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Signatures And Vetoes
Redskins, tolerance and legislating lunch...

[John Campbell] 10/11/05

Over the last two weeks, I told you all about a bunch of bad bills that had passed and were on the Governor’s desk. I suggested that he would veto them. Here is what has happened on them so far. The Governor had until close of business Sunday to sign or veto all bills passed by the legislature this year.

AB 13 (Goldberg): Prohibited schools from using the mascot “redskins” and would require any school which currently has such a mascot to change it despite cost to schools or desire for such a change by local communities. The Governor correctly vetoed the bill citing concerns about adding yet another non-academic administrative burden on schools and suggesting that decisions regarding such things as mascots should remain at the local level.


John Campbell (R-Irvine) is a California State Senator representing the 35th District in Orange County. He represents the cities of Newport Beach, Laguna Beach, Irvine, Costa Mesa, Huntington Beach, Seal Beach and Cypress. He can be reached through his Senate website and through the website for his California Senate campaign. [go to Campbell index]

AB 723 (Chu): Required “intergroup relations and tolerance” to be taught in schools. The Governor vetoed the measure citing the numerous programs already in existence with the education system to address human rights and tolerance for all persons. Among these, current law already establishes a Center for the Excellence on the Study of the Holocaust, Genocide, Human Rights and Tolerance to provide teachers the training and resources to effectively teach and address these subjects in the classroom. The State Board of Education makes available to all schools a Model Curriculum for Human Rights & Genocide. In addition, the California Department of Education maintains on its website model policies for the prevention of bullying and hate-motivated behavior.

AB 769 (Horton): Required residential property owners who failed to comply with an order to repair to attend a 15-hour seminar on how to obey the law. The governor recognized how useless such a requirement would be and vetoed the measure.

AB 875 (Koretz): Automatically triggered a tax audit of companies when any violation of the 12-inch thick labor code occurred. Current law already provides the Labor & Workforce Development Agency with the authority to engage in enforcement activities related to the underground economy. Hence, forcing the Agency to audit every company for the tiniest of violations will take away from their efforts at going after companies who are truly engaged in unscrupulous employment practices. This was just a union/trial lawyer collaborative effort to line their collective pockets at the expense of us all. Needless to say, the Governor vetoed the measure.

AB 1184 (Koretz): Prohibited mandatory overtime for nurses employed by the state. Currently, there is a nurse shortage in this state. The nurses union would have you believe that it is due to lack of wages, poor working conditions and of course the lack of respect for their profession. The truth of the matter is that the Nurses Board, run largely by practicing nurses, will only allow for a limited number of nursing certificates to be issued by the various nurse training facilities throughout the state. Thus, the amount of nurses coming out of our academic institutions will continue to be insufficient to meet our nurse staffing needs and thus the cost of qualified nurses will continue to be increase. This is exactly the goal of the nurses union.

The cost to bring in qualified nurses combined with the nurse-to-patient ratios required by law are already devastating California’s public hospitals and health care facilities. Prohibiting the mandatory overtime that is needed to keep many of these facilities operating given the union created shortage will simply mean fewer health care options for the sick. For this reason, the Governor had no choice but to veto the legislation which he did.

AB 1310 (Nunez): Prohibits early retirement programs for groups of 25 or more employees unless the employer provides the employee with extremely detailed financial disclosure information and provides for a lengthy rescission period. As I indicated earlier, this is nothing more than an attempt by the trial lawyers to add to their arsenal of reasons for suing innocent employers. Recognizing that it did little to benefit employees and a lot to hurt small businesses, the Governor vetoed the bill.

SB 780 (Ortiz): Required the UC system to consider community and family background in admissions to medical school. Given the fact that the UC system already has broad leeway in determining admission policies, the need for the measure is clearly unnecessary. While the Governor indicated his support for the author’s claimed intent, increasing the number of physicians in underserved communities, he did not see how the admission criteria called for in this measure would further that purpose. Neither do I. For that reason, he vetoed the measure.

Now, the Governor did not agree with me on everything. Signed by the Governor was a measure that recognized that current state regulations on employee mealtime requirements are unworkable and thus costing us jobs. It sounds good except that the measure AB 1734 (Koretz) only allowed employers within the movie industry who were union to be exempt from the current state regulations. Too bad if you are a developer with union workers or a trucking company with union employers. You must still comply with unreasonable and costly state regulation. CRO



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