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John Campbell

John Campbell (R-Irvine) is an Assemblyman representing the 70th District in Orange County. Mr. Campbell is the Vice-Chairman of the Assembly Budget Committee. He is the only CPA in the California State legislature and recently received a national award as Freshman Republican Legislator of the Year. He represents the cities of Newport Beach, Laguna Beach, Irvine, Costa Mesa, Tustin, Aliso Viejo, Laguna Woods and Lake Forest. He can be reached through his Assembly website and through the website for his California Senate campaign. [go to Campbell index]

Observations on the Election pt. 2
State Senator-elect John Campbell…
[John Campbell] 11/15/04

More Election Thoughts: Here are some more miscellaneous ruminations on the election just past:

1. CNN and the 3 "major" networks all called Pennsylvania for Kerry within minutes of the polls closing there. However, none of them called Ohio for Bush until after Kerry conceded the next day. As the votes have been counted, Bush won Ohio by a greater margin than Kerry won Pennsylvania. Media bias again or just bad exit polling?

2. London's Daily Mirror proclaimed in a headline after the election "How can 59 million people be that stupid." The Michael Moore, George Soros, Alec Baldwin crew love this stuff because it plays into their belief that Bush is stupid and so are people who live in red states or vote for him. So, the left is now setting up websites and blogs all on the stupidity of supporting Bush and any Republican. If I wanted somebody to vote for me, calling them stupid is unlikely to achieve my goal. This is more evidence of the hubris of the liberal elite as they seem to believe that they must show us all how stupid we are so we will recognize how smart they are and allow them to make all of our decisions. But all it does is galvanize support of the center-right and make red states redder.

3. In California, 13 of the 16 propositions on the ballot went the way I voted. This is a pretty good ratio. But the 3 that went the other way will have a significant negative budget impact. Those 3 were the income tax increase for mental health spending (Prop 63), and the bonds for Children's hospitals and stem cell research (Props 61&71). Prop 63 will increase spending by about $800 million per year while yielding no additional revenue because taxpayers will take action to reduce their taxable incomes or move income out of state to avoid the tax. The two bonds will push California's total debt service to more than the investment community thinks is prudent and will result in about $300 million per year in new spending to pay off the bonds. So, an already big continuing budget problem is now over $1 billion per year worse. More about this in future e-mails. CRO



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