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Alan Bonsteel, M.D. - Contributor
[Courtesty of California Parents for Educational Choice]

Dr. Alan Bonsteel, M.D., is president of California Parents for Educational Choice. The organization's Web site is

Burn Cash to Burn the Governor
Meritless lawsuit will take money from schools to give to lawyers
[Alan Bonsteel, M.D] 8/19/05

Dropout Stats Not Only Phony Ones
Ignore the propaganda: Per-student state education funding at all-time high…

[Alan Bonsteel, M.D] 6/10/05

Public Schools Hiding Actual Dropout Counts
California's future is in crisis…

[Alan Bonsteel, M.D] 5/6/04

Schools A Swamp Of Waste
If governor is serious about shaping up education system, he has much to do
[Carl Brodt with Dr. Alan Bonsteel] 1/20/04

The Bogus 'Books Not Bars' Push
Prisons hardly filled up because of school spending cuts - there weren't any…

[Alan Bonsteel, M.D] 1/2/04

Enemies of Reform Have a New Ploy
California Teachers Association touts initiative that would enrich its members…

[Alan Bonsteel, M.D] 12/30/03





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