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[Bill Leonard, contributor, Member CA Board of Equalization] 12:03 am [permalink]
Studying the Mexican Constitution We are engaged in a great national debate about illegal immigration and we are searching for approaches to dealing with the challenge that range from mass amnesty to mass deportation. Michael Waller at the Center for Security Policy decided to examine how one country integral to our debate, Mexico, deals with their illegal immigrants. What he found in the Mexican constitution was very specific and harsh treatment of people in that country illegally. Waller summarizes thusly:

- Immigrants and foreign visitors are banned from public political discourse.
- Immigrants and foreigners are denied certain basic property rights.
- Immigrants are denied equal employment rights.
- Immigrants and naturalized citizens will never be treated as real Mexican citizens.
- Immigrants and naturalized citizens are not to be trusted in public service.
- Immigrants and naturalized citizens may never become members of the clergy.
- Private citizens may make citizens‚ arrests of lawbreakers and hand them over to the authorities.
- Immigrants may be expelled from Mexico for any reason and without due process.

Waller suggests there are two policy options:

1. Mexico should amend its constitution to guarantee immigrants to Mexico the same right it demands the United States give to immigrants from Mexico; or

2. The United States should impose the same restrictions on Mexican immigrants that Mexico imposes on American immigrants.
While Mexican laws are clearly anti-immigrant and biased, even if they changed their system it would not alter the problems America has in not enforcing its own laws. I say our laws recognize the great benefits of immigration but that our laws must be enforced to be fair to those who actually follow the law when they immigrate.

To read more and see the citations to the Mexican constitution, go to this link.


[Sher Zieve - New Media Alliance] 12:05 am [permalink]
The War against US Border Security It certainly comes as no surprise that Mexico’s President Vicente Fox is not in favor of any US-Mexico border protections. He has called such protections “shameless”. Fox and other Mexican presidents have been exporting their impoverished people and criminals to the United States for decades. Two of the “positive” things that these “exportations” have affected for Mexico are billions of dollars sent back to the illegal immigrants‚ homeland of Mexico (the 2nd greatest annual income source for
that country) and it has offered Mexican leaders a way out of being required to address the serious and growing problems in their own country.

No, Mexico’s export-our-problems policy and its war against US Border protection is not a shock. Neither are the efforts of many of those exports who are now actively and militantly claiming the United States really belongs to Mexico. Two of the militant-revolutionary Hispanic groups, MEChA (which states the US Southwest belongs to their members and should be called “Aztlan”) and the Mexica Movement (which claims that the entire North American continent belongs to it -and should be called the “Anahuac Nation”), are both demanding their “human rights” that include a “reconquista” (or reconquering) of the United States by and for Hispanics.

Note: I don’t remember any first “conquering” do you?

Due to the relaxed or non-existent US-Mexico border policies, Mexico’s ambitions for the US are neither a surprise nor an unexpected consequence of the US government’s non-action. However, through this continuing debacle, an extraordinary revelation has emerged: US businesses who employ cheap illegal immigrant labor and US Senators who support them have placed said “cheap labor” above national security and the real rights of the US citizenry. And with the Marxist-inspired recent and continuing illegal immigrant marches (demanding “rights” that do not exist - under US law - for those entering our country illegally) “our” Senators (the ones we voted into office - remember?) are siding with the potential-illegals-voting-bloc instead of legal US citizen-voters. Now, THAT is the real bombshell.

In the midst of an environment that includes terrorists who have stated they will destroy us, by whatever means necessary, our elected officials are allowing them - along with any and all illegal entrants from South of the border - to come into our country at will. And they are also allowing illegals to stage massive demonstrations in and on our streets, joined by our leftist-indoctrinated children, to demand rights that don’t exist. Nobody tries to stop them. Our lawmakers and law-enforces ignore their illegal nature. Police have been told they cannot arrest the “protesting illegals”. Further, during the recent illegal immigrants‚ demonstrations, Democrats have been caught registering the illegals to vote. US citizens are left with no representation-whatsoever.

Thus far, US lawmakers have refused to support and protect the US citizens and property owners who live along the US-Mexico border region. These citizens contacted the Minuteman Project for help. Chris Simcox, co-founder of the project, has offered his assistance in building a barrier to protect them from the hordes of illegals that cross their lands on a daily basis. Simcox advised, 20 April on Sean Hannity’s Radio program, that he has been “warned” by the US government against building any protective barrier. Some real, legitimate and crucial questions now come to mind. Why is the US government trying to stop the protection of its citizens? Why is the US government patently going against its responsibilities to protect the nation and its citizens (both native and naturalized) from foreign invasion? Are foreign invaders more important to “our” government than are its citizens?

As of this writing, the illegal aliens‚ “National Strike Day” is still scheduled for 1 May˜the traditional Communist “May Day”. And, as of this writing, a counter-action is still scheduled by US citizens for 5 May. Isn’t it time that we the people US citizens showed our clout, instead of ignoring the dissolution of our country? As just one US citizen, I say it is:
References: -


[Bill Leonard, contributor, Member CA Board of Equalization] 12:03 am [permalink]
Bragging Rights Assemblywoman Judy Chu, who is also a candidate for the Board of Equalization in Los Angeles, put out a press release bragging that she was known by 21% of the 8 1/2 million people (or at least the voters) in that district. Her opponent, Assemblyman Jerome Horton, responded that neither of them are that well known. I feel their pain. Jerome is probably right since the Board is such a low profile position despite its power. Yet even if Judy is right, here we are just weeks away from the June primary that will determine which of them wins and 79% of voters have never heard of one of the leading candidates. That’s not a lot to brag about. This is the nature of many down-ticket races. With campaign laws limiting fund raising and spending, combined with weak press coverage of these races, the voters are left in the dark about the choices they are being asked to make.
[Leonard Blog]


[Bill Leonard, contributor, Member CA Board of Equalization] 12:03 am [permalink]
Westly as Chief Auditor Controller Steve Westly may have opened a door for his opponents when he told the Sacramento Bee that he would balance the budget by auditing $5 billion of savings out of state government spending. The Bee (see ) rightly tagged him as seeking to be accountant in chief. The problem is that this is precisely the job of the state controller, the job he has right now. Has Westly audited even one state agency and, if so, has he forced that agency to spend less? If he had used the powers of his office over the last four years to go after wasteful government spending he would be very credible in arguing that he could do even more as Governor. But after searching his website, I could find only one audit instituted by Westly on a state general fund agency. He announced in March of 2006 that he would audit the Department of Corrections health care spending. Considering that a federal judge has already ruled that this spending is out of control, it seems like a safe bet to audit.
[Leonard Blog]


[Jim Kouri, contributor] 12:03 am [permalink]
Anti-Military Sentiment in San Francisco Is Nothing New
It's no secret that the beautiful, picturesque city of San Francisco probably the nation's headquarters for anti-war sentiment. Not only are there anti-war protests, civil disobedience and other actions aimed at furthering opposition to the war in Iraq, but even elected officials are anti-military.

One city supervisor even said that the United States should dismantle its entire military. When asked how we'd respond to a terrorist attack, he answered that the police and fire departments would respond. Such is the reasoning of the left-wing of the Democrat Party.

Not content with just protesting the war with their shrill slogans that have bored Americans to distraction, they have shown that it's not only the Iraq war they oppose, they despise all branches of the US military. In move after move, leftist groups, and even some city officials, are trying to completely banish the military from their city. When they prevented the battleship USS Iowa from docking in San Francisco, the left's partners in the news media barely noticed.

These left-wingers in San Francisco believe they are on the cutting-edge of anti-war activity. These are the intellectual giants of America imparting their wisdom on the rest of us unkempt warmongers. But, that is not the case.

To leftists it doesn't matter whether the enemy is Saddam Hussein's Iraq or Germany's Adolf Hitler, they have an agenda that always spells anti-Americanism. The more damage they inflict on their own country the better. Their agenda has nothing to do with ideology, compassion or a love of peace -- it's all about power.

Just prior to the US entry into World War II, the American left mobilized to stop the US from fighting the Nazis. In fact, in an alliance of convenience, the leftists joined the American Nazi sympathizers in their anti-war activities. The feeling was that since Adolf Hitler and the Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin signed a peace treaty, America was the enemy, not the Nazis and certainly not the communists.

However, the moment German troops invaded the Soviet Union, the lefties changed their tune and were all for the United States joining the Allies in fighting the Axis powers. Suddenly it was perfectly okay for American blood to be shed -- in order to save the Stalinists and their government from the Hun invasion.

In 1939 Britain, according to Bruce Walker in his excellent book "Sinisterism: Secular Religion of the Lie," as with today's San Francisco and other American cities, most of the local governments were governed by leftists.

British cities and townships:

- denied the British military the use of council halls for meetings,

- banned recruitment marches,

- prohibited the placement of recruitment posters in local government buildings,

- docked the paychecks of men who volunteered to serve in the Territorial Army,

- denied the student Cadet Corps any recognition at schools,

- insulted, even abused, those who wore military uniforms,

- forbade the use of parade grounds for recruitment,

- raised the old bogeys of class distinction and 'victimization' when everything else failed.

Sound familiar?

When some talk hosts at a radio station (KNEW) in the San Francisco-Oakland market openly criticized the people and local officials for some of their anti-military activities, the government officials requested the Federal Communications Commission to "investigate" the station's licensing records. So much for freedom of speech with these phony patriots of the left.

I suspect that the San Francisco government is using the Iraq war to divert attention away from the rampant crime -- while most cities have experienced reductions in crime, San Francisco has witnessed an increase -- an out-of-control homeless problem, and a number of other social pathologies.

Tony Bennett might have left his heart in San Francisco, but where did the San Franciscan left leave their brains?


[Bill Leonard, contributor, Member CA Board of Equalization] 12:03 am [permalink]
Voter Verification Democrat leaders, including Senators Don Perata, and Debra Bowen (who is also a candidate for Secretary of State), are decrying changes to the voter registration system that they claim will result in thousands of newly registered and even veteran voters being dropped from the rolls. As I understand it, some people's registrations are being kicked back when they register for the first time because they have failed to put in required identification such as a Social Security number or Driver's License number. Some Democrats are attacking this security process as evidence of Republicans suppressing votes. Of course, the question that no reporter has asked is what happens when the Registrar of Voters contacts any of the disqualified voters to find out why they submitted an incomplete form. My guess is that most of the people just did not read or understand the directions. Once your filter those out, then you are left with those false registrations by people without legal authority to vote: felons and illegal immigrants. If Democrats want to push for greater integrity in our voting system, they should join Republicans who support requiring voters to show valid ID at the polls before casting ballots. [Leonard Blog]


[Jim Kouri, contributor] 12:03 am [permalink]
Thousands of Illegal Alien Predators Target Children
Federal agents and New York City probation officers arrested 47 criminal alien sex offenders in Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx and Manhattan as part of the Department of Homeland Security's "Operation Predator."

Thirty-six of those arrested were in the country illegally, according to court documents.The immigrants arrested are foreign born who've been convicted sex offenders guilty of rape, sodomy, assault with intent to cause physical injury, sexual abuse and sexual misconduct, endangering the welfare of a child, reckless endangerment, course sex conduct and possessing a sexual performance by a child.

The youngest of the victims was three-years old.

"Predators stalk and attack the most vulnerable segments of society, our children," said Marcy Forman, Investigations Director for US Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

Top officials at the Department of Homeland Security recently revealed that arrests for child sex crimes during the first two years of Operation Predator have exceeded 6,000 and 85 percent of them are criminal immigrants. And our political leaders appear to tell us,"We couldn't care less."

Operation Predator is Immigration and Customs Enforcement's comprehensive initiative to safeguard children from foreign national pedophiles, international sex tourists, Internet child pornographers and human traffickers.

Operation Predator evolved out of ICE’s mission to find and deport illegal aliens, particularly those with criminal records. The majority of the arrests under Operation Predator - roughly 85% - have involved foreign nationals in this country whose child sex crimes make them removable from the United States. By matching immigration databases with state Megan’s law directories, ICE agents have arrested more than 1,800 registered sex offenders.

Since Operation Predator began on July 9, 2003, the initiative has resulted in 6,085 child predator arrests throughout the country - an average of roughly 250 arrests per month and eight arrests per day. While arrests have been made in every state, the most have occurred in these states: Arizona (207), California (1,578), Florida (255), Illinois (282), Michigan (153), Minnesota (190), New Jersey (423), New York (367), Oregon (148) and Texas (545).

Operation Predator also has an important international component, as leads developed by domestic ICE offices are shared with ICE Attaché offices overseas and foreign law enforcement for action. To date, leads shared by ICE with foreign authorities have resulted in the arrest of roughly 1,000 individuals overseas.

With an average of nearly 250 child sex predator arrests per month, ICE's Operation Predator has emerged as one of most successful efforts ever launched to protect America's children. In enforcing the nation's immigration laws, ICE is systematically targeting those who pose the greatest threats, including criminal aliens who prey on our children. Those captured are believed to be a drop in the bucket when one realizes most sex crimes -- especially those involving children go unreported.

Some recent ICE arrests involving criminal aliens who committed child sex crimes include Julio Cesar Rabago-Magana, a Mexican man who raped a four-year-old child in the basement of Mercado Central in Minneapolis, Minn. Rabago-Magana pleaded guilty Oct. 23, 2002 to first-degree criminal sexual conduct. After serving his criminal sentence, he was arrested by ICE agents at his St. Paul home on March 3, 2005, and deported six days later.

To date, more than 2,100 of these foreign-born predators have been removed from the United States to their home nations. As part of this process, ICE advises the host nation governments about the criminal histories of each sex predator it is deporting to their nations. ICE also issues Green Notices through Interpol in appropriate cases. The Green Notice provides information on career criminals who have committed, or are likely to commit, offenses in several countries.


[Bill Leonard, contributor, Member CA Board of Equalization] 12:03 am [permalink]
Capital Is Not the Problem Last week, gubernatorial candidate and current state Treasurer Phil Angelides, suggested that the California Public Employees Retirement System (PERS) invest $15 billion, or up to five percent of its assets, in transportation infrastructure projects that generate income for the state, such as toll bridges. Despite the common wisdom that we are in need of more money to build new infrastructure, lack of capital is not the problem. The problem is that we lack the collective political will to make infrastructure a budget priority. Our legislators lack the discipline to spend money on building roads, schools, levees and prisons because they get more political benefit from spending money directly on public employees and entitlement programs than they do from investing in construction projects that will not be completed until after they leave office. If we really wanted to “build it,” as the Governor says, we would take a percentage of the annual budget and create a capital fund that could begin work on these projects immediately. Yet our legislators cannot agree on which projects to fund, in what order, or make the regulatory changes needed to have projects designed and approved quickly. If we could be united on that front, the money is there, whether it comes from the taxpayers directly in the General Fund or from the taxpayers indirectly through a PERS investment bond.[Leonard Blog]


[Found in the ebag-from Capitol Resource Institute] 12:01 am [permalink]
Planned Parenthood Lures Teens with iPods and Free Movie Tickets
It appears that Planned Parenthood has stooped to an all-new low.

Planned Parenthood Golden Gate (PPGG) has advertised that anyone who makes an appointment at one of their facilities prior to April 30, 2006 is eligible to enter a drawing to win an iPod. This incentive is clearly intended to lure young people into its doors.

Planned Parenthood has also devised another scheme to attract minor children. Its “Tell-A-Friend” program is advertised through a poster picturing a teenage girl whispering to another teenage girl: “Get free movie tickets? Yes – when you tell a friend about Planned Parenthood.” The Tell-A-Friend program distributes referral cards to teenagers. If a teenager convinces their friend to go to Planned Parenthood, and their referral card is turned in, the teenager will be mailed two free movie tickets redeemable at any United Artist theater.

Planned Parenthood’s services are listed on the referral card: birth control, annual exams, pregnancy testing, STD testing and treatment, HIV testing, and emergency contraception.

“Just like any other business, Planned Parenthood utilizes programs designed to bring in more customers. Just like any other business, a key target group for Planned Parenthood is young people,” said Douglas Scott president of Life Decisions International. “And just like any other business, Planned Parenthood seeks to get more young people in their doors to increase the size of their already overflowing coffers—funds often provided by taxpayers. And once a teenager is hooked, he or she can prove to be a good source of income for many years to come.”

Scott said a revenue source is not the only reason Planned Parenthood is targeting young people. “Unlike any other business, Planned Parenthood has an agenda. Once a young person enters a Planned Parenthood facility, the group can preach its doctrine of death without the interference of parents or other family members.”


[Nick Winter-Found in the ebag from Senator Chuck Poochigian] 12:02 am [permalink]
Weakening Three Strikes Could Lead to Release of Large Numbers of Career Criminals "Three Strikes has proven to be an extremely effective crime-fighting tool that has led to the incarceration of some of our most dangerous repeat offenders, while deterring others from committing new felonies in fear of tough sentences. California’s district attorneys and judges already have a significant amount of discretion when prosecuting and sentencing criminals under Three Strikes. SB 1642 is a solution in search of a problem. It exempts many serious crimes from being eligible for third strikes. Watering down Three Strikes could lead to a flood of inmates previously convicted of serious or violent felonies being released onto our streets." - Senator Chuck Poochigian

Public Safety Committee Votes to Weaken Three Strikes

Tuesday, the Senate Public Safety Committee approved SB 1642 (Romero) which would alter California’s “Three Strikes and You’re Out” law (Three Strikes), by limiting third strikes to the state’s narrowly defined list of serious or violent offenses that excludes many serious crimes. SB 1642 could lead to thousands of repeat offenders being potentially released – all of whom have been convicted of two prior serious and/or violent felonies (many with extensive criminal histories).

Voting in favor of the bill were Senators: Migden, Romero, Cedillo and Perata. Voting against the measure were Senators: Poochigian and Margett.

The Sacramento and Ventura County District Attorneys, California District Attorneys Association, California Police Chiefs Association, and Crime Victims United opposed the measure. Opponents noted that only 4.5% of the entire prison population are third strikers. District attorneys testified that those who will benefit from this law are life criminals, and noted that dangerous felons who pose a grave threat to the citizens of this state could be released.

Thousands of Career Criminals Could be Eligible for Release

Judges and prosecutors already have the discretion to avoid third strike charges in the interest of justice. While there is a great deal of rhetoric about minor offenders being wrongly prosecuted as third strikers, the evidence does not bear this out. SB 1642 could open the doors to our prisons, and make many inmates previously convicted under three strikes eligible for re-sentencing. There are about 7,800 third strikers serving 25-years-to-life sentences. Over 4,400 of them would appear to be eligible to petition for re-sentencing and/or release under SB 1642.

SB 1642 Would Eliminate Many Serious Third Strike Offenses

SB 1642 would limit third strikes to the state’s narrowly defined lists of serious or violent offenses. However, these lists do not include many truly dangerous, violent or potentially violent felonies. Under the Three Strikes Law, a career criminal previously convicted of two serious or violent crimes (as defined in Penal Code Section 667.5 and 1192.7) is subject to a third strike upon the commission of any subsequent felony. If passed, SB 1642 would eliminate the ability to charge these offenders with third strikes for many felonies which the public would consider serious or violent, including:

  • Felon in possession of firearm;Solicitation to commit murder, rape, robbery or arson;Sexual exploitation of a minor;
  • Human trafficking;
  • Carrying a destructive device on a common carrier (i.e. airplane);
  • Child abuse likely to cause great bodily injury;
  • Hate crimes;
  • Abduction for prostitution;
  • Domestic abuse;
  • Child abduction;
  • Making child porn for profit;
  • Solicitation for rape and child molestation;
  • Possession of firearm on school grounds;Possession of a semi-automatic weapon, assault weapons or machine guns;
  • Possession or transportation of explosives;
  • Taking a hostage to prevent arrest or act as a shield;
  • Stalking;
  • Most drug offenses, even those involving manufacture and/or sale of two pound or more of heroin, cocaine, or two gallons of liquid methamphetamine;
  • Most assault and battery;
  • Threat to jurors;
  • Domestic abuse;
  • and Felony DUI..

[NOTE: This is only a partial list].

Third strike offenders currently in state prison based upon conviction of one of these felonies would become eligible for resentencing or release under SB 1642.

[4/5/06 Wednesday]

[Bill Leonard, contributor, Member CA Board of Equalization] 12:03 am [permalink]
Having the Taxpayers' Confidence I was honored last week to receive the endorsement of the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association PAC for my re-election. HJTA President Jon Coupal said, "Bill Leonard has been one of the strongest defenders of Proposition 13, and his work on the Board of Equalization has proven his strong commitment protecting taxpayers." I am honored to have the support of the state's leading taxpayer organization. I was first elected to the state legislature the year that Howard Jarvis lead the successful effort to reform property tax rates in this state, and I have spent my public career fighting for the values that Jarvis embodied: lower, predictable taxes that are administered fairly.
[Leonard Blog]

[4/4/06 Tuesday]

[Bill Morrow - State Senator, columnist] 12:05 am [permalink]
Morrow Throws Gauntlet Down on Exploitative Employers and the Mexican Government [a press release sent out from State Senator Bill Morrow's office - Ed.] Senator Bill Morrow (R-Carlsbad) announced today that amendments to his Senate Bill 1194 would require all employers, both public and private, to verify the legal status of all potential employees.

Senate Bill 1194 mandates that employers participate in the federal “Basic Pilot Program” to verify an applicant’s name, birth date and social security number prior to hiring. Created in 1997, the “Program” is administered by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and the Social Security Administration and is designed to provide instantaneous verification of the legal status of a potential employee at no cost to the employer.

Currently, all states utilize this free program on a voluntary basis; however, if field agents of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) determine that an employer has hired illegal immigrants, and in doing so, made no good faith attempt to verify the legal status of the illegal workers, then the extent of the fines levied can be increased and future participation in the Basic Pilot Program becomes mandatory for the fined employer.

Senate Bill 1194 would immediately make participation in the Basic Pilot Program mandatory for all California employers, thereby greatly reducing, if not eliminating, the number of workers illegally hired in California.

“Most California employers are honorable, but the practice of hiring illegal immigrants is wrong, counter-productive and outright illegal!” said Morrow. “To line their own pockets, employers who knowingly hire illegal workers exploit the poorest, most desperate people in the hemisphere. In doing so, they pull millions of the neediest and their families here, where they end up taking American jobs, suppressing American wages, and causing taxpaying American families to subsidize the education, health care, welfare and incarceration of illegal immigrants. Some estimates put the costs of providing medical care, education and incarceration alone at over $10 billion per year.”

“I support a strong fence to secure our national border. But if SB 1194 were enacted, it would reduce the pressure on such a fence. More importantly, it would reduce the pressure on the American worker and taxpayer.”

“During the past week, I have been utterly stunned by the hundreds of thousands of radical protestors around the nation who advocated illegal hiring, open borders, illegal immigration, ignoring our Constitution, the rule of law and the principles upon which our nation was founded,” said Senator Morrow.

“In Addition, I have been just as appalled by the apathy of our government’s leaders in both parties who refuse to stand up for the laws of this land and secure our borders against trafficking of illegal labor, drugs and potential terrorists weapons. SB 1194 is one surgical step toward putting some backbone back into our government.”

“But the ‘pull’ from unethical U.S. employers is only half the problem,” said Morrow. The Senator also cited the “push” caused by Mexico’s stagnant economy that results from the massive inefficiency in California’s southern neighbor.

“The Mexican government continues to prop up and protect its wealthy elites from the threat of true reform that might liberate the Mexican people,” said Morrow. “Instead, they oppose any policy that threatens to effectively secure the U.S.-Mexico border that is the pressure valve for all their social and economic problems.”

“The hypocritical policies of Mexico’s government and its leader Vicente Fox, who, while closing off Mexico’s southern border against illegal immigrants from southern nations is escorting their own citizens across the California border and practically handing out job applications to boot,” said Morrow.

Morrow added, “The people of Mexico are our friends and neighbors, not our enemies – but the relationship between friends and neighbors cannot be co-dependent and must be managed properly.”

Morrow further stated, “Besides, one of the great myths is that American consumers get cheap agricultural produce, landscaping and home construction from illegal immigrant labor. Actually, those who allegedly benefit from cheap prices are actually paying dramatically higher taxes in order to subsidize the government programs that support the presence of the illegal workers. The costs are hidden in a nasty little shell game that is kept from the taxpayers and consumers.”

“Senate Bill 1194 may not be popular with the exploitive employers in the business community, but my oath of office was made to the Constitution and the people of California, not to those who knowingly break the law,” concluded Morrow.

[4/3/06 Monday]

[Found in the ebag-from New Media Alliance - Sher Zieve] 12:01 am [permalink]
No Borders-No Country
It really is a pretty simple concept to understand. Without viable, recognizable and protected borders, a country will not and cannot maintain its sovereignty or its very “being” as a country. Said country will not survive. But, that is what the majority of US Senators, both Democrat and Republican, are now pushing.

Both US political party Senators are laying down the law to the American people—the ones who are legal citizens. Their message is: “You will accept illegals!” The McCain-Kennedy bill provides a “path toward citizenship” for those already in the US illegally. We are told “it’s not amnesty”. But, it is. “Republican” Senator Arlen Specter tells us repeatedly that this proposal and the changes the Senate is making to water-down the approved US House of Representatives’ immigration bill (the one with real “teeth”) will not include amnesty for illegals. But, it does. Specter is also against the US building any sort of obstacle (AKA “fence”) at our Southern border, to prevent illegals (which also include terrorists) from entering. The Republican Senators are now using a tactic from the Democrats ‘bag-o’-tricks”: “Tell the lie long enough and speak it loudly enough and the stupid ‘we-the-people’ will believe it.”

In fact, there are few-to-no US Senators who seem have the guts to speak out on this issue for US citizens—that’s legal US citizens. Only the illegal entrants are being heard and considered. One only need watch the videos of the recent pro-illegal alien protests in Los Angeles last weekend, to understand what is occurring. Mexican flags were carried en masse by illegal immigrants to the US and their supporters. Radical MEChA is still calling for the “reconquering” of the US Southwest for Mexico and the Mexica Movement is screaming for the entire North American continent. Leftist teacher and school administrator-inspired student walk-outs are being affected on an almost daily basis, now, to support the radical elements’ pro-illegal protests.

Note: I have been warning parents about this leftist student-indoctrination for years.

So, let’s take a real and honest look at what’s happening to the almost-former USA. Protestors want to take it for Mexico and Latinos. But, leftist-indoctrination doesn’t stop there. In the true spirit of “political correctness”, we the people are also being told that we must understand the terrorists, who have also vowed to destroy us. And with the US Senate’s (and even President Bush’s) stance on allowing illegals to enter our country—virtually unstopped—they are making the terrorists job a lot easier. A Quinnipiac poll shows that 57% of US citizens surveyed believe that the illegal immigrant situation is a serious problem. Other polls show this figure to be substantially higher. Director of the Quinnipiac University Polling Institute Maurice Carroll commented: “People think this is a horrible problem, and they are not being very friendly to illegal immigrants.”

As we are now perceiving with our own eyes and ears, our elected Senators are no longer listening to American citizens. Instead, we are being forced to accept “globalism” in its most virulent form and, apparently, Mexican President Vicente Fox is now calling the shots for the US. And this is the man who exports his impoverished people to the US because he can’t—or won’t—correct the problems within his own country! Will we also be forced to accept the violent Mexican drug cartels, just over our “do-not-enforce” Border Region in Texas?

This current and present danger to our country has nothing to do with being compassionate to illegal entrants, folks. It’s about our survival.

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