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K. Lloyd Billingsley - Contributor
[Courtesty of Pacific Research Institute]

K. Lloyd Billingsley is Editorial Director for the Pacific Research Institute and has been widely published on topics including on popular culture, defense policy, education reform, and many other current policy issues. He has written a number of PRI education studies, including California’s Charter Schools: Empowering Parents, Students, and Teachers and Expanding the Charter Idea, and was editor of the Institute’s Voices on Choice: The Education Reform Debate. Mr. Billingsley is also the author of six books, including Hollywood Party: How Communism Seduced the American Film Industry in the 1930s and 1940s. | His articles have appeared in the Washington Post, Wall Street Journal, USA Today, and many other publications. Before joining PRI, Mr. Billingsley was a journalism fellow at the Center for the Study of Popular Culture in Los Angeles, and he was also formerly a correspondent for Spectator magazine and Washington Times.

How Water, Oil, and Government Mix in California
by K. Lloyd Billingsley 8/19/08

Cleaner Environment
Not Necessarily in the Bag

by K. Lloyd Billingsley 5/23/08

Investigate Grand Theft Education
by K. Lloyd Billingsley 5/15/08

Commie Dearest
by K. Lloyd Billingsley 4/4/08

Big Brother Targets Foundations and Nonprofits
by K. Lloyd Billingsley 1/25/08

Why Christmas Comes Early in the California Capitol
by K. Lloyd Billingsley 12/18/07

Lessons from the California Wildfires
by K. Lloyd Billingsley 12/3/07

Your Money and Your Health
by K. Lloyd Billingsley 10/16/07

PUC Language Ruling Bad News
by K. Lloyd Billingsley 8/6/07

Massive Education Waste Third Strike
by K. Lloyd Billingsley 7/23/07

Clearing the Air on Governor's Air Board
by K. Lloyd Billingsley 7/16/07

Superintendent Moonbeam For the Children
by K. Lloyd Billingsley [commentator] 5/28/07

Loser Pays
by K. Lloyd Billingsley [commentator] 5/11/07

Food For Fraud
by K. Lloyd Billingsley [commentator] 5/1/07

Unreformable, That's What You Are. . .
by K. Lloyd Billingsley [commentator] 3/22/07

by K. Lloyd Billingsley [commentator] 1/24/07

Canadafornia Here We Come?
by K. Lloyd Billingsley [commentator] 1/5/07

California's Coastal BANANA Republic
by K. Lloyd Billingsley [commentator] 7/19/06

A Solution for California's Water Problems
Hint: FEMA's not the answer...

[by K. Lloyd Billingsley] 4/7/06

Preschool Campaign Gets an Ethics Issue
Reiner may be the issue, for now… but its still a bad idea...

[by K. Lloyd Billingsley] 3/24/06

Parents Will Make Choices
Will the Legislature ever get it?…

[by K. Lloyd Billingsley] 2/24/06

Pillage People turn to Pillory Penalty
Please veto this bad idea…
[by K. Lloyd Billingsley] 2/10/06

A Different Kind of Literacy?
Social promotion at the state’s universities…
[by K. Lloyd Billingsley] 1/6/06

Oh Say Can UC?
Investigating the UC bosses…

[by K. Lloyd Billingsley] 12/9/05

Court Ruling Updates Grand Theft Education
Waste & fraud...

[by K. Lloyd Billingsley] 11/18/05

Why Everybody's Paycheck Needs Protection
Prop 75…

[by K. Lloyd Billingsley] 10/20/05

Governor's Veto Will Help Education Reform
But Much Work Remains…

[by K. Lloyd Billingsley] 10/13/05

Deeper Reforms in California Education Needed
Modest Gains...

[by K. Lloyd Billingsley] 8/2605

Memo to the University of California
Defy the Governor and Nix the ILE...

[by K. Lloyd Billingsley] 7/2205

California Should Apply the Lessons of John Walton
School choice...

[K. Lloyd Billingsley] 7/20/05

Ipso Fatso, Part Trois: The Epidemic
Legislating weight…

[K. Lloyd Billingsley] 4/22/05

No Statute of Limitations on State Greed
Tax squeeze for every penny…

[K. Lloyd Billingsley] 4/20/05

A New Tax on Bicycles?
Sacramento disconnected from reality…

[K. Lloyd Billingsley] 3/24/05

Are Unions a "Special Interest?"
special privileges...
[K. Lloyd Billingsley] 3/3/05

Goodbye to "terrorist tech"...

[K. Lloyd Billingsley] 2/11/05

Disable Pension Fraud
Enable a Defined-Contribution System...
[K. Lloyd Billingsley] 1/17/05

Fear Not
Michael Crichton and "global warming"…
[K. Lloyd Billingsley] 12/24/04

Shakedown Lawsuits Live On
Despite Prop 64…
[K. Lloyd Billingsley] 12/7/04

The Big Choice
It's education...
[K. Lloyd Billingsley] 10/29/04

When the Chips are Down
Compassionate Sacramento…

[K. Lloyd Billingsley] 9/17/04

Why 9/11 is a Lesson in Bad Government
Anniversary Reading…

[K. Lloyd Billingsley] 9/10/04

Cutting State Government Down To Size
Rocking the status quo…

[K. Lloyd Billingsley] 8/25/04

Easy on Terrorism
California Judge Sends Wrong Message on Terrorism…

[K. Lloyd Billingsley] 8/12/04

State Greed Has Consequences
Driving productivity out of the state…

[K. Lloyd Billingsley] 8/6/04

Free California’s School Districts
Legislators pick union payback over education…

[K. Lloyd Billingsley] 7/22/04

Pension Sellout is New California Gold Rush
Paying for everything…

[K. Lloyd Billingsley] 7/13/04

Big Fish Got Away in Corruption Scandal
State officials in the education shadows…

[K. Lloyd Billingsley] 7/6/04

Capitol Countdown
Buying politicians... the union way…

[K. Lloyd Billingsley] 6/30/04

Reagan Maximized the Contradictions of Liberalism
Provoking the fury of the Left...
[K. Lloyd Billingsley] 6/10/04

What Lies Beneath
The Governor's marketplace ideas meet Sacramento's socialists...
[K. Lloyd Billingsley] 5/18/04

Higher Taxes by Ballot?
Nice sounding liberal tax grabs...
[K. Lloyd Billingsley] 4/27/04

A Taxing Meditation
Tax freedom day can't come soon enough...
[K. Lloyd Billingsley] 4/15/04

March Madness
Students' unworthy protests...
[K. Lloyd Billingsley] 3/26/04

Damage Control From Bond Debacle
Throwing good intentioned bond money after bad?
[K. Lloyd Billingsley] 3/12/04

Expanding the Zone of Choice
Charter schools are working…
[K. Lloyd Billingsley] 3/11/04

More Evidence of California's Education Failure
Self esteem and social promotion bottleneck state colleges…
[K. Lloyd Billingsley] 2/13/04

San Francisco Drug Policy Ignores Facts
Sets Bad Example…
[K. Lloyd Billingsley] 1/23/04

2004: The Year of the Ferret
Regulation for regulation's sake…
[K. Lloyd Billingsley] 1/8/04

California Christmas List
More Choices Through Market-Driven Policies…
[K. Lloyd Billingsley] 12/24/03

Public Broadcasting?
San Diego heiress bequeaths taxpayer-funded NPR a windfall…
[K. Lloyd Billingsley] 11/20/03

UC Admissions: Same as the Old Boss?
A time of change or the same old thing?
[K. Lloyd Billingsley] 11/5/03

A legislature ruling in denial of real consequences...
[K. Lloyd Billingsley] 10/30/03

Sweethearts Dance, You Pay
Politicians and unions strategize to stop privatization...
[K. Lloyd Billingsley]

Natural Born Killers
More legislation to destroy business...
[K. Lloyd Billingsley] 9/23/03

Folie de Petrol
[K. Lloyd Billingsley] 9/11/03

Ten Years After: Progress and Opposition in Charter Schools
[K. Lloyd Billingsley] 7/17/03



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