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[4/29/05 Friday]

[Eric Hogue - radio talk show host KTKZ - Sacramento] 12:06 am [link]
Has Arnold Dropped Re-districting?
Has Governor Schwarzenegger 'dropped' his 'next year' demand for re-districting? Seems that he has announced that it is NOT imperitive to re-draw the district lines before 2006. How does this impact his 'special election'?

For months, he has insisted that California needs to immediately change its method of electing politicians, calling for independent judges - rather than legislators - to draw district boundaries. In February, he and his aides said there would be no compromise on the issue.But at a choreographed "town hall" meeting Wednesday in a Fontana steel mill, where the governor talked with a friendly audience of about 300 steelworkers, business leaders and politicians, he was much less urgent. He said he hoped that negotiations with Democratic lawmakers would "work all this out, all the dates, should it be 2006, should it be 2008, should it be 2010."

"The key thing is not what is the year that we change the system," Schwarzenegger said, "but that it will be changed."

Does he simply drop the entire initiative, like he did with the pension reform initiative, and start fresh later this summer with a new initiative designed for June of 2006? [Hogue Blog - email:]

[4/28/05 Thursday]

[Eric Hogue - radio talk show host KTKZ - Sacramento] 12:44 am [link]
Homosexuality is a Civil Rights Issue?I'm confused here, I've had Assembly Member Mark Leno and President of the California NAACP, Alice Huffman both tell me over the past two weeks, that "Same Sex Marriage" is a civil rights issue.

According to Leno, our laws have no moral origins, they were (are) created by simple respect for mankind and the popular vote. Speaking of this premise; Huffman told me that 'any issue' can become a civil rights issue, as long as it has the populous supporting it, and stating such.

Here we have Gays discriminating against Blacks. I wonder if there are any 'straight' employees at the bar? Isn't this discrimination too? So now we have 'civil rights' for behavior, is polygamy next?

Here is the article from the  San Diego Tribune yesterday:

A bar owner in the predominantly gay Castro neighborhood violated numerous city civil rights codes by discriminating against black patrons, the San Francisco Human Rights Commission announced has found.

The case has been closely watched by the city's gay community, many of whom said they were incredulous that an establishment in what's considered one of the country's most progressive and socially liberal neighborhoods would actively keep black customers out of the popular nightspot Badlands.

Is it just me, or does this look like 'special rights for a minority few', versus a mater of civil rights for created origin? [Hogue Blog - email:]

[Jon Fleischman proprietor of FLASHREPORT daily political email] 12:29 am [link]
From the FlashReport: The Sacramento Bee ran a story yesterday which is amazing because apparently GOP Assemblyman Keith Richman has managed to position himself to the LEFT of the entire California State Legislature. He co-authored with a Democrat a proposal to require that all Californians carry healthcare. This state mandate on all Californians clearly flies in the face of the Republican principle of individual responsibility. Next he will propose a bill requiring that we all brush our teeth! (would that be a felony, or a misdemeanor, I wonder?). Anyways, this proposal was so far out of whack that it was killed by a Democrat-controlled legislative committee. I can't figure out Richman - his pension system overhaul plan had a lot of merit -- but take this proposed massive government mandate, and his endorsement of a liberal Democrat for Mayor of Los Angeles, and you have to wonder if there is a big magnet screwing up his political compass. Sigh.[email to subscribe to FLASHREPORT]

[4/27/05 Wednesday]

[Nick Winter-Found in the ebag] 12:03 am [link]
Nurse Staff Ratio: [from reader Katie Sahl] In case you missed it, there was an excellent article by S. Greenhut about the fiasco of the nurse staff ratio crises.  Here’s the link.  Someone finally got it right.

[Nick Winter-Found in the ebag] 12:02 am [link]
The Border: [From reader CLP] The governor should have said: close the border, except at official border crossings. Geez, expose all these bozos who actually think its okay for these guys to come in across the desert.

[4/26/05 Tuesday]

[Mike Nevin - law enforcement officer, writer and columnist] 12:25 am [link]
Dark Day in Pittsburgh CA: Police Officer Larry Lasater will soon be taken off life support once his vital organs are donated. The former Marine continues to give even as he approaches his final days. He'll never get a chance to meet his baby boy due to be born in just a few months.

When chasing down a couple of armed robbery suspects, Lasater was shot several times while in hot pursuit. It's something that all cops know might befall them when they kiss their families goodbye and head out the door for that next shift.

I'll be traveling to Sacramento on May 6 to join in the annual ceremony for California police officers who have died in the line of duty. San Francisco Police Officer Isaac Espinoza will be one of those honored in the somber event. Espinoza was gunned down a year ago this month while working on Easter Eve.

My heart goes out to Officer Lasater, his family, and all the fine folks in the Pittsburgh Police Department. We are all less safe without him on the beat. His little boy should know that his daddy will not soon be forgotten by his fellow brother and sisters in blue. And he should know that his daddy will surely look down on him and give him strength when he needs it most. [Michael Nevin, Jr. receives e-mail at]

[Eric Hogue - radio talk show host KTKZ - Sacramento] 12:04 am [link]
Teacher's Union Hates Merit, Combat Pay
My friend Daniel Weintraub has offered an argument that I brought up last month during our discussion surrounding 'merit pay' and rewards for those who enter the inner-city schools to teach.

Some are calling it 'combat pay', offering those who decide to work in the inner-city schools more salary for their effort and risk. I like the idea of using the teacher's tenure as a carrot stick reward. Let's move tenure from 2 years, to 5 years, unless you teach in the inner-city (failing) schools for 3 years or more. If you decide to teach the harder schools then your tenure starts at year two.

The teacher's union will NOT allow this to happen, they don't like merit pay, and they don't like combat pay. Weintraub is right to assert that the governor should expose the unions for this ridiculous standard.

Weintraub's  "Insider" Monday:

Gov. Schwarzenegger today again mentioned his support for incentive pay for teachers in schools serving a high number of disadvantaged kids - and again showed how politically tone deaf he is on the education issue. Schwarzenegger has rightly portrayed the teachers unions as part of the problem in the public schools. And for that - and his budget policies - he has been painted as anti-teacher by his opponents. But here is an issue that is pro-teacher and, more importantly, pro kid. Not only pro-kid but pro-poor-kid. And he just can't seem to get himself to connect the dots.

Everyone knows that our poorest kids tend to clump in schools that depend too much on inexperienced teachers, many of whom are still trying to find their way in the profession. We have good, experienced teachers who would teach in these schools if they were rewarded financially for their trouble - just as in every other profession, where the toughest-to-fill jobs normally earn higher pay. So who or what is standing in the way of the students who need better teachers getting those teachers? [Hogue Blog - email:]

[Nick Winter-Found in the ebag] 12:01 am [link]
Los Angeles, Mexico: [an email from Gindy] A reader fowarded this on to me. It is just an article off WND which you may have already seen.

[4/25/05 Monday]

[Eric Hogue - radio talk show host KTKZ - Sacramento] 12:02 am [link]
McClintock: 'Strongly Support Schwarzenegger!' State Senator Tom McClintock spoke before the CRA Convention in Los Angeles over the weekend and confronted the core conservatives of the Republican Party over Governor Schwarzenegger's reform measures.

From the LA Times Sunday:

McClintock disagreed with members of the audience who contended that Schwarzenegger in recent weeks has backed off reforms intended for the ballot in a special as-yet unscheduled election this year, including creating a new state pension system and instituting tighter budget controls. "We have to bear in mind that political battles aren't tidy affairs. What the governor has proposed "moves us dramatically in the right direction."

Not all of the views expressed Saturday were compatible with McClintock's. One attendee, who asked to be identified only as Don, raised a question about the governor's controversial pension proposal, which would have ended death and disability benefits for public-safety workers. Schwarzenegger recently retreated from the proposal, saying it would be rewritten to restore the benefits.

McClintock said it was "absolute nonsense" to allege that the governor would abandon the families of dead and disabled workers. "It's a lie, sir, and you should know it's a lie," he said, launching into a critique of the pension system, the cost of which has gone from $160 million in 2000 to $2.6 billion this year.

"You can't fill a broken bucket by pouring more water into it," McClintock said. "Once we've won on our principles, the other reforms will fall into place."

State Senator Tom McClintock is in FULL campaign mode, for the governor's reforms and for his personal campaign for Lt. Governor in 2006.

Look for Senator McClintock to run un-opposed in the Republican Party, his support of the governor has cleared him a straight path to the general election, and his fourth statewide campaign. This time McClintock will face either state Sens. Jackie Speier (D-Hillsborough), Liz Figueroa (D-Fremont), or state Insurance Commissioner John Garamendi. [Hogue Blog - email:]

[Ken Masugi - Local Liberty Blog - Claremont Institute] 12:01 am [link]
Greenhut Exposes the Left Coastal Commission
"The commission is by definition a tyranny. It can do as it pleases, with nothing much to stand in its way." Steven Greenhut explains how this bureaucratic agency encapsulates the violation of major American constitutional principles, including property rights and the separation of powers. Both principles enable American government to have power but also be restrained. Unfortunately, too many citizens and especially those who have been involved in government of any level take for granted the legitimacy of commissions and government activities that are in fact violations of the Constitution. Greenhut shows how why this is a massive failing. [Pervious post on the Left Coastal Commission] [visit Local Liberty Blog]

[4/22/05 Friday]

[Jon Fleischman proprietor of FLASHREPORT daily political email] 2:25 pm [link]
From the FlashReport: The Los Angeles Times has a lengthy article, that if it is taken as the gospel (which if you are in the habit of taking everything the LAT says as gospel, we suggest you seek psychological counseling quickly) that, basically, Maria Schriver is playing a significantly expanded role in her husband's administration.  It is an interesting read.

There seems to be an air of uncertainly amongst the journalistic elite (ie..political reporters) about whether there will be a special election this November.  There are questions about whether the measures will qualify, whether the remaining measures were too hastily written and may contain flaws, and also whether the Governor will capitulate to the legislature with compromise packages.  All of this will play out in the coming days.  It is clearly a disappointment that sorely-needed pension reform will not appear on this special election ballot (should there be one) - but the remaining issues of education reform, fair legislative districts, and some spending restrictions in place are all VERY IMPORTANT.

I note with glee that one of the two new appointees by the Gov. to the State Education Board is an after-the-fact fan of English Immersion.  I was proud to be part of a small but highly motivated team at the center of Proposition 227 in 1998 (Ron, Gloria, Lorelei, Sheri, Alice and company - you know who you are!) and I know that we are all proud of the very real results of that measure, in helping kids to learn English more effectively, and fluently! [email to subscribe to FLASHREPORT]

[Eric Hogue - radio talk show host KTKZ - Sacramento] 7:55 am [link]
Prison Guard "Word Search" Training
I had Republican Assembly Member Chuck DeVore in studio this morning, talking about the prison guards doing 'word searches' for credit hours on training...

California prison guards have earned on-the-job- training credits for completing assignments usually given to schoolchildren: finding hidden words such as "elf," "Frosty" and "Santa Claus" in a jumble of letters.

"I thought it was indefensible," said Assemblyman Chuck DeVore, R-Irvine, a member of Bermudez's budget subcommittee. "My 8-year-old could do that (puzzle) in about 15 minutes."

"This is a great example of how out of control the system can be," DeVore said of the Corrections Department, which has been under fire for mismanagement for years.

Here is one of the assignments:

Guards at Pelican Bay State Prison in Crescent City, a maximum-security institution for the state's most dangerous convicts, got credit for completing a "Christmas Word Search" assignment that challenged them to identify "Candycane," "Sugarplums" and "Vixen," among other words. The bottom of the page said: "Turn into the In-Service Training by December 31, 2004 to receive 1 hour OJT (On-the-Job Training) credit."

Go to the OC Register (you'll have to register, to get on the register) and pull up the article. When you arrive at the column, look for the "crossword puzzles PDF" in the upper right-hand corner. You can download the PDF and see the actual word search documents these prison guards were 'training' with. What a hoot! [Hogue Blog - email:]

[4/21/05 Thursday]

[Eric Hogue - radio talk show host KTKZ - Sacramento] 7:02 am [link]
Three Comments, Only One Target
Three comments by two political leaders in Sacramento; which statesman really means what he said, and which action causes more damage for citizens of California?

Governor Schwarzenegger said that we need to 'close the border between California and Mexico' during a press conference in San Francisco on Tuesday.

On Monday, the Speaker of the Assembly, Fabian Nunez said, "I willing to hold up the budget until the governor negotiates" on his pension reform ideas.

Then Nunez, not satisfied with holding up the state's financial requirements for his public employee culture, decides to offer a 'racial rant' to follow up the governor's closing of the border statement, saying that the governor and Republican's "dislike people of color and immigrants, especially Latinos'.

Who is causing more damage to you and the citizens of California?

Fabian Nunez's 'holding up the budget comment' is obviously in need of rebuke and consequence, but after hearing the governor's comment on border 'closings' yesterday, "Speaker Sparky" quickly ran to a press microphone and stated that the governor was sounding like a typical Republican 'right-winger', because right-wingers actually dislike people of color, especially Latinos. So, in the end, Fabian Nunez played the role of a "race baiter" as Speaker of the Assembly.

As far as the governor's 'closing the border' comments made Tuesday in the Bay City, he has clarified his comments this afternoon. From the Sacramento Bee.

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger apologized Wednesday for saying the United States should "close" its border with Mexico when he meant to say the barrier should only be "secured" to prevent illegal immigration. Schwarzenegger, a non-native English speaker, attributed his misstatement during a speech in San Francisco on Tuesday to a "language problem."

"And the bottom line is that I misspoke, and I'm sorry if that offended anyone," Schwarzenegger told reporters during a question-and-answer period at an Earth Day event in Sacramento, according to a transcript issued by the governor's office.

The bottom line, one states the obvious - we need to secure the borders better - and the other offers a race baiting comment, as well as a confession to the role of an obstructionist surrounding the constitutional requirement of a budget delivered on time in Sacramento...and WHO does the media focus on?

You got it, ignore the immature 'race baiting' and the tantrum-like obstruction over the budget until you get your 'deal' for the militant unions to draw attention to nothing more than a slip of the tongue involving language and meaning.

Who's taking advantage of 'race' and 'ethic culture differences' now? [Hogue Blog - email:]

[4/18/05 Monday]

[Eric Hogue - radio talk show host KTKZ - Sacramento] 12:05 am [link]
Where's The Beef?
The Democrats held their 'inner-core' convention inLos Angeles over the weekend. They will soon need to see a chiropractor, to cure the aches and pains they have developed from patting themselves on the back over the success of their 'special interest's' machine of misrepresentations.

As the likes of the "Anti-Arnold", Phil Anglelides ("I was the first to be called the Anti-Arnold and I'm proud of it."), the "I voted for Arnold", Bill Lockyer and "Arnold's Buddy" Steven Westly battled for opposition position, one has to ask the question, "What is it the Democrat leaders who actual do to cure the sickness of California?" Where's the beef?

Howard Dean was pulled into Los Angeles and offered 'talking points' from the teacher's union, "We will say no to Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger's attempt to take $2 billion out of the education budget," Dean said to cheers. "Governor, keep your promise to the children of California and fund public schools. We don't need any more corrupt Republicans in office in this country."

Then the rhetoric turned violent, "The governor has declared war on the state of California," proclaimed Assemblywoman Judy Chu, D-Monterey Park. "He declared war on us, and I declare war on him." (So, it is appropriate to go to war with a governor, but not terrorism, or a terrorist country?)

Even Nancy Pelosi had some time to visit with the 'inner-core' of the party, "Voters gave Arnold Schwarzenegger a chance when he became governor -- they gave him high ratings and listened to what he had to say," said House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-San Francisco. "Now they see that what they thought they were getting is something quite different."

In making one of his first chairman appearances in LA, Howard Dean delivered an interesting statement to stir the liberal crowd, "It's not that Americans don't share our values; our problem is that we don't communicate what those values are," He said. "At the other end of all their anxiety about economics is a profound anxiety about their kids. What they're worried about more than anything is their kids and their families."

How long has the Democrat Party been in control of education and the school system in California?

What color is Los Angeles, Oakland and San Francisco, blue right?

How can Dean spin the latest results that 'only' 45% of the students in Oakland actually graduate?

Rather a reward, don't you think it is time to hold the teacher's union accountable for its poor financial and academic performances?

One governor wants to reward the teachers, versus the union - sounds like a good idea to me, how about you parents? [Hogue Blog - email:]

[4/15/05 Friday]

[Eric Hogue - radio talk show host KTKZ - Sacramento] 12:01 am [link]
Doolittle Responds Strongly on Behalf of Parents Congressman John Doolittle comes on 'strong' over "Parental Consent" issues bubbling up inside of Placer County, the most Republican County in California.

The latest statement, letter from Congressman Doolittle:

Nevada Joint Union High School District

11645 Ridge Road

Grass Valley, CA  95945


Dear Mr. Miller:


I am writing to express my position regarding the granting of confidential medical services to students during school hours without the consent of their parents.  I understand that the Nevada Joint Union High School District Board of Trustees (Board) may consider instituting a ban on confidential medical services at tonight's (March 15, 2005) meeting.


During my tenure as a California State Senator and subsequently as a United States Representative, I have consistently advocated for the rights of parents.   As such, I have helped fight for critical parental protections such as requiring parental consent before a minor receives an abortion.  Currently, I have cosponsored legislation that would require written notice be provided to parents before contraceptive drugs and devices are distributed to their minor child by a federally funded Title X clinic. 


As a parent, I find it incomprehensible that my child be allowed to leave school for any reason without my knowledge or consent, and I take great exception to those who suggest that a school official has a more intimate understanding of what is in the best interest of my child than I do.   In fact, it is precisely these efforts intended to compromise the authority of parents that I believe have done severe damage to the very foundation of our American society - the family.  As such, I strongly support requiring parental consent before students are allowed medical services.           


I have been made aware of legal opinions that support parents' rights by requiring their consent for student medical services.  I encourage the Board to consider these opinions when reaching a decision that protects not only the Nevada Joint Union High School Districtbut also the thousands of parents that we mutually represent. 


Thank you for the opportunity to express my opinions on this important issue.  Please feel free to contact me directly if I may be of any assistance to your efforts.



United States Representative

Someone needs to call the RJUHSD School Board President, Mr. Jim Joiner, (see the following blog posting for details) and tell him to read his mail, I'm sure there is a letter from Washington DC for him as well.


Thank you Congressman John Doolittle, this is the type of leadership the citizens of the 4th District desire from their representative(s) in Washington, and in Sacramento. The safest Republican district in California, keeping it the safest district to raise a family in California. Great leadership. [Hogue Blog - email:]

[4/13/05 Wednesday]

[Ken Masugi - Local Liberty Blog - Claremont Institute] 12:01 am [link]
What Schwarzenegger Is Missing Dan Walters puts the recent Schwarzenegger retreats into historical perspective, and reminds us of the stakes:

When Schwarzenegger describes a Capitol in the grip of narrow interest groups and needing an overhaul - much as the Capitol was owned lock, stock and barrel by the Southern Pacific Railroad a century ago - he's absolutely correct….

Should Schwarzenegger fail in his reform efforts:

The Capitol will then continue its slide into irrelevance to all but a handful of the state's 36 million people.

Walters and Dan Morain (LAT) remind us of the difficulty of governing via initiative. Schwarzenegger had it easy in his earlier efforts. But he is making more people more aware of what is at stake. But has he articulated a notion of the public interest, the common good? It is easy to ridicule abuses and “special interests,” and this rhetoric must continue. But, as Abraham Lincoln constantly reminded us, successful politics requires not only self-interest but idealism as well. The libertarian element of the Governor’s rhetoric—relief from taxes, regulation, and black-outs--can only take us so far. Knocking the bad guys (and gals) on their butts is to be applauded, but it is far from the heights of politics. Public purpose, a distinctiveness about California public life, remains to be brought forth. It can be as distant as President Bush's goal of eliminating tyranny, but it needs to be articulated. [visit Local Liberty Blog]

[no postings 4/7- 4/12]

[4/7/05 Wednesday]

[Mike Nevin - law enforcement officer, writer and columnist] 8:05 pm [link]
Property Rights in San Francisco…NOT!
One might assume that in a city where only 12% of households can afford a place to live, San Francisco might lead the way in clearing hurdles for its residents to become homeowners. It’s bad enough that you even have to ask the government for permission, but a measure failed that would have allowed more people to convert their TIC (tenancy in common) into condominiums. Obviously any attempt by residents of San Francisco to increase wealth through real estate value (or any means for that matter) will be met with road blocks from City Hall. According to an article in the San Francisco Chronicle:

“Supervisor Chris Daly, the lead detractor of the plan that came before the board Tuesday, pointed out that the average San Franciscan can't afford even a tenancy in common. That meant the legislation would succeed only in helping wealthier residents, he said, while jeopardizing the city's stock of rental housing by setting a precedent for lifting the annual cap on the number of apartments that can be turned into condominiums.”

Two-thirds of city residents are renters. Any attempt to increase home ownership helps more people to realize the American dream. It’s a matter of simple economics: supply and demand. Most people can’t afford to own a home in San Francisco because the supply of homes is less than the demand. More people want to own condominiums in lieu of the less attractive option of TIC; therefore the price of condos goes up when they are in short supply.

A few years back, California Supreme Court Justice Janice Rogers Brown gave a dissent opinion when the court upheld a San Francisco measure to impose a fee on hotel owners converting their property. Brown stated, “Private property, already an endangered species in California, is entirely extinct in San Francisco.” Questioned about the same case by Senator Feinstein during her nomination hearing to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit, Justice Brown explained, “I have a great sympathy for the need for low-income housing in San Francisco; I myself can’t afford to live there.”

Who can?

[Eric Hogue - radio talk show host KTKZ - Sacramento] 12:02 am [link]
Citizens "United" to Save California
Who is this group that calls itself "Citizens United to Save California"?

There is a new political ad running on "News Talk 1380 KTKZ" by a 'so-called' group named "Citizens United to Save California". Many of you have heard it and asked, "who is running this ad campaign, are they Republican or Democrat?". As of tonight, I'm a little closer to answering this question.

The commercial uses the Tony Quinn argument against Governor Schwarzenegger's, (Ted Costa's language and creation), endorsed redistricting initiative. The ads offers children reciting the Pledge of Allegiance and focuses on the phrase, "one nation under God...". At that point, the commercial claims it is a bad idea to hand the drawing of the state's districts over to liberal judges, judges who desire to remove God from the pledge and force liberal issues upon the California voters.

Since this ad started running, about three weeks back, I've not been able to track its origin or its official organization. There is no such group, political committee or organization called "Citizens United to Save California".

The ad was placed at 1380 KTKZ's corporate (Salem Communications) office in Dallas, Texas, through our SRN headquarters. The 'group' asked that it air on KTKZ in Sacramento and paid for the schedule at the national level. A peculiar here, usually you purchased political ads locally with the market station. Seems like they had something to hide, like their identity.

After doing some research, I have stumbled upon three names associated with the political commercial:

1. Nate Starace is listed as the Treasurer of the 'group', he has a local phone number.

2. Michael T. Carre is an attorney out of Berkeley, and is registered as a Republican.

3. Brain McMillian, Esq. is listed as an attorney in San Francisco.

The concern is that this 'group' has NOT been registered with the Secretary of State's Office as a political committee, a 501-C3, a 501-C4 or even a 527. So, we have an organization presumably raising dollars and offering political ads on radio and they are NOT legally registered with the state. We don't know if they are a for profit or a non-profit organization.

As the program director of "News Talk 1380 KTKZ", I'm asking Salem Corporate for permission to pull this ad until they offer evidence that they are legally registered and official with the Secretary of State's Office.

Stay tuned, this mysterious ad, and it's origin may soon be revealed on the Hogue Show. [Hogue Blog - email:]

[4/1/05 Friday]

[Ken Masugi - Local Liberty Blog - Claremont Institute] 9:07 pm [link]
The Minuteman Border Patrol The Minuteman project—volunteers (often armed) patrolling the Arizona-Mexico border for sign of illegals—may strike some as extreme (Richard and McNary, PE), but consider the causes of this privatization of a basic national responsibility. Funding for the Border Patrol is not a great Administration priority, establishment politicians fear any sign of taking the problem seriously (even in the face of evidence that terrorists may be entering), and confidence among illegals remains high, even in the face of dangers and patrols (Brenda Gazzar, Daily Bulletin). (On the latter point, see UCSD scholar Wayne Cornelius’ work.)

Thus the ACLU finds itself despising the citizens and supporting the cops!

Emphasizing the need to enforce the laws we have, Mark Krikorian argues that the Bush administration guestworker program would not only

not end illegal immigration, it would almost certainly increase it…. Immigration always creates more immigration, whether legal or illegal, because it is driven not simply (or even principally) by wage differences but rather by networks--the family and other connections that prospective migrants use to decide where to settle or whether to move at all. Once illegal aliens are anchored here by legal status, and once new workers arrive from abroad, millions of additional people worldwide suddenly will have a connection in the United States, making immigration here a realistic option, independent of their qualification under whatever new rules we impose. [visit Local Liberty Blog]


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