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[Walter Moore, Candidate for Mayor of Los Angeles] 12:05 am [permalink]
Spreadsheet of Shame: The Cost Per Voter of Villaraigosa's Irresponsible Spending If you live in L.A., you may know about some of the more insane "programs" on which Villaraigosa and the City Council have squandered your hard-earned tax money.

For example, there was the $4,500 paid to the feng shui consultant to make sure our million-dollar rental monkeys from China would enjoy their new $7.2 million pen. That yin-yang balance is critical to Chinese monkeys, as most educated people know.

Taking another example, there was the $140 million tax break City Hall gave to the rich developers building a hotel in the L.A. Live project downtown. Unfortunately for the rest of the business people still left in the city who do not contribute to career politicians, they will have to continue to shoulder the City's $477 million per year business income tax. [Moore is Better blog]

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