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Tom Adkins - Contributor

Tom Adkins is Executive Publisher of and frequent financial commentator on Fox News. [go to Adkins index]

Right Again
We told you so...

[Tom Adkins] 2/23/05

Once again, they are wrong. Absolutely, definitively, unambiguously wrong. Wrong beyond any utterance of an excuse. Wrong by any stretch of the imagination. Wrong by any honest, accurate and truthful observation, examination or interpretation of world events. Wrong, wrong, wrong.

Who? Oh, the list is long. Democrats. Liberals. French. Germans. World socialists. Islamo-fascists. Al Jazeera. CBS. ABC. NBC. Reuters. Associated Press. The United Nations. The New York Times. Terrorists.

Not that we can tell them apart anymore.

Ooohhhhh…how dare I say that? Easy. Faced with the choice of saving 28 million people from an unspeakably vicious terror, every one of these entities sided with evil. Enamored with the arrogant perfume of narcissistic motivations, these cretins chose the wrong side of history. Or more accurately, they proactively worked to defend the cause of despotism. Terrorists have guns in their hands. The French are terrorists with treaties in their hands. Liberals are terrorists with a dead philosophy in their hands. Dan Rather is a terrorist with a microphone in his hands. The New York Times staff are terrorists with a word processor in their hands. Ted Kennedy? A terrorist with a brother’s overblown legacy in one hand and a Dewar’s in the other. They all rabidly defend the terrorist condominium at First Avenue at 46th Street, New York City. *

Few times can the righteous minority claim obvious victory against the vast unrighteous world. This is one of them. The World Left is wrong. The American Conservatives are right. And freedom triumphed.

Let’s establish one thing for historic record: freedom is usually granted with a brandished sword (unless nobody wants your God forsaken country in the first place- Scandinavian nations - take note). Nations which shed the chains of oppression do so either internally, such as the United States, Turkey and France, or with external assistance, such as Japan, Germany and Russia. It is the paradox of sovereign free nations to free the oppressed. Sadly, much of the free world has become smug and selfish, forgetting the history of their own freedom. In fact, rather than lend a noble hand, most of the world preferred Iraqis live in silent hell. They’ve forsaken the downtrodden for greed, political gamesmanship, or as the viciousness of the World Left proved, more nefarious reasons.

Fortunately, Iraqi freedom blooms today despite this political amnesia. This week, 8 million Iraqis told Chirac, Rather, Pinch Sulzberger, and John Kerry to go jump in a lake.

If only that would work. After all, Ted Kennedy tried it once before, and suffered merely a brisk bath and suspended drivers license. And that kinda summarizes how the World Left deals with its sick fascist core. Across the world, they’ve been wrong about nearly everything they’ve tried. It is unlikely they will ever admit defeat. After all, the World Left does not exist to find truth, freedom and justice. Instead, they serve dead masters: Karl Marx, Muhammad ibn Abd al-Wahhab and Mao Zedung, all horrible figures who believed someone has the right to take every freedom imaginable in the name of greater humanity. As Zedung uttered “Political power grows out of the barrel of a gun.” Thus the World Left survives by negotiations in vast dining halls, threat of a subpoena and by blood in the streets. Someone else’s blood, of course.

Now, in one moment, the entire leftist theory, premise and modus operendi have been exposed and smashed. Who proved them wrong? A bunch of scruffy Iraqis, scarred from years of hideous terror, who came forth from every corner of their nation to claim freedom. Millions of them. An elderly woman came in a donkey cart. One man who lost a leg to terrorists somehow walked 5 miles. All of them knew someone murdered by an evil regime bent on bloodthirsty self-indulgence. Underfoot for centuries, they risked guns, bombs and beheadings, drew themselves up and voted for their own freedom. And now, Iraqis are free.

Just like everyone else in the world would - if given the opportunity.

Oh, don’t crow about victory too fast. The Left isn’t vanquished. Less than 2% of the world lives in a free society. Even in America, liberals always claw away at freedom. But their awful folly is becoming more obvious. This time, 8 million Iraqi heroes proved it. But since public relations is a big part of politics, let’s take this opportunity to rub manure into the faces of the World Left. Liberals? You are wrong. Conservatives? We are right. And we will always be right. Why? Because conservatives are on the side of freedom. The World Left, whether in the coffee shops of Paris, the back alleys of Baghdad, or the halls of Congress stands on the side of tyranny. And you shall be defeated. tRO

[*First Avenue at 46th Street is the intersection of the United Nations Building]

copyright 2005




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