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Guest Contributor
Joe Armendariz

Forget MEChA, what about PORcA?
It's always about the money...
[Joe Armendariz] 9/15/03

As a 3rd generation Mexican-American who grew up in East Los Angeles (the Barrio) I am often asked how I came to refuse to embrace the radical left inhabited by prominent Latinos like Cruz Bustamante.

I guess I can blame my parents. My dad, whose parents were born in Mexico, spoke no English until he was 7 years old; yet, he graduated from USC at the top of his class with a degree in engineering. He never loitered in the intellectual ghetto known as MEChA, nor did he embrace the silliness of bilingual education and/or multi-culturalism.

My parents taught me and my 5 siblings to be proud Americans. And proud Americans we are, every one of us. Moreover, if anybody can and should speak out against the radical left and what it has done to undermine the economic interests of Latino families, from one end of this state to the other, it is proud Americans of Latino descent like myself.

But as repulsive as Bustamante's devotion to MEChA is, more repulsive still is his de facto involvement in another spurious "organization" -- PORcA, a club that excludes all but the most profligate tax and spenders in the California Democratic Party. The only requirement is they must also be willing to take a breather from the nation's campaign finance laws.

The acronym stands for Obnoxious Politicos Rearranging el Campaign Account (PORcA). The PORcA slogan is: "For the Special Interests Everything, for the Taxpayer Nothing". And Cruz isn't just a member of PORcA, he's their Lieutenant Governor.He has also proven himself to be one of the most talented in the club at corrupting existing campaign finance laws. Consider what he has achieved with his $2 million dollar contribution from Tribal Indians. Because of the contribution limit imposed on Recall candidates is $21,200, Cruz figured out a way to take that $2 million dollars and deposit it into an old campaign account (not subject to the $21,200 limit) and then break it up into 94 $21,200. individual contributions and deposit the money into his Recall account. See?

I don't think this level of political corruption prowess has been demonstrated in this state since former Vice-President Albert Gore "accidentally" walked away with bags of campaign cash after visiting a Buddhist Temple in Hacienda Heights.

But Cruz is a long-time "friend" of tribes. He used to keep them company in the bad old days before they possessed a monopoly on casino gambling and the buckets of cash that go with it. So perhaps, in his own mind, that entitles him to the millions of dollars the tribes provide to conniving politicians who never miss an opportunity to do the "right" thing for California -- which they seem to equate with furthering their own ambitions.

And the Indians aren't alone in their selfless generosity to Cruz. Consider the $700,000 donation he received from 13,000 of his closest friends who just happen to belong to a union called: "Professional Engineers in California Government". These folks aren't interested in anything but supporting their good buddy Cruz -- their generosity has nothing to do with the fact that they have been actively lobbying for generous pay-raises and adamantly oppose to the state shifting engineering work to the private-sector.

And Cruz's interest in the money is as noble as the motives of those who donate it -- he's just using the funds to "even the political playing field." And as soon as he is elected, his friends will receive nothing more than a nice "thank you card." Th-Th-Th that's all F-F-F-Folks!

Joe Armendariz is Executive Director of the Santa Barbara Industrial Association and the Santa Barbara County Taxpayers Association.



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