals driving and working for a balanced budget

[John Campbell] 12/15/03

The Governor and the Bolsheviks

[John Campbell] 12/9/03

Sharpen Pencils
Propositions, initiatives coming to a ballot near you.
[John Campbell] 12/2/03

Hitting The Ground Running
A busy first week for the new administration...
[John Campbell] 11/22/03

Thinking Big
Change is in the Sacramento air...
[John Campbell] 11/15/03

Spending Limits and Rainy Day Funds
Cap the spending...
[John Campbell] 11/8/03

Get Ready For An Initiative Avalanche
Liberal constituencies will fight change...
[John Campbell] 11/1/03

Bad Bills, The Final Chapter
The last of lousy Davis-era legislation...
[John Campbell] 10/25/03

The Bad Laws Don't Stop
We need our new Governor in office now... with a veto pen...
[John Campbell] 10/22/03

A wakeup call for a state capitol out of touch
[John Campbell] 10/10/03

Before and After
October 7 and beyond...
[John Campbell] 10/7/03

Bake Sale, Pay-to-Play and Megan's Law
It keeps coming...
[John Campbell] 10/3/03

More Bad, Bad Law
It just doesn't seem to stop...
[John Campbell] 09/26/03

More Bad Law to Sign
Maybe the Governor will get writer's cramp and stop before it's too late...
[John Campbell] 09/19/03

Recall Script
A Governor Arnold would be good for O.C.
[John Campbell] 09/18/03

In the Middle of a Bad Week of Bad Laws
Progressive panic has the Legislature in its grip
[John Campbell] 09/12/03

Legislation By Panic
Hiding a brew of bad law from public view
[John Campbell] 09/11/03

The Bad Beat Goes On...
The bad legislation dogpile...
[John Campbell] 09/10/03

Bad Bill Parade
The legislation just keeps getting worse...
[John Campbell] 09/09/03

Last Days and Licenses
Going from bad legislation to very bad...
[John Campbell] 09/06/03

Legislative Break
It can't come soon enough...
[John Campbell] 8/30/03

Another Earthquake Coming
And it’s a good thing too...
[John Campbell] 8/27/03

Sacramento's Back in Business
If the past week is any indication...Watch out...
[John Campbell] 8/23/03

Car Tax Redux
With a recall breathing down their necks liberals concoct a tax fraud
[John Campbell] 8/15/03

All Eyes on California
The recall is a sign of our recovery...
[John Campbell] 8/9/03

Groundhog Day
It's budget "deja vu" all over again and again
[John Campbell] 8/2/03

Disappointed But Proud
An embarrassing government, but a great state
[John Campbell] 7/26/03

Budget Pain and Union Payback
The Governor scolds and Plumbers pay-for-play
[John Campbell] 7/19/03

Car Tax Refund
Demand your refund when you pay your car tax

A 4% Solution
We propose no new taxes

A Budget Stalled
Going nowhere fast

An Immaculate Tax Increase
The Car Tax and its phantom trigger


Control not Conservation
A local little guy vs. the California Coastal Commission

A Budget Consensus?
Let's just spend a little more while we're at it.

Worker's Compensation Insurance
Horror stories from the front lines of business

A Tale of Two Cities
Cutting taxes in DC, piling on in Sacramento

Sacramento’s Union Label
Just two weeks of unionized monopoly at the Legislature

Get Ready for the Tax Increase Brigade



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