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Tom Adkins - Contributor

Tom Adkins is Executive Publisher of and frequent financial commentator on Fox News. [go to Adkins index]

Message For Republicans
So, why aren't we winning?
[Tom Adkins] 11/03/04

This message is for all my fellow Republicans.

It’s the day after the election. Who won? Wait. Before you answer, just ask yourself aren’t you disgusted? Not at Democrats. Sure, they’re corrupt, despicable cretins and their followers are too dumb to know better. And those undecided voters are blithely ignorant of the world, and always shall be. No, I’m mad at Republicans.

After watching this election unfold, it is apparent once again that we Republicans aren’t ready for prime time. Oh, sure, we control the House, barely. The Senate by a razor thin margin. And the White House? Maybe yes and maybe no. But why?

Democrats have been demonstrably wrong on virtually every issue in the last century. Between bungling diplomacy and massive Great Society socialism, they have caused more damage to our nation than America’s enemies. But they believe. Lord, do they believe. Karl Marx may be dead and buried, but he lives on in the hearts of every Democrat. Republicans? Sure, we remember Ronald Reagan with a few catch phrases: Won the Cold War without firing a shot. Cut taxes. Ronald Reagan last served 16 years ago. He is dead. Where are the next great conservatives?

I don’t know. But I know this: they aren’t stepping up to the plate. Where is the next Fox News channel? When is a Republican going to buy CBS? The New York Times? MTV?

Then again, why should they bother? Today, cutting edge conservative leaders face a Republican machine that anoints winners from an old boys network, and Republican operatives who pull out daggers and eat them alive before they get to the top. Then again, that’s how the incompetent protect their turf.

Meanwhile, Democrats jump through flaming hoops to support their candidates. Just witness this election. John Kerry is an arrogant bore with a horrible past, and virtually no accomplishments except his treasonous success helping America lose a war. And he’s promising to do it again. Few Democrats like him. He’s perhaps the most dreadful, uninspiring candidate running for anything anywhere. Yet he enjoys as much support as George Bush in perhaps the most critical election in 60 years. Why? Because the American Left has gone to battlestations. Newspapers block out Kerry’s lies. Reporters don’t ask tough questions. Television news anchors don’t show his gaffes. Heck, they even manufacture stories to attack Bush and help Kerry. When exposed, they don’t even apologize. They don’t even admit it!!! And then there’s the biannual Democrat campaign of massive voter fraud, electioneering, intimidation…

Meanwhile, conservatives have become so fat and lazy we don’t see the point of waging all out war. Democrats passed a tax hike? Don’t worry, we have a shelter for that. Facing new red tape? No problem, we have an accounting trick to avoid that. And so on. We don’t bother fighting. We just push the “escape” button. Essentially, we skate by. My dear Republicans, we are treading water because we aren’t swimming for the beachhead.

Oh, sure, there are those of us who blame George Bush for this debacle. After all, he lost a 10-point lead following that first debate. He missed a hundred opportunities to nail Kerry to the wall. But here’s the big question: If you are soooo amazing at political operations, why weren’t you at the podium? In fact, where are the great communicators like Reagan, who can market conservatism to convenience store employees? Where are brilliant leaders who can engineer an election revolution like New Gingrich? I’ll tell you where they are: Wall Street. Main Street. Your street. But not in the political battles.

And speaking of you high-finance Republicans, why haven’t you tossed your hat in the ring? You got the money. And no, it’s not good enough to donate a few thousand bucks and pat yourself on the back. You got to sacrifice, my friend. Either that or stop bitching about the next tax hike. And let me remind you that writing a check and walking away is merely playing defense for an entire game. At some point, the other guy is gonna score. Especially if you field a team of second-rate players.

It’s time we stopped wasting time blowing hot air and start fighting. How? Knock on doors. Get 30 neighbors to take over the PTA and hold the teachers feet to the fire. Or get a teaching degree and take over the school. Maybe get a government job, move up the ladder and start cleaning out dead wood. Get a law degree and sue the hell out of every liberal who you don’t like. Become a judge and start making some rulings that get regain our lost freedoms and handcuff liberals. And for some of us, wrench back control of the government by entering politics. Sound too hard? That’s what liberals did.

Sure, we whine quite well. But Republicans simply don’t make the sacrifice. It’s not enough to have a wonderful philosophy. You have to fight for it. And fight to keep it. And fight off attacks to take it away. When your philosophy is precious freedom, it’s amazing how vicious the enemy will strike. Republicans better learn how to sacrifice, how to fight and how to win. One thing I can guarantee: If Republicans don’t, Democrats will. tRO

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