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Remembering The Truth
by Shawn Black [pundit] 7/30/06

Confronting terror and the truth with the United Nations.

The majority of Americans, and most certainly our American men and women serving in Iraq and Afghanistan; understand the reason that we are involved in the perpetual fight of good verses evil. As our faithful allies in democracy, the citizens of Israel know and remember this truth as well.

During the events of the past several years, we have seen the gnashing of teeth and rattling of sabers with dictators, despots and desperate regimes intent on seizing their power and corrupt will over millions of their captive citizens.

Shawn Black

Shawn Black is a Military Veteran with the 82nd Airborne Division and Former Federal Agent with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. He is a Republican speaker, supporter and consultant. He recently returned from Service in Iraq and is founder of www.projectprayerflag.org .    [go to Black index]

Times haven’t changed much since World War Two. As with Hitler, Stalin and Mussolini, we are reminded of the ever-present dangers that are prevalent to Freedom and Liberty today.

In order to defeat evil, we must first confront and acknowledge it for what it is. There can be no coddling; conforming or excusing the behavior of terrorist groups who behead and murder innocent civilians in the name of “religion.”

Somehow, many in the current International communities, and leadership positions, have ignored and excused who the real threat and enemy is.

It was United Nations Secretary General Koffi Annan who said alarmingly, that Hezbollah had “allegedly” fired rockets into Northern Israel and kidnapped Israeli Soldiers. And we can’t forget Koffi Annan’s pronounced rush to judgment that “Israel had deliberately bombed” a U.N. Beirut outpost, which killed four U.N. Observers.

The transparent disregard for the citizens and the nation of Israel by the head of the United Nations; is deeply disturbing and indicative of the hatred of Israel by many the United Nations members.

It is indicative of the corruption and rotting foundations of an organization that began with so much potential. It is a result of an institution influenced by terrorist sympathizers, money hungry opportunists, and profiteers of human trafficking. Its hatred of Israel is evident.

During my time as a Patrol leader and Airborne Paratrooper with the U.S. Army in Fulda West Germany, tensions were high. As Soldiers, we were continually on guard for Russian attacks across a wide area of Eastern Germany known as the “Fulda Gap.”

In 1984, President Reagan served as our Commander in Chief and acknowledged the truth that communism and terrorism were Freedoms greatest enemies. We knew that Gorbachov, Ortega, Castro, and Gaddafi, posed the greatest threats. And today, President Bush has chosen to take this stand as well and confront the enemies of today and of tomorrow.

We see the same threat today, only dressed in different Uniforms, and espousing the same hatred. Their actions are driven by desperation and a need to cling to power at the expense of the people. From Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and Kim Jong-IL, to Osama Bin Laden and Hugo Chavez, we are all confronted by a multi- pronged assault of Freedom and Liberty on many shores.

And we know when good confronts evil, light always exposes the darkness and good will always defeat evil.

I became reminded of the dangers of the terrorist organization called Hezbollah‚ during my visit to Metullah Israel, in 1998. I observed first hand the Golan, Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, and the real dangers and threats directed daily by the terrorist’s intent on destroying Israel.

The events during the last several months have shown us the remarkable patience and restraint of Israel, as they have been bombarded with hundreds of daily rocket attacks upon their civilian population. With no condemnation by the United Nations on Hezbollah’s past actions, Israel had no other choice but to rise and defend itself against the scourge of terror.

There is no other cure for terror, than to cut out the root and cause of cancer that disfigures, and destroys the lives of so many.

As the United States, her Allies and Israel remembers who the enemy is, I am confident that we will rise to each others support. We remember the truth and will defend together all that is precious about the liberties that we enjoy. CRO

copyright 2006 by Shawn Black





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