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The Bear Flag

[12/1/05 Thursday]

[Eric Hogue - radio talk show host KTKZ - Sacramento] 12:01 am [permalink]
Kennedy's Direction as Chief of Staff? How bad is it? I'm not going to lie, it doesn't look good folks...

The announcement of Susan Kennedy as the Governor's new Chief of Staff has unleashed a fury of conservative screaming inside of the state's Republican Party. I'm sad that it takes an event like this to bring the conservatives out of their apathetic state. Where was this outcry and passion on Tuesday, November 8th?

The question that is being asked in Sacramento tonight; "where does this leave the Republican Party and where is 'this' administration headed come the turn of the year?" As far as hope, there is some - not much - but some to focus on this evening.

From sources inside of the Capitol, and those who have worked along side of Susan Kennedy in the past, I'm being told that she is somewhat a fiscally sound idealist. She is comparable to the governor's fiscally conservative ideaology of smaller government freeing up successful business, with lower taxes upon the workers of the state. This is some good news.

In the past, Kennedy has been tough on the PUC Board, and she has verbally gone after Democrats continual 'tax and spend' growth of government. She might be a mirror image of Schwarzenegger when it comes to business and economics.

The real damage comes in relationship to policy. Being the Chief of Staff, she will be involved in the establishment of the governor's agenda.

  • She married her partner on a trip to Hawaii, so she is an active supporter of Assemblyman Mark Leno's "Same Sex Legislation".
  • She is also sympathetic to Assemblyman Gil Cedillo's legislation that would offer driver's license to illegal immigrants for California.
  • From a couple of conversations today, Kennedy will be friendly to Universal Health Care, as well as Universal Day Care.

...just a few of her ideals that she will carry to the side of Governor Schwarzenegger.I'm still trying to determine her leanings educationally on legislative policy.

Being the Chief of Staff, Kennedy will not be the lone 'agenda setter', the governor's administration still has some conservative guard to challenge any liberal legislation, and there are two names to watch for an indication as to how far this administration will travel to the left for the new year.

If we have a resignation of Legislative Affairs Secretary, Richard Costigan, or Deputy Legislative Affairs Secretary, Cynthia Bryant, then we have a major problem.

Costigan and Bryant are the indicators. If they are gone in the next few weeks, California has a new party affiliation in the governor's office, the office will have moved from fiscally conservative Republican to moderate Independent.

We'll be watching to see who makes it through the Christmas Season in the horseshoe. [Hogue Blog - email:]

[11/30/05 Wednesday]

[Eric Hogue - radio talk show host KTKZ - Sacramento] 12:01 am [permalink]
Democrat to Lead Governor's Staff The "Special Election" loss was more costly than expected. I just received word that Pat Clarey is out as Governor's Chief of Staff, and Democrat Susan Kennedy is the replacement.

This item is now being confirmed around the state's blogger-mill, here is the Flash Report yesterday...

I previously reported on rumors that Pat Clarey, the Governor's Chief of Staff (and a loyal Republican) would be stepping aside after the special election. Well, apparently the Governor has decided to name Susan Kennedy as his Chief of Staff.

Susan Kennedy's resume...

Kennedy previously served as Executive Director of the California Democratic Party and as Executive Director of the California Abortion Rights Action League. She managed two of the most successful Get-Out-The-Vote campaigns in recent California history, including the 1992 Coordinated Campaign for Clinton/Gore and the 1998 Coordinated Campaign that elected Governor Gray Davis.

Can this interpreted as nothing more than a big'get lost' to the California Republican Party?

How should 'conservatives' feel now...after losing the 'special', this will be the 'new direction' for the Schwarzenegger Administration.

Another point to the Governor's "possible" placement of Susan Kennedy as his 'new' Chief of Staff.

I'm told tonight (by source) that Susan Kennedy is a radical 'Pro-abortionist, and she is a 'Lesbian'; and she married her partner in Hawaii.

What does this mean to Assemblyman Mark Leno's "Same Sex Marriage Legislation"? Hard to say no and veto, when your number one administration official is a lesbian and married. [Hogue Blog - email:]

[11/29/05 Tuesday]

[Sharon Hughes - radio talk show host, columnist] 12:15 am [permalink]
President Bush's New Illegal Immigration Policy - "I Oppose Amnesty" "I oppose amnesty," said President George W. Bush in his speech before a group of border enforcement personnel at Davis-Monthan Air Force Base in Tucson, Arizona. He also said, "Our responsibility is clear...We are going to protect the border - We're going to expand interior repatriation..We want to make it clear when they (illegal immigrants) violate U.S. immigration laws they are going to be sent home and they are going to stay at home."

In brief, here is a summary of the President's remarks outlining his new policy on illegal immigration. Citing successes by the border patrol, such as catching over 1,000 illegal gang members, over 2,000 smugglers, and the increase of funds and agents on the border since September 11, 2001, the President outlined a new three part plan to address America's illegal immigration problems. His speech and plan will definately be the topic of debate on talk shows this week.

Bush's Plan:
1) Return all illegals back across the border - through Interior Re-Repatriotion to their home towns far from the border. Sited success when implemented: only 8% cross the border again. Non-Mexican illegals are detained, but not enough beds at detention centers, thus 4 out of 5 that are caught are released into society and only given a date to appear in court date: 75% don't show up. This 'catch & release' policy has been in place for decades and the President said it "is going to end." Will change to a 'catch and return' policy, as will expand detention facilities as well as expediting removal of non-Mexican illegals faster (within 30 days).

2) Correct/enforce existing immigration laws - cited the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals which ruled that illegals can re-argue their cases as often as they want; and that businesses must abide by immigration laws. To help with this he proposed a new temporary worker plan where 'honest workers' can register for a legal worker's permit for a set period of time and then sent home. Also, is proposing a new tamper-proof ID card which he says will document fraud and make it easier for businesses to comply with the law. He acknowledged there is alot of controversy surrounding such a card.

3) Stop illegals from crossing the border in the first place - described the bill he signed last month that puts 1,000 more agents on the border (most of them will be in Arizona); $139 million to upgrade technology including the use of drones to spot and catch illegals; $70 million to install and improve barriers and fencing.

As cited by WorldNetDaily, Dan Stein, president of the Federation for American Immigration Reform, said, "This administration has a sustained track record of ignoring reality when it conflicts with what the corporate interests want it to do. The president's plan is nothing more than a massive illegal alien amnesty on a six year time delay, while his temporary-worker program ˆ which will be anything but temporary ˆ is the death knell for America's middle class...Unless the American people see real, tangible immigration law enforcement in the interior, no one will believe there is a serious commitment from this president." His organization is urging the administration to back a "genuine immigration enforcement," as in H.R. 4313, authored by Reps. Duncan Hunter and Virgil Goode.

[11/28/05 Monday]

[Ken Masugi - Local Liberty Blog - Claremont Institute] 12:01am [permalink]
Fred Barnes: Bush Comeback Via Immigration Reform? Fred Barnes outlines the problems and prospects for the Bush immigration reform plan. The key, of course, is Texas Senator John Cornyn. "The most difficult part would be creating a path to citizenship for those who came to the United States illegally but before a cutoff date."

Other difficulties are evident from this survey of the paradoxes of illegal immigrant reception and the successful political use of the issue (Janet Hook, LAT). Hook exaggerates the success of Minuteman founder Jim Gilchrist in the congressional race to replace Chris Cox. Single issues can attract attention but without further support do not create adherents.

The difficulty of campaigning solely against illegals is seen in our paradoxical public policy (Anna Gorman and Jennifer Delson, LAT). The heart of the matter, in all the frustrations of immigrant, policymaker, and angry citizen:

"What we have now is a dishonest immigration policy," said Mark Krikorian, who runs the conservative Center for Immigration Studies in Washington, D.C. "We make it tough to get across the border but easy to get a job. This is really the central conflict. Everything stems from that."

Or, as I have frequently put it, our public policy does not know what to demand from citizens (though we most certainly ought to). And hence we aren't sure what to require of immigrants. It's not the number of immigrants that's the problem; it's the number of Americans. See for example this critique of Pat Buchanan and Paul Weyrich. [visit Local Liberty Blog]

[Jim Kouri, contributor] 12:03 am [permalink]
Latino Gang Targets African-Americans for Murder
A federal grand jury returned an indictment that adds a fifth gang member to an indictment that had previously charged four others in connection with a six-year conspiracy to assault and murder African-Americans in the Highland Park area of Los Angeles.

Porfirio Avila was named in a conspiracy charge that alleges numerous violent assaults against African-Americans, including murders that took place in 1999 and in 2000. The indictment alleges that Avila was the driver of a vehicle that carried the shooter who fatally shot Christopher Bowser on December 11, 2000.

Four of Avila's fellow gang members were previously indicted in August 2004 and are also named in the new indictment. The four previously indicted were allegedly directly involved in the murder of Kenneth Kurry Wilson, an African-American man gunned down in Highland Park on April 18, 1999.

Avila, 31, is currently serving two life sentences in state prison for the murder of Christopher Bowser and another African-American man.

The indictment charges that the five defendants, all members of the Avenues street gang, conspired with each other and with other gang members to violate the civil rights of African-Americans in the gang's neighborhood by attacking and sometimes killing the victims.

The conspiracy charge alleges that the defendants attacked numerous African-American residents of Highland Park and murdered Kenneth Kurry Wilson in 1999 and Christopher Bowser the next year. The second count of the indictment alleges that the four defendants who participated in Wilson's murder did so because Wilson was African-American and because he was using the public streets of Los Angeles. The final count of the indictment charges the same four defendants with using a firearm during the commission of a conspiracy and hate crimes.

The previously indicted suspects are:

- Gilbert Saldana, 27, an alleged triggerman in the Wilson murder, who is currently serving a life sentence in state prison for another murder;
- Merced Cambero, 27, the second alleged triggerman in the Wilson murder, who is currently a fugitive;
- Alejandro Martinez, 28, who allegedly served as a look-out during the Wilson slaying;
- Fernando Cazares, 25, another alleged look-out in the Wilson murder who is currently serving a 34-month sentence in state prison on various unrelated charges; and

If convicted of the crimes alleged in the indictment, the defendants face life without parole in federal prison.

This case was investigated by the FBI and the Los Angeles Police Department and is being prosecuted by attorneys from the United States Attorney's Office in Los Angeles and the Civil Rights Division of the Department of Justice.

[Ken Masugi - Local Liberty Blog - Claremont Institute] 12:01am [permalink]
Kaus Calls Out LAT on Murtha Mickey Kaus ( ripped the LA Times and got to the heart of the matter; it's not a right-wing attack either.

Note to hapless LAT publisher Jeffrey Johnson: Instead of reviving Robert Scheer's dormant career by firing him, or having your telemarketers boast that you've extirpated liberal Michael Kinsley's insidious influence, why not pay attention to the bias on the pages people actually read--like the embarrassing deception in the second paragraph of Friday's front-page, two-column-headline lead story [Maura Reynolds], which seemingly proclaimed that "no Democrat was a firmer ally" of Bush's war against Saddam than Rep. John Murtha, when in fact Murtha had been a critic of the current Iraq war in 2002, before it started? Funny how those propagandistic mistakes in the news pages never get made in a pro-Bush direction, isn't it? ....

P.P.P.S.: That Murtha error smells like an editor's mistake to me. That's why your absurd anti-Kinsley spiel won't convince anybody. The L.A. Times' peculiar bias--a chloroform-like combination of liberalism and lifelessness--runs deep in the paper's DNA, in layers and layers of editorial middle-bureaucracy. Short of laying off 80% of the staff, you will not root it out in our lifetimes. Conservative readers know this...

Many thanks to Patterico for noting this and of course for his on-target drilling of the LAT over the years; see his Dogtrainer file.

Mac Owens whacks Murtha's logic, at NRO. "Murtha has been a critic of U.S. policy in Iraq for some time despite his vote to authorize the war." A decorated Marine veteran of Vietnam and professor at the Naval War College, Owens concludes that Murtha

dishonors the sacrifice of these men by treating them as victims rather than the heroes they are. We owe it to the American soldiers who have been killed or wounded in Iraq and the Iraqis who have fought to create a new state to see this effort through to the end, preventing a replay of the disgraceful episode three decades ago when the U.S. Congress betrayed and abandoned our South Vietnamese allies.

UPDATE: Jean Schmidt, whom Saturday Night Live parodied, for her House speech attacking Murtha has a history of tepid moderation, as Julie Ponzi pointed out when she was elected to replace a member who died. [visit Local Liberty Blog]

[11/22/05 Tuesday]

[Jim Kouri, contributor] 12:03 am [permalink]
Snoop Dogg Glorifies Death Row Murderer Snoop Dogg, the celebrated rapper, was once a member of the Crips gang. Since then he's grown in popularity as an award-winning rap artist, actor and advertising spokesperson for a number of products.

Now he's using his celebrity and influence on behalf of a multiple-murderer and co-founder of one of the nation's most bloodthirsty gangs. He wants the California authorities to spare the life of Stanley "Tookie" Williams. Snoop Dogg is the latest addition to the hundreds of people who are protesting against the execution of Williams schedule for December 13.

"Stanley "Tookie" Williams is not a regular guy, he's an inspiration," Dogg said. "All I want to say to the governor is it's about keeping this man alive because his voice needs to be heard."

Unfortunately the four people Williams murdered have had their voices silenced forever. The untold number of people killed, maimed and assaulted by the gang Williams founded also have been denied a voice since they are dead or they lack the celebrity status of a star rapper or the clout of a motion picture studio that made a piece of propaganda about Tookie Williams, with actor Jamie Foxx playing a sympathetic Williams on the big screen.

California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger will decide on Williams' petition for clemency in the coming weeks, and there are many who believe he will cave in to the Hollywood establishment that seems to advocate leniency for murders, cop-killers and other anti-social thugs who suddenly write books, give speeches and tell tales of life in the meanstreets.

Celebrities rubbing elbows with gangsters is nothing new. There's always been a fascination by the denizens of the entertainment industry with the murderers, drug-dealers, pimps and robbers who populate the American underworld.

Snoop Dogg was the highlight of the evening when he was honored as the final speaker of about a dozen at a large protest outside the main gates of San Quentin federal prison, where speakers included former gang members, religious leaders and representatives from the Nation of Islam.

The anti-death penalty activists have made the Williams case the fiercest battle over execution of murderers many have seen in years. California State officials and police officers believe Williams is a brutal and unremorseful murderer who deserves death by lethal injection for viciously murdering four people in 1979 during a spree of robberies.

William is the author of several books aimed at teaching young men and teenagers about the perils of gang life. His conversion has won over high-profile supporters, including actor Jamie Foxx, who portrayed him in a sympathetic film version of his life.

In an interview in prison on Wednesday, Williams continued to claim he was innocent. This in spite of overwhelming evidence of his criminal deeds. Most of his supporters are African-Americans as were his victims.

The anti-death penalty protest had former gang-members testifying how Williams helped them to get out of the "life."

But not everyone is buying it. "Stanley Williams does not deserve this mercy," the Los Angeles district attorney wrote in a response to the Williams' clemency petition.

"Despite the overwhelming nature of the evidence against him and despite the nonexistence of any credible defense, Stanley Williams has steadfastly refused to take any responsibility for the brutal, destructive and murderous acts he committed," he added.

Snoop Dogg grew up in Southern California where the Crips began. He left the gang to become one of rap music's mega-stars after his albums repeatedly topped the music charts. Dogg is also a motion picture actor and is frequently seen in commercials.

Snoop Dogg claims the death of Williams will dash the dreams of kids for a better life outside of the gang lifestyle.

"On the street we don't have no role models, we don't have no leaders," he said. To be sure, Snoop Dogg isn't no role model or leader either.

[11/21/05 Monday]

[Sharon Hughes - radio talk show host, columnist] 12:15 am [permalink]
Red Alert on Code Pink: Code Pink’s invasion on school campuses and recruitment offices last week with their "Not Your Soldier" & "National Stand Down" student days on November 17th & 18th is a disgrace! They have organized students across the country to stand up to say, "We are NOT YOUR SOLDIERS" - "We demand for our schools and communities to be military-free zones" on Thursday, and working together with the National Call for Nonviolent Resistance to stage a "Stand Down Day" at military recruiting stations on Friday.

Every red-blooded American aware of these activities should counter their efforts by getting this information out to as many people as possible, and if possible by showing up at the same recruiting stations to show support for our troops' efforts. And don't think they don't need it!

Just read what this young recruiting officer from southern California wrote to me in response to my previous article on the subject:

"I am currently stationed in Las Vegas, NV with the US Army recruiting command. I read your article and it proved to me that there are still those out there who see the change in Americas youth. As a recruiter I get all the static in the world, the problem is, it is from the youth. I support that students get involved in the political process. In fact it’s been proven that students that do get involved do better in school due to the fact that it takes dedication and hard work to do things of that nature. What truly bothers me is that these students that protest and disagree with the nations policies and involvement in the war on terrorism do not have all the facts. The only thing they know is what their parents want them to know. They have no real idea what is really going on but are fueled by opinions of others and not there own. I would love to debate with a student who really knows the facts. I swear if I hear one more you should pull the troops out of the war I'm going to snap. Like I really have a hand in the whole political process as far as this war goes. And where do people get the idea that if we stop recruiting and no soldiers are joining that they will stop a draft? I'm sorry if I am just running on. I just wanted you to know that I appreciate what you wrote and it warms my heart that someone out there wants to see this nation change it’s views and do it’s research."

Anti-war activists who belong to organizations such as CODE PINK, ANSWER, ANTI- WAR.COM, and the others, just don't get it (or don't care, because their leftist rose-colored glasses have blinded them) that passivity and appeasement never work with dictators and governments that want to take over the world. History has put a huge exclamation mark on that truth. And make no mistake, radical Islamic forces want to dominate the world! Plus, remember, many of the anti-war groups have communist roots or affiliations.

What drives CODE PINK? For one thing - Medea Benjamin, who heads the organization and is "a Castro-loving neo-communist and perennial anti- U.S.activist" as FrontPageMagazine describes her. She is also involved with the counter recruitment movement of the Ruckus Society, which she's worked with to provide training camps for teen counter- recruiters. By the way, the Ruckus Society is an off- shoot of the eco-terrorism group Earth First! Benjamin was also involved in organizing protests against the World Trade Organization (WTO) Seattle meeting in 1999 which resulted in violent riots. Other driving forces may be Cindy Sheehan who has joined their ad efforts. Oh, and then they have their very own letter from God extolling on their efforts...

When one of the most important things a soldier needs while in battle is the moral support of his countrymen, CODE PINK is working against them by their actions, no matter what they say.

Last week we observed Veterans Day, now it's time to take a stand to show our troops we're on their side, we understand what they are doing, and appreciate their bravery and commitment during this terrible time in history, the unprecedented war of, and against, terrorism.

[11/18/05 Friday]

[Ken Masugi - Local Liberty Blog - Claremont Institute] 12:01am [permalink]
More Misrepresentation of the Ethnic Japanese Relocation The House passed by voice vote legislation designating $38 million to preserve sites used for relocated ethnic Japanese in WW II (David Whitney, Sacbee).

recommendation to give the Tule Lake center national historic status is on the desk of Interior Secretary Gale Norton. This year, Rep. John Doolittle, R-Roseville, and Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif., worked to get $200,000 to preserve the center's jail.

In a letter to Norton in April, the Japanese American Citizens League said that, of all the detention centers, "Tule Lake camp is perhaps the most historically significant," in part because of the structures that still remain.

The Tule Lake camp is also important because of its unique role. In operation from 1942 to 1946, the center was infamous because, in its later period, it is where Japanese Americans were taken who refused to sign loyalty oaths or who had criminal or behavioral problems.

Tule Lake poses an enormous problem for those who argue there was no reason, just hysteria and prejudice, for the relocation. It is vitally important that the Interior Department get the story right. Did the relocation exacerbate resentment of the government or did it expose underlying pro-Japan feelings in many? Michelle Malkin's book provides a convincing response to the conventional wisdom. See this thoughtful critique of her book, and my response and this reaction. [visit Local Liberty Blog]

[11/17/05 Thursday]

[Ken Masugi - Local Liberty Blog - Claremont Institute] 12:01am [permalink]
California Windfall Has Consequences--Unfortunately
Remember what the Governor said early on: We have a spending problem, not a revenue problem. Now that California's tax revenues have increased beyond public expectation, the legislature will play catchup and feel room to create further spending problems. From the Sacbee, Clea Benson:

Legislative Analyst Elizabeth Hill said the state will have about $4 billion more in its bank account at the end of the the current fiscal year than lawmakers estimated when they approved the budget in July. She said the difference is enough to balance next year's budget without raising taxes or making cuts.

But Hill cautioned that California will still have an operating deficit in the future, peaking at about $4.3 billion in a couple of years.

"The state has to keep its foot on the gas pedal of getting its fiscal house in order. We're not out of the woods yet," Hill said at a press conference this morning. [visit Local Liberty Blog]

[11/16/05 Wednesday]

[HJTA] 12:01 am [permalink]
Third Annual "California Piglet Book" Now Available The Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Foundation (HJTF) and Citizens Against Government Waste (CAGW) today released the "2005 California Piglet Book" at a press conference in Sacramento. For the third year in a row, the report exposes some of the worst examples of waste, fraud, abuse, and mismanagement in California's state and local government.

The California Piglet Book combines elements of two perennial CAGW publications, the "Congressional Pig Book" and "Prime Cuts," with HJTF's knowledge of the California state budget. The report is but a sample of areas in the state budget where wasteful or corrupt spending can be eliminated, providing a valuable resource to legislators, local officials, the media and taxpayers.

"Californians are threatened with immense tax increases while the waste and fraud of tax dollars runs rampant," said Jon Coupal, president of the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association. "From payroll and pension abuse to tens of millions of dollars for a pretend railroad, the 'California Piglet Book' gives enough examples to make any California taxpayer cringe."

The entire report is available for reading or downloading at . For a hard copy, call HJTA at 916-444-9950 or send an e-mail request including your complete mailing address and zip code to

[11/15/05 Tuesday]

[Ken Masugi - Local Liberty Blog - Claremont Institute] 12:01am [permalink]
Arnold Bond Bond? That's Arnold, not James (Evan Halper, LAT). In reverting to the major failure of his early months as Governor, Schwarzenegger will propose a massive bond measure ($50 billion?) to rework California's infrastructure and, moreover, rescue his political standing. Pat Brown projects with Democrat deficits, which of course will now be bipartisan deficits. [visit Local Liberty Blog]

[11/14/05 Monday]

[Ken Masugi - Local Liberty Blog - Claremont Institute] 12:05am [permalink]
Arnold Steinberg's Tutorial Arnold Steinberg continues his tutorial for the Governor:

In fact, his first year was business as usual. The new governor became just another pol. He did not cut spending. He did not raise taxes. He borrowed. But even that would have been OK if he had changed the system. Then he would not have needed Tuesday's special election.

.... You do not borrow $15 billion without incorporating change. People had a sense of crisis, and they were ready. Why, when there was urgency, did he delay?

Why, Steinberg asks, did the Governor separate recovery from reform, and wind up splintering the coalition that elected him? For other Steinberg commentary, including his "interview" with the Governor, start with these links here. [visit Local Liberty Blog]

[11/11/05 Friday]

[Sharon Hughes - radio talk show host, columnist] 12:15 am [permalink]
Election Results - Has California Gone Mad? Election Returns...that's right...what we vote for comes back to (haunt?) us.As a Californian I'm pretty upset right now. At midnight with 60% of the precincts in Not one of the measures that should have gotten a "YES" vote did (73 - 77).

ESPECIALLY 73 which would have required parents to be notified if their daughter was planning an abortion. Over 50% of Californians voted NO on this one. huh? Parents now don't think it's their business to know what's going on with their teenager? No, they bought into the lie that teens need 'confidentiality' when it comes to parents knowing, "otherwise they won't go to the counselors and abortionists for help."

I have to ask...where were all the conservatives and Christians in this election here in California? Not in the voting booth, that's evident. If they were 73 would have passed. And not only 73 but 74 on Teacher Tenure basically requiring more accountability - failed; and 75 on Union dues which would have prevented unions from automatically using members's dues for political purposes without getting their approval - failed; and how about 77 on Redistricting - failed!

But that's not all. In San Francisco a bill, Prop H, banning handguns was passed by 57%. Now, only the police can have guns. Everyone else will have to turn them in... by April. And Prop 1 "College not Combat" preventing military recruiters access to schools or the schools we go again...lose their federal funding - passed.

Was Texas, which banned same sex marriage with 74% of the vote, the only state conservatives dominated in? (I haven't read all the returns yet, but so far on ballot measures that's the best reported).

The liberals are gleeful with all their 'victories'...but that's only made possible because conservative, pro- family registered voters stayed home. The numbers are there even factoring in voter fraud and the like. Prop 22 proved that.

[11/10/05 Thursday]

[Ken Masugi - Local Liberty Blog - Claremont Institute] 12:05am [permalink]
Post-Mortem or Pre-Mortem? This is no time for moderation. The Governor needs to consider the bad advice he has gotten from his advisers and reflect on why he accepted it. He must reject the caricature he has become: Last night he thanked those who voted against the propositions. Is this so distant from the answers “the Governor” gave in his interview with Arnie Steinberg? He has to get past the “nurses kick Arnold’s butt” talk that will haunt him for some time.

Hugh Hewitt's column is a must-read. He emphasizes the need for the Governor to listen to respected conservatives, of whom none can be found in his regular company. The key decision coming up for him is his choice to replace Judge Janice Brown on the California Supreme Court.

Dan Walters has sober advice for the Governor.

A straight-talking, humbled Schwarzenegger would lay out the issues that need attention and offer specific and credible proposals to deal with them, no matter what the reaction would be from those inside the Capitol who are more interested in playing partisan or ideological games than taking care of the public's business.

Is the initative dead as a means of curbing liberal follies in Sacramento? Aside from Prop 75, the paycheck protection from union politics measure, the Governor's initiatives were far too moderate (teacher tenure) or muddled (redistricting) to receive enthusiastic support. They were enough, however, to generate enormous opposition. A more popular governor might have pushed them across the finish line, but he proved to be more a liability than a help. The high turnout and the "no" mentality even caused the loss of a no-brainer initiative on parental notification of a minor child's abortion. This initiative went down by the narrowest margin of all, by 53-47%. Conservative parts of the state, such as Orange County, supported the Governor but not by sufficient margins or turnout. See the numbers here. (By the way, even restoring the cross on the Redlands City Seal lost.)

The results certainly indicate the downside of relying on direct democracy: well-funded demagogues can win.

Jack Pitney at NRO warns Dems to beware of hubris. And Arnold is back, Arnold Steinberg, that is, with praise for the Governor's efforts.

I agree, though, with Republican strategists that many of those angry at the special did stay home; otherwise, the results Tuesday night would have been worse. Still another "no" syndrome would be television-ad fatigue. The media buys were overkill. Even casual TV viewers like myself saw every single spot many dozens of times. Who knows what befell a more regular viewer? One way to rebel was to stay away. Another way was to vote "no" on everything. [My underscore]

John Lott on San Francisco's gun control measure, which passed by 58%: the gun ban is an unconstitutional violation of state law prohibiting such local interferences with individual rights.

Finally, a note on character and politics. I conjecture that the Governor's financial arrangements with a weight-lifting magazine and more personal scandal hurt him a lot more than the campaign stuff the LA Times dredged up. Back then the nominee was a movie actor; now he's our Governor, and voters rightly now hold him to a higher standard. [visit Local Liberty Blog]

[11/9/05 Wednesday]

[[Carol Platt Liebau - editorial director] 12:03 am [permalink]
The War Over Wal-Mart I've long been amazed by the mindless hatred that liberals display for Wal-Mart. Currently on AOL, there is a piece discussing the attacks on the company -- and Wal-Mart's increasing efforts to respond to them (none too soon, I might add!).

But there's another site you should check out -- it's the blog for one of the indie films being made in Wal-Mart's defense (the company has asked that it be run side-by-side with the anti-Wal-Mart propaganda film being released -- hey, anyone can hope . . .). The name of the film is called "Why Wal-Mart Works," and the link to the filmmaker's blog is here. It's worth a look.

Oh, and here's the site Wal-Mart has established to try to set the record straight on some of the more egregious untruths being told about it -- at the moment, it's pointing out three substantive errors that are made in just three minutes of the anti-Wal-Mart film.

[11/8/05 Tuesday]

[Eric Hogue - radio talk show host KTKZ - Sacramento] 12:01 am [permalink]
Why We 'MUST' Pass Prop 23 on Tuesday One of the "main reasons" that California voters should support 'Prop 23', is that fact that Planned Parenthood has been encouraging statutory rape, and we have the audio to prove it. By supporting 'Prop 23', you'll be encouraging the reporting of 'statutory rape' against minors in California.

Listen for yourself,as Planned Parenthood encourages a 14 year-old, (assumed pregnant girl), to visit the clinic in preparation for an abortion after being impregnated by her "22 year-old" boyfriend. Many of the office location encourage her to be driven to the office by the 22 year-old adult, and they offer permission for him to pay for the abortion.

Many of these phone calls were preformed in the Sacramento area. You can hear the actual audio, as well as read the transcript. Make sure to pass this to others who are voting Tuesday.[Hogue Blog - email:]

[11/7/05 Monday]

[Sharon Hughes - radio talk show host, columnist] 12:15 am [permalink]
Court Gone Mad! 9th Circuit Court Rules Against Parents
The new ruling by the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals stating, "There is no fundamental right of parents to be the exclusive provider of information regarding sexual matters to their children...Parents have no due process or privacy right to override the determinations of public schools as to the information to which their children will be exposed while enrolled as students," has Californians in an uproar, and rightfully so!

The liberal ninth district court known for it's legislating from the bench, such as in the recent case where the court ruled the Pledge of Allegiance unconstitutional because it contains the words 'under God', dismissed a lawsuit by California parents on November 3, 2005 who were sued the school district because a sex survey with inappropriate, nosey questions was given to children in the first, third and fifth grades. The survey was administered by the Palmdale School District and asked students questions such as if they ever thought about having sex or touching other people's "private parts" and whether they could "stop thinking about having sex. Other questions in the survey inivolved:

Touching my private parts too much

Washing myself because I feel dirty on the inside

Not trusting people because they might want sex

Getting scared or upset when I think about sex

Having sex feelings in my body

Can't stop thinking about sex

Getting upset when people talk about sex

The parents argued that they have the sole right "to control the upbringing of their children by introducing them to matters of and relating to sex." But the three-judge panel of the 9th Circuit dismissed their case with Judge Stephen Reinhardt writing for the panel, "no such specific right can be found in the deep roots of the nation's history and tradition or implied in the concept of ordered liberty."

Can you believe this? It is absolutely outrageous! And if that weren't enough...The superintendent of the California school district involved in the 9th Circuit Court ruling questioned the motives of the parents involved in the case.

The same day House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi sided with the ninth court opposing a Republican plan to split the liberal, San Francisco-based court in two. The Democrats are not happy that this made it's way into a must-pass House budget reconciliation bill.

This is no small matter. Just because their rulings are so over the top doesn't mean they won't set precedence that could make it harder and harder for pro-family Americans to win cases involving other constitutional laws and violations. The Ninth Circuit is the largest of all the U.S. circuit courts covering nine states.

This only highlights the importance of what kind of judges sit on the highest court in the land, the Supreme Court.

[11/3/05 Thursday]

[Ken Masugi - Local Liberty Blog - Claremont Institute] 12:05am [permalink]
Debate Over Prop 77 : Unexpected Twists
Commie-turned-conservative David Horowitz opposes Prop 77, the redistricting initiative. Jubal is astonished. Also on Hack 'n Flack is Irvine assemblyman Chuck DeVore's endorsement, arguing that Founding principles are at stake. He notes the disparities between the House the Founders knew and what we have now. Thanks to Silence DoGood on that site for pointing out my op-ed on 77, which makes illegal immigration a hidden but major issue in the current districting scheme. [visit Local Liberty Blog]

[11/2/05 Wednesday]

[Ken Masugi - Local Liberty Blog - Claremont Institute] 12:05am [permalink]
Parental/Spousal Notification Laws Patterico points out the LA Times' subtle alteration of an Alito opinion. The left will try to turn spousal/parental notification into an anti-woman issue. In fact, the public overwhelmingly supports such laws. See our previous posts on this subject, featuring the scholarship of Michael New on the positive effect of parental notification laws.

The Alito opinion may be read here. The LA Times has an op-ed on husbands' legitimate interest in the prospective abortion of their children. [visit Local Liberty Blog]

[11/1/05 Tuesday]

[Chuck DeVore - Assemblymember, columnist] 12:02 am [permalink]
Follow up on the ballot proposition money race. There are two broad categories of propositions on the ballot on November 8th. One category is that of reform vs. status quo. For the most part, liberals are opposing reform and Governor Schwarzenegger and his allies are supporting reform. Propositions 72 through 77 fall into this category. The other category is that of business or anti-business propositions. Propositions 78-80 are in this latter category.

What’s been raised so far and what’s the cash on hand for each broad category as of today?

Liberals have amassed $102.3 million in opposition to Props. 73-77 with $7.1 million cash on hand.

The Governor and his allies have raised $36.8 million to support Props. 73-77 with $1.4 million cash on hand.

As for the business initiatives, the forces of socialism and regulation have amassed $67.5 million to support Props. 79 and 80 with $1.6 million cash on hand.

Business has raised $120 million to support Prop. 78 and oppose Props. 79 and 80 with $3.8 million cash on hand.

If you merge these together, assuming that to be pro-business is to be pro-reform and a friend of the Governor while the opposite is true, then the combined funds raised of $326.6 million breaks out like this: $169.8 million against business and reform with $156.8 million for reform and pro-business. Cash on hand: $8.7 million for the liberals and $5.2 million for reform. []

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