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American Jews: Why Are You Still Liberal?
Can Israel be saved?...

[Tom Adkins] 2/21/06

Palestinians are embracing a government of armed thugs. Syria engineered a political assassination in Lebanon, and are sending terrorists all over the world. Saudi Arabia is seriously torn between the modern world and 14th Century Islamofascism. Ariel Sharon is recovering from a coma. And Iran’s leader, after openly coveting the destruction of Israel, began processing uranium for atomic bombs.

American Jews: Why are you still liberal?


Tom Adkins is Executive Publisher of and frequent financial commentator on Fox News. [go to Adkins index]

From various wars to the Intifadah, American liberal Democrat policy has placated and encouraged Israel’s enemies for over 50 years. Once, the resulting mayhem could be managed by a bit of diplomacy coupled with a few well-placed missiles or a proper tank shot. But now, for the first time in its history, Israel is vulnerable to one single atomic event that could bring about instant, irrevocable elimination of their homeland. And it’s right on the doorstep.

Tell me, please, American Jews: do you think it’s time you took the enemies of Israel seriously?

Allow me to take a time-out here. This is not one of those “damned Jews” rants from an Idaho white separatist group. Jews, like any other nationality, race or religion are welcome to join America’s wonderful national experiment. Yet for some disturbing reason, the American Jew has been the second-most reliable Democrat voting block (behind blacks). Enamored with socialist liberalism, which over the last century caused over 150 million deaths worldwide, including at least 6 million Jews (Nazi stood for “National Socialist”), American Jews helped seek the destruction of the constitutional value pillars rooted in individualism that granted American freedom and power.

But unwilling to admit failure of their vaunted welfare state, Democrats have evolved into a party so virulently opposed to any opposition, they have become rabid fools and traitors. Of course, Americans are free to be fools. We even tolerate traitors to an astounding degree. But for any Jew, this is no longer a squabble for America’s political turf. We are facing nuclear annihilation of the Jewish homeland. So if you have a stake in the situation, and certainly any Jew should, consider recent history. George Bush’s successful overthrow of the Taliban and Saddam Hussein marked the first time in centuries that anyone seriously tried to shred the dangerous unholy alliances, that held the ugly Middle East status quo. Now, 58 million neighboring Arabs weren’t merely freed, but two armies also disappeared. Libya surrendering a surprisingly vast nuclear and biological weapons program. Egypt grudgingly allowed real elections with real opposition parties. Syria withdrew its military from Lebanon. And Bush exposed the corrupt, anti-Semitic vermin running rampant through the hallowed halls of the United Nations. And for that matter, Paris, Berlin, Brussels and Moscow. There is no legitimate comparison between what George Bush has accomplished in the Middle East and any previous American President.

It’s obvious George Bush’s strategy clearly favors Israel’s survival. And it is equally obvious that the Democrat effort to prevent Bush’s success presents a direct threat to Israel. Yet the pedestrian American Jew is still liplocked with liberals, attacking Bush for his boldness and standing in the way of success. Could there be a greater assist to the enemies of Israel?

This presents American Jews with quite a paradox. After successfully helping Democrats turn national and world opinion against Bush, who will muzzle a nuclear armed Iran? You can bet the French and Germans won’t be marching into Tehran soon. Russia? They are supplying Iranians with uranium. So who’s left? If Tel Aviv disappears in a mushroom cloud, will liberal Jews blame George Bush for not sending Big Red One? Probably. But at that point, such hypocritical bleatings may be a bit late.

So what does the American Jew need? A stern warning? A hard slap? A nuclear detonation? Whether by rote habit, sheer stupidity or unthinking arrogance, American Jews are so blindly liberal, they openly put Israel at risk of total annihilation. What Adolph Hitler could not achieve, American Jews may ironically wreak upon their own homeland.

In this war for Middle East, freedom, Americans may accuse American Democrats of being dopes, dupes and traitors. But what adjective accurately describes the American liberal Jew, who would allow his homeland to be destroyed out of blind political folly? No further debate remains. Israel is in atomic peril. American liberal Democrats want to keep it that way. Republicans want to save Israel. The American Jew has run out of excuses. So please, for the sake of your very homeland, answer the question. American Jews: Why are you still liberal? -one-

copyright 2006




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